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Boomers Continue to Break the Mold During Pandemic, Study Finds
Ellen Sills-Levy  --  ESL INSIGHTS, LLC. Ellen Sills-Levy -- ESL INSIGHTS, LLC.
New York, NY
Friday, May 29, 2020


The generation that produced visionaries like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Richard Branson continues to set the pace, utilizing technology to move forward in their lives and careers while protecting themselves from an unseen enemy that could kill them and their loved ones.

Boomers are harnessing videoconferencing technology to stay in touch with families, friends and work colleagues and participate in events like virtual cocktail parties, exercise and meditation classes.  Those accustomed to working virtually report their work lives are little changed; others welcome the opportunity to forego the commute and spend more time with family and explore new pastimes.

A qualitative online consumer study by New York research and strategy agency ESL Insights uncovered some notable findings:

  • While the initial fear of COVID-19 has given way to a lower-level state of anxiety and worry, the greatest concern is about the nation's leadership.
  • Most participants have settled into a new routine of social distancing, wearing masks in public, and avoiding crowds.
  • Most have curtailed shopping in "brick and mortar" stores, with many now shopping online.
  • Walking, reading, hobbies and other leisure activities have assumed a new importance, as other entertainment is accessed via video streaming.
  • Some report postponing routine medical care.

More than two months into the crisis, shorter and longer-term economic realities are surfacing. Some say they may need to postpone retirement; others express great concern about the economy.

The future remains a big unknown.  Most will not be ready to go into  crowded venues until a safe and effective vaccine becomes widely available, which they believe won't be until 2021 at the earliest.

Many recognize that the world they have known is forever changed.  Most say the support of friends and family remains of primary importance and they are taking more time than ever to nurture those relationships.

"These findings underscore the need for companies to show support and empathy in their marketing efforts plus highlight specific actions taken to ensure the health and safety of consumers and employees," said Ellen Sills-Levy, founder & chief insights director of ESL Insights, who conducted this study.

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