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Apple Stock Down: Possible Causes
Bruce Cameron -- Federal Prison Consultant Bruce Cameron -- Federal Prison Consultant
Dallas, TX
Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Apple Stock Down
Apple Stock fell 7% yesterday. Sure, there are various reasons why this happened.
Are there issues with vision and innovation? Certainly there seem to be energy drains and blocks present.
There is a limited perspective because of what's not being seen. 
The company's workflow for perfection is 13% out of 100%... 100% being full potential.
The life energy of the company is only 23% out of 100. When Steve Jobs was alive and running Apple it was 97% life energy. There is a simple solution for this.
The soul energy of the company its self is only at 27% out of 100.
Creative energy is down to 7% out of 100. When Steve Jobs was around it was 72% out of 100.
Companies themselves are their own entity created by a life purpose of a human being. In this case it was Steve Jobs.  The Soul's energy, Life Energy and Creative Energy should be in the high 90's (pecentitle) for it to be at its full potential. If it is this low, that means there needs to be an energetic or spiritual increase to feed the life and the soul energy of the company again.
Blockages include an energetic block with distribution in payment system where conflicts are ignored... it feels deluded.
A blockage with trend-setting instead of the company being individual or completely unique in its own field is noted. Changes can be made internally for Apple to thrive again.
Process Consulting can address these concerns.

Bruce Cameron is a widely known expert, most known in his prior engagements as a Federal Law Enforcement official with over 25 years in development, consultation and assessment for high value and high potential individuals, from C-Suite through front line. He uses his intricate knowledge of interpersonal and workplace difficulties to help companies, careers/individuals flourish, including those in periods of crisis. Bruce has given multiple national and international talks and presentations, authored several publications and has numerous media mentions.

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