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About the latest in technology for your company… No job is too small for…outsourcing
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013; Vol. 4, Issue 12Innovation 101

About the latest in technology for your company…

No job is too small for…outsourcing

By Ronn Levine

You already might be outsourcing web design, copywriting or putting on webinars. What about coming up with a good subject line, asking a couple thought-provoking questions during a webinar, taking a middle-of-the-night phone call from China, or tweeting about your upcoming radio interview?

Welcome to the new world of https://www.taskrabbit.com/">TaskRabbit, Catch Friday, http://fiverr.com/">Fiverr, dollar3.com, We Go Look, Fancy Hands, Elance and many more companies that now break down jobs into single tasks. Patricia Marx wrote a really clever article in the Jan. 14 New Yorker magazine chronicling all the tasks that people don't seem to have the time—or the want—to do. Deliver appetizers for a book club meeting – $31; stand in line to buy an iPad2 - $45; assemble Ikea furniture - $59; take boxes to UPS - $29; prepare an Excel spreadsheet - $62; and proofread your husband's/wife's novel - $82.

Her best story was about a "seller" named Jobgeek that she found on Fiverr to read Proust for her and offer comments that she could use for that book club meeting. The comments proved worthy—"I think the theme of this novel is Imagination vs. Reality"—and it turned out that Jobgeek is a 14-year-old, 9th-grade girl in New Jersey. "She said she found reading Proust difficult, and had only consulted Wikipedia once," Marx wrote, "to find out the author's first name and the date of publication."

And now the $64,000 question—or $64 as this case may be: How can this help specialized publishers?

1. To save time. TaskRabbit asks, "Got time to read our blog? You would if you used TaskRabbit." Guest blogger https://www.taskrabbit.com/blog/">Matt Faustman writes that by delegating chores to places like TaskRabbit, you can have more time for the important stuff. "There are certain mundane tasks each day that do not require my full attention — but nonetheless need to get done."

2. You can get some very sophisticated work done. Marx wanted to explain the history of outsourcing in America, so decided to outsource it to Get Friday, a "virtual personal assistant" based in Bangalore. She received 1,356 well-written words complete with a bibliography all for $98.

3. You can be pretty creative with this. Marx found a woman who tried on fur coats and emailed the photos to her client, a husband wanting to buy a present for his wife. What about paying a few dollars for people to interact with one of your new products? What about someone who knows video and could put together a shopping list? (There are also ads for editing raw footage.) Not creative enough? How about someone to attend that government agency meeting that you just can't spend all day at? Or (nicely) hound an official with questions you might not want to ask?

4. Many specialized publishers are one- or two-person businesses. Being able to outsource small tasks could be a lifesaver. Have someone work with an email list, test something among their Facebook friends—perhaps you want to see what happens with a younger demographic—or help with a large direct mailing.

5. It might be a way to find new talent. What if the marketing copy that you ask for is really good? What if the video advice leads to someone who can make excellent videos? What if the subject line you get does incredibly well? When Marx was looking for her Proust commentary, she also hired Molly. "Her talking points and questions (502 words in all) were thoughtful and provocative, and she even invoked Cormac McCarthy..." Marx concludes that she would be "happy to have Molly in my book club. On second thought, she kind of is."

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