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ATTN BABY BOOMERS! How a Biden Presidency could confiscate all your wealth
Josh Bernstein Show Josh Bernstein Show
Gilbert , AZ
Friday, July 31, 2020

ATTN BABY BOOMERS! How a Biden Presidency could confiscate all your wealth

The Seattle City Council just voted to not only defund the Seattle Police Department but to ABOLISH it completely! Many Americans are scratching their heads wondering how do the Democrats plan on campaigning to make Americans less safe? Unfortunately there is a small but active segment of society that sees the police as the enemy and the criminals as the heroes. 

However, if defunding your police did not scare you perhaps this will. If somehow the unthinkable was to happen, through massive country wide voter fraud and Joe Biden "won" the election. Here is exactly what would happen. The Democrats would try to pass Medicare For All and The Green New Deal. If ever those two laws were ever passed and fully implemented they would bankrupt our Nation. The cost of these two big government monstrosities would be north of 75 Trillion dollars. If we taxed every American at near 100% of their total income we would still have a spending short fall to the tune of 30 Trillion dollars. 

Where is that money going to come from?

What curent generation will have to pay for these programs?

How could a Biden Administration legally force a certain sector of the Country to give up their wealth?

One of the most sought after TV & Radio guests in Conservative Media today, Josh Bernstein has appeared on over 3,000 radio programs & 50 TV shows as an expert commentator. He has been called a "political savant" by many of his industry peers because of his often encyclopedic breakdown on many issues we face. Josh Bernstein promises your audience a unique & original perspective that is straightforward & unapologetic. His show can be found on Youtube, Roku TV, Amazon Prime, Parler & many other platforms. His website is www.patreon.com/joshbernstein

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