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Announcing Bright Wings Software
Nancy Boyd --  Bright Wings Inc. Nancy Boyd -- Bright Wings Inc.
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Eugene, OR
Wednesday, May 24, 2023


Today launches the first version of Bright Wings Software, a site where you can make your own apps, create your own gifs and original images, NFTs, databases, spreadsheets, and much more.

Bright Wings Software

Bright Wings Software

There’s a backstory here (just quickly.)

A few years back I was looking for an inexpensive way to create an app I wanted.  A friend told me about a former NASA engineer who was offering an incredible opportunity that I decided to check out, and I’m glad to say that this is the result — not just for me, but for anyone who wants state-of-the-art tools all in one place, for an insanely low price.

You can use it on all platforms, and there are videos and ebooks that explain how to use the software.  You can even make apps and images to sell, if you want.

So, , , why am I involved in software, since anyone who knows me knows I am so #notageek?

Great question! Simple answer is, I wanted to give the people in my circle of influence more tools at a very affordable price.  See, I know how expensive it gets when you have to sign up for multiple platforms just to use things you need.  This is the solution:  get it all in one place, for a ridiculously low price.  

No need to jump from tab to tab, trying to create something when you can have it all together in one place, right where you need it.  And no need to keep paying all those individual services for things you can get for less than 1/3 the cost of even two of the other memberships.   I’m telling you, it’s ridiculously low cost. (I know, because I’ve been paying for all those other services all this time and it gets pricey.)

But let me address something right now.  This software took a team of topnotch engineers years to develop and test.  I don’t even know what it cost to build, but I do know one thing:  it’s high quality and up to date (it even includes AI for those who want to play with it.)

If you’ve been thinking about playing with some cool new tools, creating your own app, making awesome original images, or just curious how some of these things work, this is for you.  

If you want, you can even sell some of the apps and images you create; there’s a huge demand for it right now and will be for the foreseeable future.  Whether that appeals to you or not, you’ll have fun playing with all the tools and resources you’ll find at Bright Wings Software.  After all, it was made just so you could get stuff done easily and affordably — and make money from it, it you want to.

Sign up today and get started having fun (and making money, too, if that’s your jam.)

Bright Wings, Inc. is an empowerment resource company located in Eugene, OR..   For more information about products and services, click here.

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