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Alan Weiss -- New and Dramatic Offerings for Your Success
Summit Consulting Group, Inc. -- Alan Weiss, Ph.D. Summit Consulting Group, Inc. -- Alan Weiss, Ph.D.
East Greenwich, RI
Monday, October 18, 2021


New and Dramatic Offerings for Your Success 

Million Dollar Consulting® for the World: I've provided 14 modules with videos from me, from your colleagues globally, slides, and text. They include everything from launch to self-esteem, proposals to fees, closing business to creating a brand. No upsells! It's only $115. What do you think about a 10,000:1 ROI? https://milliondollarconsultingcourse.com

NEW: Value Based Fees for 2022. Join me for a 90-minute Zoom broadcast based on the newly-released third edition of this pioneering work. I'll discuss advisory work, passive income, post-pandemic fee strategies, remote work, collaborations, and much more appropriate to the current and coming business environment. The fee increases in two weeks. https://alanweiss.com/growth-experiences/value-based-fees-2022/

Master Class: This annual, intimate offering was full until four of my colleagues from Germany and Australia could not travel internationally. I've filled two seats, but two remain. You'll be among 14 people discussing lowering labor intensity, highlighting advisory work, creating passive income, and so forth for constantly growing, innovative practices, and at a great property. https://alanweiss.com/growth-experiences/developmental-experiences/the-master-class-workshop/

Sentient Strategy: My next certification program is via Zoom on the mornings of November 16-17. Over 60 people certified in six countries and a dozen sales have already ensued. EVERY business needs a new post-pandemic strategy, and this process can be applied virtually or in person in as little as a day. I recommend a minimum $35,000 fee. The certification is only $12,000, and I support you for 90 days. Read about it here https://alanweiss.com/growth-experiences/sentient-strategy/ and/or write me here:  alan@summitconsulting.com.

KAATN: I have room once again in my supercharged coaching program (Kick Ass and Take Names) that features weekly, scheduled meetings, assignments, and accountabilities. You have unrestricted access to me by Zoom, phone, and email for seven months in addition to our weekly contact. If you're serious about moving forward rapidly, the let me help you with role plays, review of proposals, preparation for buyer meetings, scripts for referrals, and whatever else you need to create the business you deserve. Over 100 people have been through this focused growth, a third of them renewing to continue it. https://alanweiss.com/growth-experiences/supercharged-coaching-kaatn/


Controlling Conversations: How do you subtly yet assertively keep the conversation with prospective buyers moving toward trust, disclosure, and the agreement to accept a proposal? Master this, and you'll raise your hit rate by 100%. This is a Zoom experience at 10 am US eastern time on January 11, with a recording provided afterward. This is  not yet on my site. It will be $450. Write me before it is posted November 1 and it's $295. Register here: https://alanweiss.com/store/quick-pay/

Hosting Revenue-Generating Meetings: Join me for this live event from 9 to 4 in Boston on January 27. We'll focus on how to set up a meeting with prospects, how to improve your lists and leverage others' lists, the proper content, how to involve "attractors" in your publicity, the three sales-potential areas to pursue, provocative content, and we'll practice and create a plan, too! I'll take six hours to show you how to create a dynamic, revenue-generating 90 minutes (and the weeks of preparation). This is  not yet on my site. It will be $2,500. Write me before it is posted November 1 and it's $1,400. Register here: https://alanweiss.com/store/quick-pay/

Million Dollar Consulting Edition VI Workshop: A special, one-time Zoom session based on the sixth edition of the best-selling of all my books, on the shelves for 30 consecutive years. In this interactive, 90-minute session I'll work with you on dramatic growth, building a strong brand, transitioning clients from projects to advisory work, and much more. https://alanweiss.com/growth-experiences/million-dollar-consulting-workshop/

Six Figures to Seven (627): I haven't run this in several years, and then only twice in the US and once in London, once in Sydney. It's occurred to me that I now know additional and faster ways to reach seven figures, having helped hundreds of people to get there. And the pandemic experience has major implications. Million Dollar Consulting and "seven figures" are metaphors for achieving the lifestyle and true wealth (discretionary time) that you desire. This experience, which I may never repeat at this stage, will get you there.

February 10-11, 2022 (two full days)Las Vegas, Nevada

Fee: $3,500 through December 31, 2021, $4,500 as of January 1, 2022. Register here: https://alanweiss.com/store/quick-pay/

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