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BookLaunch — Work With Me...: How to Work with PR Guy of ShoppingMoneyPR.com Kindle Edition
Cause Marketing PR Venture Group  '...where it's all about you, your markets, and what you did about it.' Cause Marketing PR Venture Group '...where it's all about you, your markets, and what you did about it.'
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Friday, August 30, 2019

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DENVER - Aug. 21, 2019 - PRLog -- Step~up to the Most Cost-effective Way of Attracting More Clients and the Best Possible Ways of Keeping them Buying

https://ShoppingMoneyPR.com announces update to PR Guy services. Simply click this link: https://ShoppingMoneyPR.com/samples on the home page to enjoy the following proven results like these other business owners listed below:

"Press releases are a cost-effective way to build online awareness, maintain relationships with media members, and stay ahead of the competition," says Jared Tanner, https://PrintingForLess.com Vice President of Marketing. "Without them, business owners are losing out on a valuable opportunity to communicate with customers and increase website traffic and new sales."

"Distributing press releases has been essential in building awareness for my business," says Jill Exler, owner of jexbo, http://www.jexbo.com "They were the major focus of my publicity budget when launching the website and continue to be an important part of my communications strategy,even during tough economic times."

"Successful public relations, from media stories to community events, raises brand awareness and results in growth," states Brian Scudamore, the highly successful founder and CEO of 1800GOTJUNK?, http://www.1800gotjunk.com.

"Another reason why PR is so important is that if your company is getting more PR than your competition, and it is not that hard to do, people prefer buying from a company that is talked about in the media compared to a company that is not talked about," says Peter Geisheker, CEO of The Geisheker Group, Inc., http://www.geisheker.com. "Any business that does not incorporate PR as one of their most important marketing activities is missing a huge piece of the marketing puzzle," says Geisheker.

"As a publicist, I simply help clients obtain quotes in various media avenues, manage company messaging or reputations, and build word of mouth buzz," says Jon Paul, PR Guy of http://ShoppingMoneyPR.com "The best possible way you'll benefit from my services include: build awareness for more donors, increase client visits, save money on advertising, surpass the competition in sales, etc. I offer a complete: PR Plan, press releases, pitching and copy to fit your specific needs. So, contact me now or visit this link: https://ShoppingMoneyPR.com/contact-me" says Jon Paul, PR Guy.


About: ShoppingMoneyPR.com  - Writes direct-response public relations and marketing communications that helps self-help publishers increase business. Customizes core strengths of marketing, innovation, and strategy from these big ideas below on businesses. Imagine how businesses: copywriting, product development, marketing, and sales of relates to building out word of mouth buzz off these ideas.

About ShoppingMoneyPR.com: 

Writes direct-response public relations and marketing communications that helpsholistic publishers increase business.  I also write Intuitive PR Venture Cause Marketing campaigns in the arts/sciences of self-fulfilling, self-sustaining, self-efficiency and "Going green" markets that help small business owners step up to the most cost-effective ways of attracting more clients and the best possible ways of keeping them buying. I also write the sales copy that helps you start, buy or geometrically grow your businesses in the nutritional supplements, personal development, talent scout curation, e-preneur and publisher niches. And, build marketing funnels that acquire new customers, get them to buy more, and get them to buy faster. I also monitor your markets to look for ways to promote your businesses to increase leads and sales.

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