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Appreciate & Pamper Mom's
Rose Lee Archer  M.S. Rose Lee Archer M.S.
Palm Beach County, FL
Thursday, May 7, 2015


Appreciate & Pamper Mom

Everyone wants to be appreciated, mostly in our busy daily lives, in this episode Rose Lee guests share the importance of technology and conservation runs our lives from the moment our feet hit the floor each morning.  Guest, Mario Armstrong offered his favorite new tech picks to meet the demands of our daily digital lives.   HGTV Co-Hosts and cousins Anthony Carrino & John Colaneri, share tips to guarantee energy efficient homes through small innovative home improvements down to our light bulbs.  Today we can use our mobile technology to save energy and money.

Did you know Earth Day is celebrated in more than 102 countries?  Did you know Florida generates over 32 million tons of solid waste each year.  The State of Florida's goal is to reduce disposal of recyclables to 75% by 2020.  Presently, Floridians recycle around 28%.  

Ereka Vetrini, TLC Host & Closer Weekly's contributing editor, offered many tips to help us jump start our need to be more eco-friendly.  If you want to do your part to reduce landfills, think about 135 million cell phones that are discarded each year and only 11 % are recycled. Companies like Sprint recycle 90% of its phones and lead the way for other companies that introduce an eco-friendly approach to doing business.  

Mother's Day, is the third largest consumer spending holiday with nearly $20 billion spent on Mother's Day gifts.  According to an Experian Report, flowers rank at the top of the list for a popular gift.   Raina Seitel, Super Mom believes safety is another huge concern  to keep her family safe.  Moms appreciate a safety gift to alleviate stress by securing your children at home.  Simplican uses facial recognition to monitor your kids when you're at work or play.   

Every 60 seconds, someone in the United States dies from a heart disease-related event.   The fact is cardiovascular diseases claims more lives that all forms of cancer combinedDr. Eric Serrano of MDVIP reminds viewers; nearly half of patients who have a heart attack may not have any warning signs.  Dr. Serrano stresses the importance of communicating with your doctor.  His works includes walking and talking with patients for over an hour before he begins blood and cholesterol screening tests when considering if they are at risk.  

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