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Bestselling Survivalist Narratives: Chris Weatherman's Literary Legacy
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Saturday, October 28, 2023


Bookpleasures.com is excited to introduce Chris Weatherman, also known as AngeryAmerican, an accomplished author and seasoned expert in the worldof survival and prepping. 

With a literary portfoliocomprising twenty-three published works and a remarkable track recordof USA Today Best Sellers like Forsaking Home andResurrecting Home, Chris has earned his place as a prominentfigure in the prepper community.

Best known for hisphenomenal Survivalist Series™, which commenced with theriveting Going Home, Chris's books have collectively sold overone million copies worldwide, captivating readers with his grippingtales of survival and preparedness. 

His novel, EngineeringHome, achieved the remarkable feat of topping the Amazon NewReleases Charts in both Dystopian Fiction and Dystopian ScienceFiction, settling only behind George Orwell's iconic 1984 inAmazon's Best Seller Chart.

Beyond his literaryachievements, Chris brings real-world expertise to the table. 

Withover 30 years of experience in prepping and a deep commitment tomastering both primitive and modern survival skills, he emphasizesthe importance of being well-prepared with the right equipment. 

Hisextensive background includes nearly two decades as a tradesman inthe power industry, where he played pivotal roles in constructingpower plants and managing power distribution.

Although he currentlyresides in Florida on the edge of the Ocala National Forest with hisfamily, Chris's passion for sharing his knowledge takes him all overthe country. 

He frequently appears atexpos and prepper-focused events, where he engages with readers,signs books, and even delivers talks on various aspects ofpreparedness and homestead design, from food production to security.

In 2023, Chris expandedhis reach by launching the Angery American Nation Podcast. Throughthis platform, he tackles contemporary issues affecting America witha unique blend of humor, insight, and unfiltered honesty. 

Covering awide array of topics encompassing politics, social issues, currentevents, survival, and self-reliance, Chris challenges conventionalwisdom and encourages listeners to question the status quo.

The Angery AmericanNation Podcast seeks to foster a more informed and engagedcitizenry by providing valuable insights and alternativeperspectives.

Join us in our interviewwith, where we delve deeper into the mind of the Angery American,discussing his literary success, practical survival expertise, andhis commitment to empowering individuals to become self-reliant in anever-changing world.

Norm: Thanks, Chris,for taking part in our interview.

Can you share someinsights into the inspiration behind the Survivalist Series™and what led you to create such a gripping post-apocalyptic world?

Chris: It happened byaccident, honestly. I wrote the first book on a forum about survivalas entertainment for myself. However, the knowledge and thoughtprocesses came from years of work in the primitive survivalcommunity. I grew up in Florida and hurricanes were always a concern,so we were all preppers to one degree or another. I just sort ofcontinued on path with a little more intention than most. 

Norm: TheSurvivalist Series has gained a massive following. What do youbelieve makes your series stand out in dystopian fiction?

Chris: A few reasons, Ithink. Firstly, I actually do the things I write about. I’ve spentplenty of nights in very unpleasant conditions utilizing the skills Iwrite about. 

Naturally, I haven’t lived anything like what is inthe books, but that reservoir of knowledge is what I draw from forthe characters. I like to call it faction, fact-based fiction. Ithink the readers are drawn to that. 

Secondly, at least fromwhat the readers say, they are drawn to the characters. I receivemessages asking when the new book is coming out all the time. 

What isstriking is that they use terms like, “I’m worried about myfriends.” If the readers are thinking of your characters asfriends, you must be doing something right. 

Norm: The reviews ofyour books are filled with praise for your storytelling and abilityto keep readers engaged. How do you balance action, characterdevelopment, and world-building to create such captivating narrativesin the dystopian fiction genre?

Chris: I believe acompelling story, one that draws the reader in does this naturally.It cannot be contrived or forced. The characters themselves will leadthe author there. People often ask if I have an outline or plan forthe books. 

I always so, no, I just follow them around in my head andwrite down what they’re doing. I think many writers use one of twoextremes, the hero or foibles to one extreme or the other. 

And whilethere is certainly an audience for both, I believe most people wantto be able to see themselves in the characters. The good, the bad,the unfortunate, the forced ideas, I think they want to see it all. 

Norm: Could you discussthe journey of Morgan and his crew in Exploring Home?What challenges do they face in this latest installment?

Chris: The world isgetting bigger in Exploring Home. In this installment we beginto see the restoration phase of the such a catastrophe. It is goingto require a lot more from everyone, whether they want to or not.  

Norm: How do you balancethe realism of post-apocalyptic scenarios with the narrative andcharacter development in your novels?

Chris: For me the realismis everything. I try very hard to imagine the hardships and strugglespeople living in that world will encounter. I study civil conflictand natural disaster aftermath as a lens into how people react. 

It’sthese tribulations that develop the character. As the writer, youhave the ability to decide how they do. Will they rise to the moment?Or will they see it as an opportunity to try and subjugate thosearound them? 

Those are the hard questions for the writer. 

Norm: EngineeringHome reached number one on Amazon New Releases Charts. What doyou attribute to the series' continued success and popularity?

Chris: I think currentevents more than anything. People are scared and see this genre as away to armchair quarterback such tumultuous times. It allows them toimagine scenarios they may never have thought of and askthemselves, “what would I do in that situation? Could Iprotect my family?” 

It is a bit of sadcommentary for our current world when these are common thoughts amongaverage people the world over. How would I survive XXXX? Weno longer live in a world of plenty where everyone just has to workhard and they will succeed. Uncertainty, upheaval and, in many placestoday, chaos rules the day. 

Norm: You have a uniqueperspective with your background in the power industry. How does yourreal-life experience influence the authenticity of yourpost-apocalyptic world-building?

Chris: My years ofindustrial construction brought me into contact with many, manypeople. I didn’t realize it at the time, but those people would bethe foundations of characters for years to come. 

The practical sideof a deep understanding of the electrical grid, from the coal mines,to the generators at the plants, all the way to the light bulb in thelamp that magically comes on when you flip the switch affords me alevel of appreciation for the entire process most people cannothave. 

Norm: ExploringHome is described as an edge-of-your-seat experience. Whatemotions and experiences do you hope readers will take away from thisnovel?

Chris: Hope. The hope thatno matter what comes at them they can overcome it. Or die trying.Ain’t dead, can’t quit. This is the ultimate test, as long as youare still breathing, there is hope. 

The other primary idea Iwant to have firmly come to grasp with is, no one is coming to saveyou. I mean that as much as today, at this instant, as I do in anyfuture cataclysm. 

When the bad thing happens to you, you will bethere. It will totally up to you. Plan accordingly.

Norm: Besides yourwriting, you host the Angery American Nation Podcast. Howdoes your podcast complement your work as an author, and what topicsdo you enjoy discussing the most?

Chris: It allows me theability to expose the readers to experts on topics I am not.Knowledge is the powerful survival tool you can posses. You can’tbreak it or forget it at the house. 

Once you’ve learned it, youhave it forever. Just remember, knowledge is like muscle. It willatrophy without exercise. So exercise your brain frequently. 

Norm: Are there anyrecurring themes or messages you try to convey through your writing,especially in a genre that often explores themes of survival andpreparedness?

Chris: I mentioned itearlier, no one is coming to save you. You are your own firstresponder. When the bad thing happens, don’t start looking aroundfor the person that’s going to help. BE the person that is goingto. 

When I was in construction supervision, I would tell subordinatesto make a decision. You cannot sit here go over the options all day.You must make a decision and act on it and the sooner you do so, thebetter your odds of coming out the other side.

Norm: Where can ourreaders learn more about you and Exploring Home?

Chris: It will beavailable on Amazon in print, ebook and audio soon. You can alsocheck out my website and follow me on all the typical soul suckingsocial media lol. 

Norm: As we wrap up ourinterview, as a prolific author with numerous published works,including best sellers, what advice do you have for aspiring writerslooking to break into the world of fiction, especially in thedystopian genre?

Chris:  I get askedthis a lot. I think the best piece of advise for writers is prettysimple, sit down and write. Don’t worry what it looks like. Don’tworry about structure or grammar. Just sit down and get words on thepage. 

Pull the cork from the damn and let it start to trickle out. Ifyou’re onto something the flow will increase. But nothing can beginuntil sit down in front of the keyboard, take a deep breath and starttyping. 

I think Hemmingway trulygave the best advice, it’s on the wall in my office, Writedrunk, edit sober. But you know, your milage may vary.

Norm: Thanks once again and good luck with all of your endeavors

 Norm Goldman of Bookpleasures.com

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