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Art of the Toy by Dr. Toy in NYPL Review 2018
Stevanne Auerbach -- Dr. Toy's Guide Stevanne Auerbach -- Dr. Toy's Guide
San Francisco, CA
Wednesday, February 7, 2018


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Art of the Toy Presented by Dr. Toy in PLNY Review

Stevanne Auerbach,PhD. (aka Dr. Toy) is one of the contributors to Review 2018, the education and parenting journal of the Parents League of New York. In her essay "Art of the Toy" Dr. Toy informs parents, "We've all heard about IQ (Intelligence Quotient), the classic predictor of a child's mental ability. I believe that your child's "PQ", his "Play Quotient", is an equally vital factor which affects how well your young one will reach his physical, creative, and intellectual potentials.

            "Play is your child's work,"Dr.  Toy reminds readers,"Through play, children practice the basic skills needed in the classroom—and in life. They gain mastery over themselves, and learn their own power in relationships with others. They grasp social concepts such as biases, selectivity, and responsibility. They communicate better. They learn how to make judgments. Further, because each child expresses a unique style of play, the way children play when young reflects how they will deal with others in later life.

         As a parent, you must understand your child's need to explore and to meet and play with other children, and you must try not to hover over or interfere with your little one's activity. Instead, serve as your child's "Play Guide," observing, enhancing, and augmenting her experiences. "

        For more about play and learning, obtain a copy of the Review, and Dr. Auerbach's book, Dr.Toy's Smart Play/ Smart Toys: How to Select and Use the Best Toys and Games.

        The Review is the annual education and parenting journal of the Parents League of New York. Authors whose articles have been featured in past issues include Jane Goodall, Jane Healy, Wynton Marsalis, Sandra Day O'Connor, and Alice Waters, and others.

https://www.parentsleague.org/publications/more-about-our-annual-journal ($25.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling fee for each copy ordered)

       Contents of Review 2018 are listed below

About the Parents League of New York

Founded in 1913 as a coalition of parents and independent and private schools, Parents League of New York supports families and children by providing a broad range of educational and parenting resources.  As the public face of private education in New York—and the only nonprofit of its kind—PLNY is the preeminent provider of advisory services for school admissions. Each year they help thousands of families as they apply to hundreds of schools across the country, and they offer a wide array of workshops, forums and publications.

About Dr. Toy

Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. (Dr. Toy) is among the leading professionals on play and educational toys. Based on 45 plus years of training and hands-on experience she selects the best developmentally appropriate oriented, skill-building products for her original best product award programs. Dr. Toy's Guide (www.drtoy.com) assists parents and teachers to make their toy selections. Dr. Toy's Smart Play/ Smart Toys: How to Select and Use the Best Toys and Games (4th edition) is a unique guide to play, child development, and appropriate toys from baby to older children has been published in 13 countries, and soon in Japan. Dr. Auerbach has published 16 books, including The Whole Child (Putnam/Perigee) The Toy Chest (Lyle Stuart) Toys for a Lifetime (Rizzoli) children's book (Windswept House) novel- The Contest, My Butterfly Collection (Regent Press) about butterflies, plus a collection of poetry, and hundreds of articles;  She was King Features Syndicated Columnist on toys for 5 years, and toy expert for magazines such as Parenting, Family Circle, Creative Child, and featured on websites such as Huffington Post, Sears Toy Shop, Pearson Education, Club Mom, iparenting, etoys, Green Piñata, and others. Presentations to parents and professionals, she has been interviewed by journalists and authors, and appeared on radio and TV in the USA and other countries; She lives in Northern California, is married, a mother and playful grandmother.


Contents of the Review- 2018

  • Raising Our Children

The Failure of Failure 7

Alfie Kohn, Writer and Lecturer

The Psychologist Parent 11

Lisa Damour, Clinical Psychologist and Writer

Kids and Money Talk 15

Beth Kobliner, Personal Finance Author and Journalist

  • Rebooting Civics Education

Teaching Democracy 22

Joel Westheimer, Professor and Writer

Civics: We're All In This Together 30

Liz Krueger, Senator, New York State Senate

Democracy is Learned Behavior 36

L. Joy Williams, National Political Strategist

  • College Bound

The Secret to a Stress-Free College Process 40

Lawrence Momo, Director, College Counseling, Trinity School

College Has Evolved. So Should Your Search. 46

Angel B. Pérez, Vice President, Enrollment and Student Success, Trinity College

The College Visit 52

Elizabeth Hannan, Director of College Counseling, Saint Ann's School

Thinking Beyond College 57

Jeffrey J. Selingo, Writer

  • Screens: The Ongoing Struggle

From Screen Time Guilt to Media Mentorship 62

Lisa Guernsey, New America

Relationship Starvation by iPad 68

Adam Alter, Writer and Professor, New York University

News Literacy in the Age of Social Media 72

James P. Steyer, Founder and CEO, Common Sense Media

  • Inside Our Schools

Boarding School: Now More Than Ever 78

Peter W.E. Becker, Head of School, The Gunnery

Master Classes for Teachers 86

Robert Lauder, Principal, Friends Seminary

Is My Child Telling the Truth? 88

Kate Delacorte and Meredith Gary, Co-directors

The Downtown Little School

Montessori and Mindfulness 92

Brenda Mizel, Head of School, Metropolitan Montessori School

  • Bilingual Education

The Gift of Bilingualism 96

Kelley Grant, Administrative Director, La Escuelita

Language Learning and Culture 99

Sean Lynch, Head of School, Lycée Français de New York

The Dual-Language Curriculum Advantage 106

Ruth Gafni, Head of School, Solomon Schechter Day School

  • Outside the Classroom

The Art of the Toy 108

Stevanne Auerbach, Toy Expert and Writer

Teaching Social Activism at a Museum 114

Margaret Bordonaro, Manager of New York City History Day

Museum of the City of New York



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