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Bash Dibra Teaches His Clients the Seven P's for Responsible Pet Ownership
Bash Dibra -- Dog Trainer to the Stars Bash Dibra -- Dog Trainer to the Stars
Riverdale, NY
Tuesday, November 2, 2010

These days more than ever just loving a pet is not enough. That's why dog trainer, animal behaviorist, and author BASH DIBRA is teaching his clients to practice the "Seven P's." Proper health, Proper nutrition, Proper diet, Proper treats, Proper grooming, Proper exercise and Proper training.

1. Proper health – it is vitally important to visit your vet to make sure all your pet's shots are up-to-date.

2. Proper nutrition – make sure the dog food you feed your pet meets their daily requirements.

3. Proper diet – Bash discourages his clients from feeding their pets scraps from the table.

4. Proper treats – check to make sure the treats you give your dog do not contain garlic. This is a known ingredient that can lead to an upset stomach.

5. Proper grooming – keep your dog's coat clean. Bathing and brushing are important parts of grooming to help eliminate parasites and fleas from your dog's coat.

6. Proper exercise – a daily walk (or two) keeps a dog healthy, happy and in great shape and is great exercise for you. And, if you are single your dog could be a 'pet magnet" helping to attract that special someone.

7. Proper training – this is probably the most important of the "Seven P's." Bash says "a happy dog is a well-trained dog. Proper training promotes good behavior, makes your dog a better companion, and it's better for your neighbors and your community." His books (www.bashdibra.com) will help you achieve this. Or, if you live in Bash's tri-state neighborhood, call him to make an appointment for in-person training.

When a dog gives you unconditional love and you the owner PRACTICE these "Seven P's" in caring for your pet, THAT'S responsible pet ownership and it becomes a loving partnership. As Bash says 'A HAPPY DOG IS A WELL-TRAINED DOG."

Bash is a renowned author of six books and a video, "Teach Your Dog to Behave, Dog Training By Bash, DogSpeak, CatSpeak, Your Dream Dog: A Guide to Choosing the Right Breed for You," StarPet, "How to Make Your Pet A Star," and a video and DVD "Teach Your Dog To Behave." They are available at book stores and pet stores around the country and you can also order a specially autographed copy from his

website at www.bashdibra.com. Bash's books are also available on Kindle, the iPad, and e-books.

He's now busy working on two children's books for dogs and cats, CatSpeak for kids and DogSpeak for


Pls note: Bash is available for phone interviews, or on-site interviews in the tri-state area (NY/NJ/CT.)

Press contact: Ruth Ely, elyguerra@verizon.net or 917-657-7085

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