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AI or Real – How to Leverage AI and Still Keep It Real
Terry Brock -- Achievement Systems Terry Brock -- Achievement Systems
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Dateline: Orlando, FL
Saturday, May 6, 2023


How do you combine using the power of AI and still keep it real as a human being?
This is becoming more and more of an issue.
In this post you get a chance to find out how you can keep it real being human and still leverage the power of AI to get more done. The key is you want to be able to create content it touches people in a powerful, meaningful way.

However you want to make sure that you keep it real as you do it.

Also, I need your help.

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Post – AI Fake or Real – Friday 5 May 2023


is it fake or is it real what about AI when we wonder okay did that person really write this or is that just chat GPT what’s going on and what about when a CEO writes a letter and it sounds really good did the CEO write that or was that just something that’s there well this is what we’re going to talk about and some real applications for you as an entrepreneur here as we talk at Stark raving entrepreneurs about what you can do hi I’m Terry Brock your guide on this I want to show you specifically


what we need to address this is a real issue when you’re dealing with people and I’m doing it right here in the hotel room look at this yeah I’m really in the hotel room you can see it they’re getting things packed up and ready to go Gina and I are here to put things together but I want to send you a video on something that I read that I thought was really important because right now we’re wondering okay was this real is it a real human being and I have some dear friends that are authors that have done


very very well I think of Sam Horn and the books she’s written she made some very good points about making it sure that we’re not using just artificial intelligence but hi human intelligence so I think that’s a very good point we want the human touch in there my friend Dianna Booher has written a bazillion books also I think that’s the exact number Diane if you’re watching this I think that’s right but she talks about the human touch how we really want to put our soul in there and I have to


agree firmly with that and yet we also want to use AI in a way it’s kind of like you know years ago people said oh it’s not really you if you’re using a typewriter and you’re not writing writing literally with a pen a quill pin probably and Papyrus or paper or something is that being real well I think it is if you use a typewriter if I use a tool that I often use called text editor or excuse me text expander text expander gives you the ability to type a couple of characters just a few characters and it brings in a whole


gamut of things like for instance you might have a standard closing that you use but instead of typing all of that over and over every time you could consolidate it to three or four short keystrokes and then it brings it in it saves a lot of time is that fake I know I don’t think so I think it’s ability for you to leverage technology any more than you use a car to go somewhere you get there faster normally than if you’re walking and so we use the technology and when we look at AI yes it helps us to


understand where we are and what’s going on matter of fact there was an article in Wall Street Journal that I was reading here on the road matter of fact that I thought was particularly good I wanted to share with you a tons the bosses intelligence might be artificial chat GPT and other AI tools can save Executives time or reflect poorly on their leader ship and so you got to be careful of this and look at what it is I think the article goes on and says that really well I like what Callum Borchers

 I hope I’m saying his name


right Callum Borchers says on this the heartfelt email that clever turn of phrase those pithy bullet points in that slide deck they come from the boss or a bot and this is something that people are wondering about was it really you you know or did we do it that way in other words those of you that were born a little bit earlier will understand what I say is it live or is it Memorex you remember that if you remember that that you know where I’m coming from on that because we wondered okay it was live live had a different feel and when


something was recorded back then you could kind of tell right now we’re in that era where we can kind of tell it might not be the real person but it’s getting better faster all the time I mean this thing is a whirlwind how fast it is so how do you approach it what do you do as an entrepreneur who wants to get ahead you want to be real well I think what you want to do first is acknowledge that have to be human we want to put the human presence the human touch into it no matter what we do no huge no bot no AI or chat GPT knows the


story of what you did last March when you attended that seminar and the instructor was really good and she made some points about this this and this that’s something that you have in your own Noggin and you want to make sure that people hear that and that comes in use your own words you see me and you follow me I know I make up my own words spitzering them delete but doodly Wilders and iggybackers and whatever you know I come up to this this is me chat GTP is not saying a whole lot about doodly Walkers so but you can use your


own feelings make it you don’t try to be someone else you be you in an authentic genuine way use tools like chat gbt which is wonderful perplexity is another one that I use I’ve talked to you about this on some of these videos and you want to use that to get different perspectives really to get you started so that when you’re looking at okay what am I going to write about this week what video am I going to produce what podcast could I use today well what you want to do is you want to use the things that


are going to be right for you and make sure that it’s something that is authentic and genuine the article that I was referring to In The Wall Street Journal talked about that I think you use it as a starting point I’ve said this many times and I hear some of the best that are out there say the same thing matter of fact we’re here for CeX which is content economy expo here with some wonderful people Joe Polizzi and his wife Pam put this together and have done a lot of good things with it and the really really smart people who are


we really really good with the AI and with presenting and connecting as content creators say we use the artificial intelligence to get us started use it to clean things up kind of like you might use a tool wonderful little tool called grammarly been around for a while and it goes in it takes the document that you’ve put together and it looks at it goes um you should have used this word instead or it’d be better to phrase it this way if you’d like it doesn’t force you to but it says here’s


suggestions so tools like that can be good using the text to image can be also very good so you get just that right picture you want and you don’t have to worry about it infringing on a copyright you don’t have to worry about a budget and you don’t have the money to pay for it Etc you create it on your own using wonderful tools like canva with their text to image using tools like stable diffusion out there mid Journey there are many others and we’ve talked about some of those and we’ll be talking


about a lot more about those in the future and for your voice I’m loving a tool called 11 Labs 11 Labs that’s e-l-e-v-e-n Labs gives you the ability to clone your own voice you can take your voice and put it out there now that’s got some real wonderful aspects on it I know there’s some dangers but the good side first when you think about it you can take those wonderful articles that you’ve written in the past that are really good or that you’re writing now and you can let your voice the cloned voice that is your


voice get in there and use that and say it so now you’ve got something you can send out on the podcast in certain venues you could use it as an e-book not all you need to check on that before you go forward with it but there’s a lot of opportunities that it opens up so in some we’re seeing that AI can really be helpful but don’t go in there and let it do everything any more than you would start using a tools for only that tool and having only it do everything no that’s not a good way to do it what you


want to do is let the Human Side come in there I like the way we say it when we talk about video a lot of the work that Gina and I have done in video we say we like to humanize the virtual experience and make sure that that’s working as a matter of fact something we do at Stark raving entrepreneurs and we’d encourage you to bounce over there and take a look at that to see what’s going on we have a program every Wednesday at 4 pm U.


S Eastern Time 4 P.M Stark raving event.com is where you want to go to sign up for that no charge at all but you hear some of the greatest speakers in the world we get a chance to tap into them to come in and share information with you and you’ll learn about the programs we have and how we might be able to help you and also we’d really appreciate it if you would like share and subscribe to this the reason is that’s sending a message to those wacky algorithms that hey you like this you want the idea of living your life as an


entrepreneur with a Live and Let Live style don’t hurt others don’t take their stuff we like to call it the non-aggression principle nap you do what you want to do but don’t aggress against others and we’re going to talk about that more on other videos matter of fact you want to take a look at the video right here that we’ve got on artificial intelligence that can help you to get ahead hey I’m Terry Brock thanks for joining me please let us know what you think of this and we’ll look forward to


hearing from you

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