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Access to Quality Long-Term Care Services Vital for Quality of Life
Matt McCann -- Long Term Care Expert Matt McCann -- Long Term Care Expert
Denver, CO
Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Matt McCann, leading long-term care planning expert

A prominent authority in long-term care planning and Long-Term Care Insurance, while addressing advisors in Colorado, emphasized the critical importance of securing access to a range of high-quality long-term care options. This is not just crucial for our loved ones today but also imperative for our personal future care needs in the coming years.

As we approach the holiday season, November stands out as the perfect month to initiate conversations about long-term care. November, in fact, is National Long-Term Care Awareness Month. Families gather together, creating a valuable opportunity to bring the topic of long-term care to the forefront of family discussions. 

In my years of assisting individuals with Long-Term Care Insurance, one consistent theme has emerged: the importance of having options for quality care. Consumers express a clear desire not to burden their adult children with future caregiving responsibilities or the complexities of managing care. They wish to have a variety of care choices available, preferably in-home care, while also protecting their future retirement savings and assets from the unpredictable and often hefty costs associated with long-term care. Regrettably, many delay contemplating these vital issues until they are in the midst of a crisis.

Quality Care Options Available

McCann told the group that there are many quality care options available today for a loved one needing help with their daily living activities or supervision due to a failing memory. He recommended the LTC News Caregiver Directory as a resource.

LTC News (www.ltcnews.com), a leading online destination for news and information on aging, caregiving, health, long-term care, and retirement planning, includes an extensive online long-term care directory. The directory can be found directly here - https://www.ltcnews.com/care  

This new resource connects individuals and families with a wide variety of quality long-term care providers across the country. The website currently has over 75,000 listings spanning a wide range of care options. Users can explore listings for: 

  • Home Care Providers
  • Adult Day Care Centers
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Memory Care Facilities
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Nursing Homes
  • Group Homes
  • Hospice Care Organizations
  • Occupational Health Care Centers

Care Costs Increasing

However, McCann highlighted a crucial fact: the expenses associated with long-term care are escalating swiftly across the country. Individuals who believe they have sufficient funds for their present or future retirement may still encounter substantial financial strain, leading to altered lifestyles and diminished legacies. For those with more modest savings, the imperative to plan ahead is even greater, as the potential financial impact of long-term care costs could be catastrophic.

Planning before we get older and our health changes is essential. Premiums are based, in part, on your age and health. LTC Insurance can be very affordable, especially in your 40s and 50s, although affordable options can be found in your 60s and beyond if you have fairly reasonable health.

McCann pointed out that the cost of care, both in Colorado and nationwide, varies depending on where someone lives, influenced by the growing demand for caregiving services and escalating labor expenses.

Colorado Long-Term Care Costs Statewide

Partnership LTC Insurance

No matter where you live, McCann recommends that many people can benefit from Partnership Long-Term Care Insurance policies that provide dollar-fro-dollar asset protection. Most states, including Colorado, have partnership policies available. 

What is the Partnership Program in Long-Term Care Insurance?

Focus on Family

McCann said the focus is always on the family.

Prioritizing family is key. It's crucial to initiate conversations about long-term care early on. For those with elderly parents experiencing declining health, ensuring they receive top-notch care should be the top priority. If they have a Long-Term Care Insurance policy, it's important to utilize its benefits without delay.

Having a Long-Term Care Insurance policy will significantly expand options for quality care. Most home health agencies and long-term care facilities will inquire about LTC insurance coverage during their initial assessment. McCann said leveraging these benefits immediately can enhance the quality of life and access to quality care services.

Filing a Long-Term Care Insurance Claim

McCann encourages consumers to work with an experienced independent Long-Term Care Insurance specialist to help them navigate the various underwriting guidelines and options insurance companies offer.

He told the group that many financial advisors and general insurance agents contact him, or specialists like him, to help them help their clients. McCann is licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. He represents all the major brands in long-term care planning. His unique process allows you to speak with him on the phone and view his computer screen, allowing someone to become educated about options, research, and shop safely and easily. 

Insurance premiums are regulated, and every insurance company must file its products and pricing with each state for approval before being allowed to offer any product to a consumer. 

Long-Term Care Insurance Cost: Factors, Considerations and Price Ranges

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Media Availability

McCann is available for radio, TV, and podcast interviews. He also speaks to groups and organizations worldwide on the issues of aging, caregiving, health, and long-term care. Contact McCann through his website for information


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