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An Easy Way to Learn How to Let Go
Nina Amir -- Best Transformation Coach Nina Amir -- Best Transformation Coach
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Dateline: San Jose, CA
Monday, July 5, 2021


Still looking for a way to let something go? Take symbolic action.

Imagine whatever you want to release existing inside a balloon. Visualizing letting go of the balloon’s string and watching it float up into the sky. See it getting higher and higher…until it disappears. Affirm that it is now gone or will be gone soon.

You might even get a helium balloon. Attach a note that describes what you are releasing to the string or write it on the balloon itself. Then release it.

Or list the things you want to release on a piece of paper. Then, burn them in a release ceremony. This practice follows closely with the idea of letting go and letting God. The smoke rises toward a Higher Power that you trust to handle it from that point forward.

In the end, you have to want to let go more than you want to hold on. Then, letting go will be easy.

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