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Are you Ready to Ride the Elephant out of the Room?
Dr. Judith Briles --The Book Shepherd Dr. Judith Briles --The Book Shepherd
Detroit, MI
Monday, March 22, 2021

Are you Ready to Ride the Elephant out of the Room?

Detroit MI, March 22—Dr. Ray McKinley is inviting everyone to Ride the Elephant in their room when his first book launches on April 1st. The book takes readers on a journey to examine their core values and beliefs and ask themselves why they think the way that they do. McKinley invites readers to address the challenges and traumas that they face, take complete control of their lives, escape victimhood and blaming, and move forward to live a more positive and rewarding life with renewed hope and faith.

"None of us want to face the Elephant in the room," McKinley says. "The quietest elephant in the room for me and my family was the death of my little brother. He died young, and Bryan's name was removed from the room. It wasn't until I challenged my parents, challenged my siblings, and asked why don't we talk about Bryan, that my family dynamics changed dramatically, my life changed, and it even changed the way I teach."

Few authors can say that their book is written for everyone, Ray McKinley's Ride the Elephant is one of them.

McKinley invites everyone to join him on his virtual book launch celebration on April 6, at 7:00 PM EST, where he will discuss the book and how this inspiring work came to be, followed by a Q&A from attendees. Visit RayMcKinley.com and preorder your personalized copy of Ride the Elephant, and you'll receive an invite to the celebration.

McKinley wrote the book after teaching a high school class on Business Character Values. While in the class, McKinley set every student up with a mentor from businesses or church leaders.  "After teaching this material to students, I felt that there was a lot of pain and suffering in young students while being in high school and going off to college," McKinley says. "This wasn't dissimilar to the challenges that I've had. I started the class 15 years ago, and put the concepts into fact and developed the 12 dichotomies that are in the book."

Ride the Elephant guides people through a journey of lifelong change, self-reflection, and overcoming adversity.

Dr. McKinley is available for interviews and can be contacted at 586-372-8265 or Ray@RayMcKinley.com





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