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After Covid 19 - The World Will Never be the Same Again, It Will be Better
William R. Griffin --  Cleaning Consultant Services William R. Griffin -- Cleaning Consultant Services
Seattle, WA
Thursday, April 2, 2020


After Covid 19 -

The World Will Never be the Same Again, It Will be Better

By Wm. R. Griffin, Pres. www.cleaningconsultants.com  www.cleaningpublisher.com

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The title may sound a little strange or cold-hearted considering that cars are parked, the streets are bare, people are dying by the thousands and the National Guard has been activated in at least twenty-seven states. Sure 90% of all businesses and 100% of all schools are closed, airplanes are grounded, you are under house arrest in your own home, there are lines outside the grocery store and nobody is going to work. Rejoice that the lines are at the grocery store and not the bank. 

Let's put all that bad stuff aside for a few minutes and focus on some good news.

  • Overnight, opportunities will present themselves to those who are looking, the US economy will take off like a rocket, faster than it fell when Covid 19 became a household word. Millionaires will be made as the world finds and adjusts to doing business in new and better ways.
  • Much like what happened after 911 with security, there will be almost unlimited funds available for cleaning, sanitation, and maintenance.  Being a janitor, housecleaner or maid will go from being seen as a dead-end job (by some), to a profession that is in demand, important and respected, based on science and the need to maintain a safe and healthy environment in the future.
  • The education system as we know It will cease to exist. Replaced by homeschooling, on-line training, and alternative learning programs that challenge, entertain and develop minds much better than butts in chairs for 12-20 years.
  • Everybody who can, will work from home (at least most of the time), saving transportation costs, reducing the use of fossil fuels and clearing highways like they were in 1964, leaving office buildings empty for yet unidentified uses.
  • No more cash, checks or visits to the bank or cash machine. Financial transactions will be done electronically, even our beloved credit cards will disappear as money goes online, touch-free and wireless.
  • No more filling out needless forms and waiting to see the Doctor, Tele-medicine, remote testing and monitoring will speed up the process, give better results and lower costs.
  • Shopping on-line will replace retail stores and shopping centers, until 3D printers make what you need, when you want it, at home, for 1/3 of the cost.
  • There will be a mass exodus from major metropolitan areas as people spread out, looking for more space and once again seek a simpler, slower, safer life, out of town.
  • Transportation will change, there will be far less travel. Conventions, trade shows, seminars, and workshops will be online to expand reach, reduce costs and travel. You won't go places unless there is no other way to get the job done.
  • Restaurants, hotels, casinos, and amusement parks will see a substantial drop in business as consumers go local and learn to enjoy take out and dining at home.
  • Family, community, and faith will replace parties, drugs, fighting, and destructive anti-social behavior because it leads to a better, safer and more satisfying way to live longer.    
  • Research, ingenuity, passion, and compassion will find ways to end or at least manage crime, homelessness, and disease.
  • Realize that it's going to take at least 30 – 45 days to break the chain of viral transmission if everyone applies the basic principles of safety and infection control.

Enjoy your 30-day paid vacation, just don't go anywhere. You've probably never taken 30 days off since you started working, do it now. This will give you time to clean your glasses. Chances are you'll see your life, family and situation differently after looking at yourself in the mirror for 30 days.

What may shock you the most is how fast things will change. No segment of business or society will remain untouched or unimproved by the changes that will take place over the next few years. Welcome to the future! What was yesterday's norm will be gone forever as old ways are replaced by Apps, software and robotics.

Tips to Help Keep You Healthy:

  1. Stand back, keep your distance from others, 6-10 ft. is best (cough and sneeze zone). Wear a face mask (particulate respirator N95%, surgery mask, bandana) at all times when working and when traveling in congested public spaces. (shopping, traveling, if closer than 10 ft. to someone else).
  2. Keep your hands and fingers away from your eyes, nose, mouth, face and body. This is the most common way to infect yourself.
  3. Frequently wash your hands with soap and water and apply sanitizing gel when you touch items and surfaces that may have been contaminated by others.
  4. Wear gloves, wash and apply sanitizing gel or wash and dry hands with a paper towel, before donning (putting on) or doffing (taking off) gloves.
  5. For now, be selfish, don't share personal items like food, towels, drinks, desk, and phones with others.
  6. Separate yourself from contamination sources, insert an easy to clean, disinfect or dispose of barrier between yourself and possibly contaminated surfaces. Examples include gloves, mask, face shield, gown, paper towel, a tool or space.
  7. Be creative, find ways to avoid touching high use contact points (items touched /used repeatedly by others - knobs, handles, phones, push buttons, building entrances, elevators, conference and bathrooms) instead use an arm, shirt sleeve, elbow, foot, paper towel, gloves. Use credit cards or E-pay, avoid cash).
  8. Use disinfectant solution or wipes to regularly clean (several times per day) all high-touch surfaces such as light switches, elevator buttons, hand rails, drinking fountains, phones, door push plates and handles, counters, desks, keyboards, etc. Do the same at home, when you travel or use public facilities. Carry sanitizer gel/wipes with you.
  9. No handshakes or hugging (for now), Arm/Elbow bumping is in. Use phones & email to reduce personal contact. Do not share, use your own desk, phone, computer and stapler, etc. Clean & disinfect surfaces and items frequently.
  10. Do not go to work if you feel sick or show any signs of illness (cough, cold, flu, temperature, shortness of breath, runny nose, open wounds) isolate yourself to protect others from exposure and get tested for the Covid 19 infection so you know what treatment and precautions are needed to protect family and others.
  11. Limit the amount of time you watch television or listen to the news. Find out what going on in the morning and again at night, not more than 30 minutes of news per day. Watching non-stop news could be more harmful to your health than a virus.

One Last Thought:

Protect and take care of the vulnerable members of society; the disabled, elderly and medically challenged. Show respect and gratitude for those who protect us and fearlessly come running when we need help. The best thing you can do right now is to stay away from others and see that you and everyone else you come in contact follows the tips listed above.

This is important: it's the right thing to do. Lives depend on your actions.

Good luck, Stay Healthy and Keep it Clean and Safe out There.


Wm R. Griffin, President, Cleaning Consultant Services, Inc.

www.cleaningconsultants.com , bg1@ccsmL.com , C-206-849-0179


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