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Announcing the 7th Annual Clean Out Your Inbox Week
Marsha Egan, CSP - Workplace Productivity Coach and E-mail Expert Marsha Egan, CSP - Workplace Productivity Coach and E-mail Expert
Nantucket, MA
Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Email Productivity Expert Marsha Egan
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In the spirit of January, a time for new beginnings and personal improvement, Marsha Egan is challenging Americans to rethink the way they use email this week. Egan, an internationally recognized authority on email productivity and author of Inbox Detox and the Habit of E-Mail Excellence (Acanthus 2009 - http://InboxDetox.com/book), announces the launch of the seventh annual Clean Out Your Inbox Week, included in Chases Calendar of Events. All week, Egan will motivate both individuals and businesses nationwide to take control of their email and regain lost time and profits.

?E-mail is an absolute blessing and could be one of the best developments of the 20th and 21st centuries,? says Egan, CEO of The Egan Group, Inc. ?However, we have formed a dependency on email that saps productivity. As with any great new technology, it can be misused and abused.?

Over the past decade, email usage has surged to staggering figures. Now, the Radicati Group estimates that over 100 billion business emails are sent each day from an estimated 929 million email boxes. Put another way, email users worldwide produce messages greater in size than over 16,000 copies of the complete works of Shakespeare?each second! These shocking statistics go on, and it?s clear that in the years ahead, email users must take control their email before it controls them.

For the first time this year, Egan has joined forces with two internationally recognized email productivity experts: from London, spearheading the European initiative - Dr. Monica Seeley, and from Melbourne AU, spearheading the Australasian focus ? Steuart Snooks. They will post email productivity tips leading up to and throughout the week at http://facebook.com/inboxweek

In preparation for the upcoming week of focus, Marsha will offer free online assessments http://InboxDetox.com/assess) that will allow emailers to gauge the effectiveness of their email habits. This 40-question survey is divided into two sections, and will rate users? treatment of incoming and outgoing email messages. Based on the results, the survey will provide its users with advice to improve.

Throughout the week, Marsha will continue to blog (www.inboxdetox.com/blog) and tweet (@marshaegan) about the toxic email habits that pervade the American workplace and offer helpful tips and free downloads that businesses or individuals who want to take control of their inboxes can use.

The ?Clean Out Your Inbox Week? eKit is an implementation eKit authored by Egan that shows businesses just how much productivity they can recover by helping their employees to implement email best practices. The $69 eKit, which can be purchased at http://inboxdetox.com/inboxweek, provides a complete intra-company plan to launch a corporately sponsored ?Clean Out Your Inbox Week? campaign.

The kit is divided into two parts: Part One illustrates just how much email addiction and email mismanagement affects the productivity and bottom line of a given business. Part Two then demonstrates a practical solution to run a successful ?Clean Out Your Inbox Week? campaign, from concept to launch to the evaluation phase. The eKit comes complete with resources, such as sample press releases, posters, and company announcements, as well as a suggested timeline for the initiative.

?There is a cure for our current email e-ddiction,? Egan says. ?If you practice productive email habits, you will not only loosen the grip email has on you, but you will also reclaim hours of productive time every day"

For more information on ?Clean Out Your Inbox Week? visit the website at Http://InboxDetox.com To request an article or schedule an interview with Marsha Egan, call 610-780-1640 or email her at marsha@marshaegan.com


About Marsha Egan, CPCU, CSP, PCC, ICF-Certified CoachMarsha Egan, is CEO of the Egan Group, Inc., Nantucket MA and an internationally recognized professional speaker. She is a leading authority on email productivity. Her acclaimed ?12 Step Program for E-Mail E-ddiction? received international attention, being featured on ABC Nightly News, Fox News, and newspapers across the globe. In early 2009, the program was adapted into a book, Inbox Detox and the Habit of E-mail Excellence (Acanthus 2009 - http://InboxDetox.com/book) Marsha works with forward-thinking organizations that want to create a profit-rich and productive email culture. Marsha was named one of Pennsylvania?s Top 50 Women in Business in 2006.
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