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Are You Ready for Change?
Gayle Lantz - Leadership Expert Gayle Lantz - Leadership Expert
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Birmingham , AL
Wednesday, February 21, 2018

One of my favorite questions to ask clients is, “What’s keeping you from making the change you really want to make?”
I get all kinds of answers:
The timing isn’t right.
I’m too busy.
Company politics.
I’m not sure if it will work.
I don’t have enough support.
Not sure what people will think.
The reasons could go on and on. Almost any time you’re thinking about making a significant change, it stirs up resistance.
It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to create some kind of change in your organization, your team or yourself. Resistance will appear.
You can override the resistance by acknowledging it and looking for other reasons that are more powerful to help you move forward. Think about what you’ll be gaining and why that is important to you.
Perhaps you’ll gain:
  • Better peace of mind
  • New growth opportunity
  • More reward or satisfaction
Keep your focus there. Build your beliefs about your ability to make change happen.
Strengthening your mindset is more important than trying to force yourself into action.
Strike the best balance between action and reflection. Taking massive action can backfire if you’re not thinking clearly.
Sometimes you’re pushing too hard and you just need to settle down.
It’s like putting your car in neutral to go through the car wash.
It doesn’t work as well to hit the accelerator to speed through it on your own.
All it takes is a gear shift.
Trust that the process is working.
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