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Asking for Input – Remarkable TV
The Kevin Eikenberry Group The Kevin Eikenberry Group
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Indianapolis, IN
Tuesday, June 21, 2022


This is the second in a series of videos about reasons we should ask. In the first first video, we talked about asking for learning. In this video, we’re asking for input. Now they may seem similar, because when we ask to learn, we may get input. But here we’re talking about input for some different reasons.

There are many reasons why asking for input is valuable, including:

#1: We will get better decisions.
#2: We’ll get better implementation.
#3: There will be higher commitment to the decision right.
#4: There will be greater trust.

So there are a lot of good reasons why we should ask our team for input. In this video, I’ll share three tips that will help you to ask for it effectively.

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In this episode:

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