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Bob Hope Veteran's Day Tribute - Event/Stream
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Thursday, November 11, 2021


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 Bob Hope Veteran's Day Tribute - Event/Stream  

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The Hollywood Museum Pays Homage To Bob Hope

And The US Veterans That We Were Unable toSalute

During The 75th Anniversary of WWII, Due ToThe Pandemic.



“Anywhere we went, whenever we landed … we would always do an impromptu show. We'd go into one of our little bits. Then we'd go to the next place. The troupe was constantly on, constantly entertaining-whether it was three people in the commissary, or the entire unit.” - Bob Hope


L-R  Donnelle Dadigan & Linda Hope arrive on red carpet

       The Hollywood Museum hosted their first LobbyTribute in 20 months, due to the pandemic, during which, they used that timeconstructively, by installing the museum's new ventilation & filtrationsystem has been upgraded and is now outfitted with hospital & schoolQuality filters, including UV-blue light - filtration systems. Each of theventilation units is designed to neutralize allergens & pollen in the air,AND kill up to 99.9% mold, germs, and viruses that can cause COVID-19, so thatwhen the museum reopened, the public and regular patrons as well as our staffcan feel comfortable and thoroughly enjoy the exhibits without trepidation.President and Founder of The Hollywood Museum, Donelle Dadigan explained."Our priority is the safety of the public and to ensure everyone the bestexperience as they return to the museum.”


 The late Bob Hope Exhibit Display Area


     The Hollywood Museum is in the historic MaxFactor Building and proudly showcases more than 10,000 Authentic Show BusinessTreasures, spotlighting 100 years of Hollywood history - from the Silents toTalkies, to Hollywood's Golden Era, Film Noir, Television and its Pioneer Yearsto the technological 2000s. 
Bob Hope outfit he wore on Vaudville

          The Hollywood Museum's exhibits showcase the bestin film, network and cable television, and new digital platforms featuringiconic and fan favorites! The Hollywood Museum offers one-of-a-kind costumes,props, photographs, scripts, stars' car collections, personal artifacts,posters, and memorabilia from favorite stars, films and TV shows. Currently,you can visit the Back To The Future Trilogy and the Batman 66 exhibits in the3rd floor and as of yesterday, the Ghostbusters franchise is now on display onthe second floor.


Costume From Hope's Famous "Road" Movies Trillogy



     In advance of Veterans Day, the museum hasdone something very special with their latest lobby exhibit, "And whobetter to kick off the series that the iconic and legendary actor, fromVaudeville to screen ... both large and small. A man who hosted the AcademyAwards a record breaking 19 times and performed for 12 Presidents ...entertained 8, as he once said ... He traveled over ten million miles,that's the equivalent of 400 times around the world, during which he made 700trips to entertain ten million GIs," remarked Ms Dadigan. 


Letters from GIs etc.



   Bob Hope entertained our service men and womenat bases and hospitals in the United States, North Atlantic, Caribbean, Europe,North Africa, the Middle East, Pacific and Southeast Asia. Christmas showsbecame a tradition which lasted for twenty-two years. He made a traditionof playing “Santa Claus” for the GIs with annual shows at military and veteranshospitals throughout the United States. On Easter Sunday 1991 Bob and Doloresentertained 350 Marines and their families from Twentynine Palms at their housein Palm Springs. That same year Bob Hope joined Jimmy Stewart as co-hostof the largest parade in Hollywood to welcome home the servicemen and women of“Desert Storm.”



Bob Hope Special Oscar 

The Jean Hershoff Award


      Hope was cited by Guinness Book of Records asthe “most honored entertainer,” having more than fifteen hundred awards andcitations for humanitarian and professional efforts. Including the Medalof Freedom from President Johnson; Congressional Gold Medal from PresidentKennedy; People to People Award from President Eisenhower; Medal of Merit fromU.S. Government; Peabody Award; a Special Oscar; the Jean Hersholt Award, andthree additional honors from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. BobHope was also initiated into the Entertainment Hall of Fame and Her MajestyQueen Elizabeth II extended The Honor of Knight Commander of the Most ExcellentOrder of the British Empire (KBE) and earned 56 Honorary Degrees. Andsomewhere along the way, he found time to make 45 feature films, some 60Christmas specials, made five royal Command Performances andwrote 13 books. 


Bob Hope Honorary USO Jacket & Memeralbilia


     After all this, Bob Hope was quoted as saying that thegreatest honor he ever received was to be made an honorary veteran. It was thatunique relationship between Bob Hope and “The Greatest Generation,” by way ofthe USO, that the museum is currently highlighting in their Lobby.




Martha Bolton and Linda Hope (Bob's daughter) signs a book for actress Donna Mills


     2020 was the 75th anniversary of the end ofWWII. "Although, the pandemic kept many from celebrating the anniversary,it is too important to go unrecognized, so this evening we remember and payhomage to our veterans and today's members of the armed services, Said MsDadigan. Adding. "And how better, than to hear directly from our veteransthrough the tens of thousands of letters sent to Bob Hope, some of which arefeatured here this evening."  Over eighty thousand letters alone arenow in the Library of Congress for the public and, hopefully, family members toread. Many of which are represented in the book that Bob's daughter, LindaHope, and Bob's writer for more that 15 years, Martha Bolton, signed for gueststhis evening, entitled "DEAR BOB ... Bob Hope's Wartime Correspondencewith the G.I.s of World War II."




U. of Nebraska Heisman Winner Johnny Rodgers with Hope


     In addition to heroes in the military Bob Hope also paid tribute annually to the year's Heisman Trophy Winner. The sports fans loved it!



Click on the see highlight video (give the sound 20 seconds to come on at the beginning).




Linda Hope (Bob's Daughter) address guests

        Kicking things off was a video from a man whoas a child appear with Bob Hope in two of his own early films, "Son ofPaleface" (his first film) and "The Seven Little Foys." Someonebetter know as The Beaver, Jerry Mathers.  Mathers explained how Bob Hopesaved his life by running into a fire on the set, wrapping his coat around thethen young boy and running out of the burning building. Other speakers includedAnson Williams, who spoke of meeting Hope at the opening of the USO center; JanDaley, who spoke of touring with Bob in Vietnam; Loni Anderson, who spoke ofvisiting veterans in the hospital and being warned not to cry, because theywere there to make them forget and laugh. Wrapping the evenings festivities wasa woman, who not only co-wrote the book "Dear Bob ...", but was thefirst female staff writer for Bob Hope and continued for 15 years Ms MarthaBolton and a woman, who knew Bob Hope better and longer than anyone alivetoday. She has lovingly dedicated herself to maintain both her parents legacy... and very successfully at that. The daughter of Bob & Dolores Hope, MsLinda Hope. Ms Hope remarked, always told us and everyone on his tours, that itisnt about you. It is about them.



L-R The evening's speakers: Martha Bolton, Loni Anderson, Donelle Dadigan, Linda Hope, Jan Daley and Anson Williams.

       Others joining the tribute in person thatevening were Donna Mills, Barry Livingston, Dee Wallace, Petri Hawkins-Byrd,Makita Bond-Byrd, Erin Murphy, Ruta Lee, Rico Anderson, Katherine Cannon, DeanButler, Alison Arngrim, Rex Smith, Diana Lansleen, Carolyn Hennesy, GeoffreyMark, Kate Linder, Kassandra Carroll, Jax Malcolm, Conner Dean, Elaine Ballace,Charles Fox, Alice Amter, Tyrone DuBose, Thomas J Churchill, George Paige, BobFlick, Hank Garrett, as well as Bianca and Chiara D'Ambrosio.


     Special notes of love, admiration and supportwere supplied and read from the podium by Ann-Margret, Raquel Welch, LorettaSwit, Stephanie Zimbalist, Pat Boone and Joan Van Ark (Submitted lettersattached)

PHOTO CREDIT: Photos by Nina Prommer/MilestonePhotos, courtesy of The Hollywood Museum


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