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As Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis Increases Caregiving Support is Critical
Pamela D. Wilson -- Caregiving Expert, Advocate & Speaker Pamela D. Wilson -- Caregiving Expert, Advocate & Speaker
Golden , CO
Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Alzheimer's Caregiver
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As Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis Increases Caregiving Support is Critical

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Golden, Colorado – December 11, 2018, Chronic disease affecting the vascular system presents a high risk of being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.  Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's Disease takes a high toll on health and emotional well-being. The ability to access live caregiving support groups on-line will be beneficial to support Alzheimer's and other caregivers.

Alzheimer's Disease Risks

More than half of the risk for Alzheimer's Disease may be attributed to the following chronic diseases that affect the vascular system: diabetes, coronary artery disease, and kidney disease. Other contributing lifestyle factors are a sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, alcohol use, and smoking.  

The incidence of Alzheimer's Disease is projected to be 16 million people by 2050. While research continues for medications and treatments to manage and prevent Alzheimer's only 5 medications have met approval in the past 25 years.

Family Caregiver Stress

Family caregivers of loved ones with Alzheimer's disease and dementia experience significant stress due to the ongoing progression of the disease. Physical hands-on care and behaviors that can be harmful to the caregiver or threatening are two of the more significant stressors. Individuals with dementia cannot be left alone at home as the disease progresses because of safety concerns. At the end of the disease, total physical care is required. 

For caregivers of persons with Alzheimer's disease, being "tied to the house" adds additional stress. The inability to leave the home to take a break for any period of time without someone else coming to say with a loved one is challenging.

Over the past 20 years, I have met many dedicated Alzheimer's caregivers who hired in-home care agencies to be able to leave the home. These breaks--not intended for rest or relaxation that is greatly needed--allowed the caregiver to complete routine tasks like grocery shopping, errands, and to attend appointments. Many caregivers took advantage of a nap after errand running while the caregiver remained in the home.

Because of the wide role responsibility of caregivers for Alzheimer's disease, becoming efficient with tasks is critical. Many individuals with Alzheimer's disease reverse their days and nights. They may sleep during the day and be awake all night. Caregivers work their schedules around care for a loved one. Many are sleep deprived.

The Need for Caregiving Support

Caregiving support is beneficial and needed for all family caregivers. Access to live groups is challenging. As leaving the home for any reason requires a paid caregiver, family member, or friend to sit with a loved one, the planning required to leave the home is significant.

Some in-person support groups allow the caregiver to bring the care recipient. For some caregivers the time and effort involved to leave the home with the care recipient to attend a physical group is exhausting. This effort negates the benefit of attending the group. 

Pamela D Wilson Offering Live On-Line Support Groups Beginning January 2019

For Alzheimer's and other caregivers who find it difficult to leave the home, easier access is available through on-line support information and groups. Much of one-line support is one-way with the caregiver researching information text and articles. Better support is live but is rare.

Beginning in late January 2019, Pamela D. Wilson will begin hosting live on-line support groups for family caregivers. Information with dates and updates will be posted on the website on Pamela's "How I Help" page. Caregivers can also sign up for her newsletter to be informed about group timing and more information.  

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