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Be Sure You Are Fighting The Right Battle
Barbara Morris - Pharmacist - Writer - Aging Issues Barbara Morris - Pharmacist - Writer - Aging Issues
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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Joyce Shafer
Joyce L. Shafer

“When we think of the last great battle, we must realize that not only is the future at stake, but that in this present time we are engaged in a warfare. Already we are standing in the midst of the battle. If we have our eyes and ears open, we see how the Enemy is marching on all sides. We do not have to battle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers of the darkness of this world (see Eph. 6:12).” — Corrie ten Boom, Marching Orders for the End Battle

PRISONER or PRODIGAL: We each get to choose who we are. Please give yourself 11 minutes to watch this video before you read any further, or at least promise yourself that you’ll watch it as soon as you finish reading this article (and, thank you!): Eric Ludy – The Gospel (youtube.com)

We face a number of battles every day, such as the need to forgive everyone, as commanded by God—for a specific reason, I add—and how difficult it is to do. I’m so far from being free to do and feel this readily regarding many events going on and those involved in them. Oh, I get there eventually, but it takes talking with Messiah Jesus and asking the Father for His grace to help me get where He wants me to be about each event or person. It’s one reason why I continue to marvel over Betsie ten Boom’s loving faithfulness to God, other prisoners, and her persecutors while in Ravensbrook concentration camp, as described in Corrie’s book, The Hiding Place.  

I started a draft of this writing the morning of Friday, February 16. It was the day Fani Willis took the stand, which was nothing short of “Bread and Circuses” for many. I caught snippets later in the day to see what the online hubbub was about (my tolerance for network and cable “B&C” has greatly diminished—I can barely tolerate more than several minutes of any MSM these days). There are times when “B&C” is for ratings and times when it’s a distraction away from whatever someone doesn’t want we the people to notice. There is one common thread, however: God is revealing what we need to see and know about people and events. It’s up to us to pay attention in appropriate measure, and to ask Him to make sure we are open to what He’s revealing and how to pray about it, especially these days. Also, be sure to plead the blood of Jesus over your eyes, ears, heart, and mind, and between you and everything on TV and online.

Sadly, some followers of Messiah Jesus, and Christian Claimants, are too often at the “Circus.” However, they/we don’t always recognize it as such. As Ephesians 6:12 says, we’re not to battle with fellow humans, we’re to battle the demons that seek to, and too often, successfully influence individuals (which includes us), families, communities, churches, and regions. Each region has its own legion of dark principalities and demons, as does each family line, especially if anyone in any generation was involved in any secret and even not-so-secret order or society, no matter how innocuous or beneficial-to-society it may appear: Infiltration is infiltration. Period. Full stop

Followers of Messiah Jesus should put on and wear the Armor of God (which is Messiah Jesus, for those unaware) every morning and night. This is an instruction that goes beyond a scripture to memorize for Bible study. “The armor is not only necessary for the battle which we have to fight in the future, but also for this time. The devil is a refined psychologist. He has been studying in practice for over six thousand years how to seduce men. He knows our weak spots. He is just like a good cattle dealer who has to go around a cow only once to see all its weak spots. The devil is not omnipresent, but he has an exceptionally good and active secret service at his disposal in his army of demons.” — Corrie ten Boom, Marching Orders for the End Battle

Too many of us have never been taught any of this or what else about this there is to know. Too many refuse to believe any followers of Messiah Jesus might need deliverance from evil spirits that they or someone in their family generation line opened doors to that affect them and every area of their life and that of their descendants. Example: Do you have anger issues or do you have an anger spirit attached to you? What do you know about that or what to do about it? Again: We can choose to be the devil’s Prisoner or Father God’s Prodigal. Please consider getting this book as well, either for your benefit or edification

Making time to read the Word and speak to God is another battle even the faithful can get tripped up about. How many of us spend time in intercession, alone or with others, to engage the spiritual battles we’re in individually, in our families, or corporately? Of course, there are things to do in the physical world that take up our time, but do we do them because we’ve decided to do them (or to avoid doing what we know we should) or because Holy Spirit informed us of what the Father wants us to do? The apostle Paul was a clear example of this. There were places he wanted to go, to bring the gospel to them, but Holy Spirit would not allow him to. Corrie ten Boom said it this way: “Paul had the true missionary method: obedience.” When God sends you, He provides all you need. If He doesn’t send you, don’t go there. Pray for discernment, and then wait on the LORD – because most of us still want God to give us our way rather than us to give way to our God. That, too, is an attitude battle many fight (my hand is raised)…or do we have a rebellion spirit causing us to stumble?

Also in Marching Orders, “The devil does his utmost to turn our eyes away from Jesus. He tries to get us so far away that we explain everything by our intellect and argue God’s Word.” These days, nearly everyone, it seems, including followers of Messiah Jesus, fight about something, especially doctrine disagreements, which God’s Word tells us not to do (none of us have it 100% right, and He knows this). However, there’s a huge difference between not being clear about a particular doctrine and deciding God’s command He called “eternal/forever” is not for now. For an excellent explanation and demonstration of the root of this demonic trickery, check out this amazing video by this young woman who does impressive, extensive, and impeccable research. WARNING: Truth is often a bitter RED PILL to swallow for some. But the only truth we should be passionately attached to is God’s truth found in His Word. This video has length to it, but it’s well worth the time. As always take everything to the LORD in prayer: An Inconvenient Religion (youtube.com)

2 Corinthians 6:17 CJB: Therefore ADONAI says, “‘Go out from their midst; separate yourselves; don’t even touch what is unclean. Then I myself will receive you. In fact, I will be your Father, and you will be my sons and daughters,’ says ADONAI-Tzva’ot [LORD, GOD OF HOSTS].” [

Too many of God’s saved, and the Claimants, engage in self-amusement with “witty put-downs” of those in the Body as well as those who are not (the unsaved). And I may be wrong but I don’t believe the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are as amused by our caustic or snide humor we’re so proud of as we and those who agree with us are. Especially as we’re assigned/commanded to represent Him in particular ways such as love, light, grace, and mercy so that spiritual prisoners will want to be, will choose to be, set free by the power of the Blood of the Lamb and His great love for them, primarily based on the love and joy in the LORD we carry and share (reminder to please watch the 11-minute video provided at the start). God never said we’re to be dour, but He definitely said we’re to never think, speak, or act as though we’re superior to anyone, not even the angels. “Don’t rejoice when your enemy falls; don’t let your heart be glad when he stumbles. For ADONAI might see it, and it would displease him; he might withdraw his anger from your foe.” — Proverbs 24:17-18 CJB

We, who claim to follow Messiah Jesus, are too often too self-amused with our humor that degrades others, too proud of our researched knowledge and subsequent comments about this that berates others, and so much more that has “a form of godliness but no power of God.” See 2 Timothy 3 for the full scripture. And know that it’s no wonder we repulse others: None of that behavior is the fruit of the Holy Spirit, no matter how arrogantly or witty we speak, write, and meme. Is this a genuine flaw in us or is it an ongoing battle with an evil spirit that wants us to misrepresent Jesus and His love, especially any desire we may have to carry it to others who need to be set free and or nurtured?

Dr. Michael K. Lake once said something that brought following the Word (rather than the world, culture, or tradition) into simplified terms: If my King [Messiah Jesus] doesn’t do it, I don’t do it.” I, personally, can’t think of anything that’s an exception to this when I consider the Word as factual and at times metaphorical (or a prophetic rehearsal). Can you? If so, please let me know what it is. But pause for a moment to consider the battles this I’m-to-do-as-my-King-does way elicits in our flesh-vs.-spirit resistance.

From Marching Orders for the End Battle: “In the concentration camp, where I was so often confronted with death, the Lord often gave me grace to see the whole situation more or less in the light of eternity, and then everything was so simple, so uncomplicated. It was as if I saw myself: I stood there, and there stood the devil. The devil was much, much stronger than I, but Jesus stood at my side, and He is far stronger than the devil. And because I stood at Jesus’ side, I was more than conqueror. That is reality. It is essential that we realize in these days that Jesus is Conqueror! To stand at His side, to follow Him, to be hidden with Him in God; that is the safe position for every soldier of Jesus in this time and in the coming final battle.”

God prizes obedience over sacrifice. I believe I understand, at least in part, why this is: Sacrifice can still involve ego/hubris, but true obedience to Him requires a humble spirit willing to get out of the way and into full trust in God so He can work through us. It’s a greater privilege than most of us ever consider or realize. This is so vital to grasp and hang onto: It’s not about us, it’s about Him; it’s not about our feeble strength, but about His all-powerful authority and strength; not about our righteousness, but His alone. Boy, doesn’t it feel like a huge sacrifice of self to humble ourselves so we submit ourselves and our lives to Him? I still struggle with this but God is helping me by His love, grace, and mercy. Reminder: It is Messiah Jesus Who perfects us with and through His love, not our works, though we have our part to play (see links).

Below are some links I hope you’ll check out, as well as the ones provided above. And I’d like to end this with a prayer from Romans 12:1-3 Berean Standard Bible: Therefore I urge you, brothers, on account of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God, which is your spiritual service of worship. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God…” May our Father God do this for us and those we love, in Jesus’ holy name. 

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AND one for those ready for more RED PILL moments. From the blogger, “And when the veil began to lift for me I was so amazed with what I was finding out that I thought EVERYONE would want to know. The biggest shock of my life was when I found out that this wasn’t so.” I hear that. To My Friends Who Can See – 50 Shades Of Pissed off   

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