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Biomedical Discovery Lengthens Telomeres and Lifespan - Presented at COFE4
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Beltsville, MD
Friday, March 4, 2011

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"A progressive future can only arrive if we envision it first."

This year, the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Space, Propulsion & Energy Sciences (IASSPES) led by NASA scientist, Glen Robertson, will feature a life extension announcement by Scott Kelsey from Missouri State University and Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, from Holos University, regarding a discovery of telomere elongation due to electromagnetic resonance exposure. Everyone knows that telomeres (at the ends of DNA) get shorter and shorter, being directly linked to lifespan, since DNA and cells can no longer replicate if the telomeres get too small. However, very few if any, scientific breakthroughs have been made that succeed in lengthening telomeres, which will effectively lengthen lifespan. Dr. Shealy is the author of Life Beyond 100, Secrets of the Fountain of Youth (Jeremy Tarcher, 2005), the inventor of the widely used TENS unit (transcutaneous nerve stimulator), and a co-inventor of the "GigaTENS" (1998 patent 5,851,223) which stimulates natural DHEA hormone production and was the forerunner to the latest discovery. The announcement of the life extension discovery be made during an invited Plenary Lecture on the first day of the 3rd Space, Propulsion & Energy Sciences International Forum (SPESIF) on March 15-17, 2011 at the University of Maryland, College Park (Exit 25 off Rt. 495 or Green line of the DC-Metro) hosted by IASSPES, together with other co-sponsoring organizations. Scott is in the biomedical sciences department at Missouri State and has quantified the results. A demonstration model of the experimental resonance device called "RejuveMatrix" will also be on exhibit.

SPESIF fills a need in the energy, propulsion and aerospace industries, as well as various government agencies, to offer a forward-thinking and future-oriented forum to explore new and proposed technologies that will solve the world's growing power and transportation needs, both on earth and toward mankind's future of space exploration. The American Institute of Physics also has published the proceedings of SPESIF in the past.

Besides the co-sponsorship of the American Astronautical Society (AAS) and the Astrosociology Research Institute (ARI), this year SPESIF adds the 4th Conference on Future Energy (COFE4) as a forum sponsored by the Integrity Research Institute (IRI) with focus on energy, propulsion and bioenergetics. Other sponsors include the UMD-SPPL and the IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society chapter of Washington/Northern Virginia/Baltimore.

SPESIF2011 includes ~70 speakers covering novel forms of energy generation, space elevators, gravity waves, nuclear, MAGLEV, microthrusters, telomeres, beamed power, asymmetric capacitors, as well as more advanced concepts. Our Banquet features speaker Dennis Bushnell, M.S., Chief Scientist at NASA Langley and Plenary speakers include: Dr. Eric Wachsman – UMD, Jay Falker –NASA lead of NIAC, Harry Partridge – NASA lead of NGCT, David Froning – U of Adeliade, and Scott Kelsey – Missouri State U. Other respective session speakers can be found in the Agenda at: http://www.ias-spes.org/SPESIF2011/AGENDA/2011_Agenda.pdf

A moderate public registration fee ($275) admits the attendee to all sessions to include a low student registration fee of $50. Volunteer opportunities are available. A SPESIF2011 Proceedings CD and COFE DVDs will be available. Exhibit booths are also available on a sliding scale. Press Passes are available with identification. Register online at www.futurenergy.org through a cooperative arrangement between IRI and IAS-SPES or call 888-802-5243.
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For More Information: Contact Dr. Tom Valone, 301-220-0440 or Glen Robertson, 256-694-7941, gar@ias-spes.org or visit the COFE4 website at: www.futurenergy.org or the SPESIF2011 website at: http://www.ias-spes.org/SPESIF.html

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