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AI Tools Revolutionize Sales – More Than Just Technology
Terry Brock -- Achievement Systems Terry Brock -- Achievement Systems
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Dateline: Orlando, FL
Friday, February 9, 2024


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Hey there, it’s Terry Brock and Gina Carr, and we’re here to talk all about AI and its impact on sales in this episode of Stark Raving Entrepreneurs. We’re seeing some incredible changes in the business world, especially with how AI is empowering salespeople to focus on building relationships and key strategic tasks. We’re going to dive into all the cool ways AI is revolutionizing the sales landscape and share some practical tips on how to leverage these advancements to get ahead in the game. So, join us for a fun and casual chat about how AI is shaking things up in the sales world!

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Hall of Fame keynote speaker Terry Brock is a globally connected leading authority who works with organizations that want to leverage technology and social media for more customer engagement, productivity, and increased profitability.

Terry is the former Chief Enterprise Blogger for Skype, former Editor-in-Chief for AT&T’s Networking Exchange blog, and former Chief Retail Advisor for ACE Hardware.

A master at his craft, Terry earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association and was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame. He was inducted into the Virtual Speakers Hall of Fame and he was recognized as a Legend by the Veteran Speakers Association.

Terry is also a Cavett Award recipient, recognized as the National Speakers Association’s “most cherished” award (only one per year).

As the CEO of Stark Raving Entrepreneurs, Gina Carr works with business leaders to leverage AI-powered marketing for more impact, influence, and income. Gina has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and an engineering degree from Georgia Tech. Known as “The Tribe Builder,” Gina helps passionate people build powerful tribes of raving fans.

A serial entrepreneur, Gina has created several businesses, including an award-winning real estate company, a chain of community magazines, and Video Rock Starz. She is the CEO of TEDxDupreePark. A native Atlantan, Gina now lives in Orlando with her sweetie Terry Brock. Gina is a passionate advocate for animals, freedom, and plant-based living!

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For your convenience, here is an edited transcript of this episode:

Terry Brock [00:00:00]:
We know that AI is changing our world, the business world particularly, in many ways, and one of the best parts of it is what it is doing for salespeople. For salespeople and marketers, there is a lot going on, and we’re gonna tell you ways that you can use it in today’s world to get a competitive advantage. I’m Terry Brock, And I’m joined by Gina Carr. We’re gonna be talking about this. Gina, we’re seeing some amazing things happen with AI and how it’s helping salespeople. What have you seen out there in the world on this?

Gina Carr [00:00:26]:
Well, because of the tools that are available now, a lot of work can be done Better, cheaper, faster. And so salespeople can focus more on the things that I think a lot of salespeople like to do, which is to spend time Talking with people, building relationships, being 1 on 1 or 1 in small groups with people who are likely to buy their products and services.

Terry Brock [00:00:49]:
Yeah. And there’s several ways that we can do that, and we’re gonna talk about those here on this particular episode. And matter of fact, what we’re gonna do here, we’re gonna be using some slides that I used when I was recently doing a keynote address for a group of sales professionals in the food service industry. And so we talked about what they need to know for business, we’re gonna show you what you can use on this and how all of this relates to you and the way that you’re gonna be able to get ahead with it, because we’re gonna be building relationships by leveraging tech. And that’s really the key. When you’re working with us, you wanna make sure that you’ve got people that are tying in with what you’re doing. All of this technology is really for the people, It’s so that we can then help others by developing the technologies that give us key skills that let us do, well, the kind of things that we’ve wanted to do for a long time, but then we couldn’t. So now what we’re able to do is to take these technologies and move forward.

Terry Brock [00:01:37]:
Because you see, your world has changed a lot. With medicine, we’re seeing now doctors using things. Matter of fact, Gina, I love this picture. It’s kind of like doctor McCoy on Star Trek Looking at they’ve got the device and he’s looking there, what do you think?

Gina Carr [00:01:52]:
I know. It’s exactly like that.

Terry Brock [00:01:55]:
Then we’re hearing from friends of ours that are doctors. We’re hearing doctors that are saying, yes. They can do that. They can look at your eyes and find out a number of things by listening to your pulse, being able to check many key Actors, AI is giving us the power for that. And also, I think something strong is education. Kids of all ages to be able to use this and learn even better than before in some amazing ways. Also, we’re seeing it in research. Scientists can gather and say, alright.


erry Brock [00:02:23]:
Let’s do this, figure out how to do it, make it happen and come together, and then the professions are doing it as well. For instance, we’re seeing lawyers are now able to use this in many many different ways. So that’s pretty amazing, but what we’re gonna be focusing on on this episode is marketing and sales, or sales and marketing. We’ll do both of them because they are tremendous. And here’s where you can use it. You’re gonna be able to see it with predictive analytics, Being able to say, okay, what happens when this is occurring? We know from past experience that when these conditions happen, the weather, The prices, the conditions in the world, the time of year, whatever, certain things happen. Now we can start making that more refined and much more Also, personalization. So it really is tied into what you are doing, what you want, and what your customers want.

Terry Brock [00:03:14]:
Much better sales forecasting as well. Sales forecasting is important because if you order too many units, then you’ve got a warehouse full of widgets and you’re not able to sell them. Or if you order too few, then your customers say, gee, if we can’t get it from you, we’ll go to the competitors. And you don’t want that, so you want your sales Yes? To be really accurate in AI is helping salespeople to do that. Also, lead scoring. Gina, this is important. We know that being able to say, okay. These people are more likely to buy from us than these, or these people here might do it, but not right now.

Terry Brock [00:03:50]:
Wait 3 months and they will have a better time of the year to do it, something like that. And then also, you’re gonna have enhanced customer insights. I like this one particularly because it gives you the ability to find out, okay, what customers want, what they’re looking for, what they like, and what we need to do to get it for them. So So if you’re feeling overwhelmed with all this, which sometimes it can be, I think there’s some principles you could have to get you through it. One of them is this quote I think is real good. The problem is not information overload, the problem is filter failure. Gina, this one has really impacted me in many different ways, Clay Shirky said, and I think that it’s got a lot of wisdom to it.

Gina Carr [00:04:33]:
That’s it. I I agree. I think that it’s Simple, yet profound, and very powerful. It’s something that we’re being hit with so much information, so many opportunities, So many things to read, watch, listen to. I know in my everyday, I’m I’m overwhelmed. There’s so much. And so the more that I can have better filters, Better priorities to say, okay. This is what I need to be working on now.

Gina Carr [00:04:58]:
This is what I need to be focused on. And if it’s not related to that, then I really have to ask myself That’s the best use of my time right now to be working on that.

Terry Brock [00:05:07]:
Yeah. I think you’re right. We wanna make sure that we’re looking at those things. So let’s take a look at how AI can help particularly salespeople, people that are in sales. Whatever industry you’re in, there’s a need for those sales, and there’s ways that you can use this. What can it do for you? Well, one of the things are email messages, that you can use this to craft your message to sound better, to have better spelling, better grammar, Make it funnier. Make it more serious. Whatever it is that is necessary for you, AI can help them that.

Terry Brock [00:05:37]:
Creating headlines. Hey, Gina, we’ve seen a lot of this that we’re working with and our star craving entrepreneurs. We’re using that to come up with just the right headlines and it can give us Five to 10, for instance, headlines on a particular mailing that we might have, and then show us what’s gonna be even better. For copywriting, It’s a dream come home. It is a wonderful, tool to have to help us knowing what to do. Now remember, We don’t want it to be the thing that we will just copy and paste, instead we wanna use it and learn from it. And Use research to find out what people really think and what’s going on, not just my gut reaction tells me this, but rather, this is what we’re seeing from the research that is telling us it’s working, and creating summaries. This is 1, Gina, that we have used a lot entrepreneurs.

Terry Brock [00:06:27]:
I think that creating those summaries, that is something that really really can help us to make sure we’re getting the essence of what’s there, say in a book Or in a long web page that’s too long, we didn’t read it, let’s get a summary of that. You’ve been using some of that as well, Gina, haven’t you?

Gina Carr [00:06:46]:
Oh, yes. I’m using AI everyday, especially for things like this. And I find it particularly helpful for writing Email headlines as well as for writing the copy. I wrote an article today for one of our agency clients, and I wrote it first in ChattGPT, and it was okay. And then I took it over to a tool a new tool that I tried out because I’ve been hearing a lot about it, Hemingway. And, Hemingway analyzed it, and I didn’t even realize that it had a lot of room for improvement. And so I went back to check PPT asked for the improvements, ran it back through Hemingway. Hemingway basically looks at your copy and says it’s too complicated.

Gina Carr [00:07:27]:
It’s Too boring. You’re using the same word too much. It has a lot of analysis like my 8th grade English teacher, miss Alliga, did. I missed her a lot. She really had a great influence on my life, which is why I have strong grammar skills. Thanks to Kate Alligood.

Terry Brock [00:07:43]:
Yeah. You do. Very good. Well, I think it’s very important. So Hemingway, a good tool to use. There’s others like that. Grammarly is now available, And we know sometimes just basic chat g p t, don’t forget putting in the prompt. Here’s the copy, be sure and go over this and check for spelling errors, check for grammar, and to make suggestions on how I can make it more succinct or faster or more colloquial, whatever you want.

Terry Brock [00:08:07]:
Those are where the prompts come in and they really start Sparkling. So these are some of the tools that are available for sales professionals that they can use. Now remember, as I mentioned before, you wanna copy and paste it. You wanna, what I like to call do what I call you eyes it. What do I mean by that? By you eyes it, I mean you wanna put your input in there. Make it you. If you’re Bob, you Bob eyes it. If you’re Mary, you Mary ize it.

Terry Brock [00:08:29]:
If you’re Gina, well, you Gina ize it. And for Terry, I like to say I’ll Terry ize it, but another little thing that I talk But you see, we’ve got some real good capabilities with that when we use it and we do it the right way. A lot of good things can come from using these tools and putting it in there, making it making sure that it’s really you doing it and it’s not something that, well, just a copy and a paste that we have, where we’re going to use the same thing over and over. And you’ll also want to make sure that you look at chat g p t as your copy assistant, you as the copy chief. This is the way to do it. And I want you to see the results of ChadGpt, well, kinda as a first draft. It’s like, okay, you put this out, it gave you some ideas, Take that, rather than copy and pasting it, you’re going to it by going and adding your own ideas. Talk about that conference you went to last June, where the speaker was talking about that really good topic and chat GPT probably doesn’t know about that.

Terry Brock [00:09:26]:
And you can say, I like what she said about this and I like the way she talked about that. Those types of things really make a big difference. And remember, you need to train it. I’m putting that in quotes there, train it on your business, your procedures. You tell them this is how we do it, here’s Our procedures, here’s what we do. So what you want to do is look at yourself as the copy chief. You’re the one that is making the decisions, while others are your copywriting assistants. They’re in there to help you to make ideas, give you suggestions, and let Chat GPT do that for you.

Terry Brock [00:09:58]:
But the most important, Gina, I think you would, be able to relate to this. Tell us about the importance of prompts and how they are so very important.

Gina Carr [00:10:08]:
Well, there’s the old slogan, garbage in, garbage out. So if you’re putting in bad prompts, you’re going to get out Bad information. So you want to train it. I think, it’s important. Just as you mentioned, you treat the When you’re writing copy, you’re gonna treat your bots, your chat gpt, your perplexity, or other tools as a as an assistant. As And I really look at it as if it were my assistant. I say please and thank you, and, that was a good job. And I

Terry Brock [00:10:40]:
I guess you could say that to AI as well. Please

Gina Carr [00:10:42]:
do that. I do, and and I educate it. I train it. I send some of my information, into it first So that it gets that information and knows, okay. This is what the company is. This if it’s one of our agency clients, this is what the agency Client is about. And so you have to train it just like you would a new employee, a new team member, and then you can Grow, and it’ll grow with you.

Terry Brock [00:11:08]:
Yeah. I think so. Very important. And you know another thing you can do, and this is really good for salespeople, make your own pictures. Church, you know that when you’re getting a sales presentation, you need to use slides, and you wanna make sure that you have the legal right to use those, that you’re not stealing from someone else, You’re not taking theirs and copying it and putting it into your material. No. You create your own, but you can do it now with your words. For instance, here are the words that I put in.

Terry Brock [00:11:30]:
Gino, tell me what you is create a picture of delicious raw veggies and raw fruit on a plate sitting on a table. There’s the prompt. And when I did that, Look what happened here. What do you think of that Gina?

Gina Carr [00:11:43]:
Looks pretty delicious, making me hungry.

Terry Brock [00:11:46]:
Yeah, exactly. I love that. And you think about it, This can be used in a professional situation where you need something for your email, you need it for a brochure, you might need it for a slide in a PowerPoint or keynote presentation. Or, hey, like we’re doing here, we’re using keynote and we’re using Ecamm and putting in the pictures, I can use those pictures because I created them with the words that I use. And here’s some additional pictures that came in. For instance, if I was working for this food service industry, I needed a couple of pictures, notice 1 over on the left, I had chefs so I could create that. I didn’t have to hunt around forever at wonderful sites that have a lot of great free pictures. We love those sites, but this way, I did it.

Terry Brock [00:12:27]:
And then I wanted a restaurant. So right up above us here, You see the restaurant with people. We were able to put that together so that we can then then have something that really works in a nice way. I wanted pictures of people as well. So here are some pictures. Again, these can be used in a professional setting, and that’s really what you want to do. Because remember, it’s all about relationships. Creating those relationships to help others and doing this in a way that affects them in a profoundly positive way.

Terry Brock [00:12:54]:
I think that’s really the key. Well, so here’s some other AI that we can do for sales professionals as we look at who they are and what they’re doing. AI will help the sales team streamline routine tasks. Gina, we know this is really important. When you got those tasks you gotta do over and over, Really nice to be able to have a team that can come in there and help you, and that team could be AI doing it very well. And this one here, I think, is pretty good. Gina, what do you think of this one right here?

Gina Carr [00:13:27]:
Well, getting a stronger competitive edge through sharper forecasting and Testing and trend analysis. Oh my goodness. I go back to being in college in the late seventies, early eighties, and Being introduced to forecasting and trend analysis at Georgia Tech, and it’s just amazing how far we’ve come and how much easier it is Today with these modern tools, I mean, that was we had compute we had calculators then, and, oh, we had programmable calculators At that time, but we didn’t have laptops. We didn’t most people didn’t have access to a regular computer. So it’s absolutely amazing how much easier this is, Which saves time, saves money, saves effort, and really positions your business for and your sales for much Greater success.

Terry Brock [00:14:15]:
Yeah. Absolutely. I like to think what we can do is take this now and realize it’s better today than ever before because of what What we have and the way we can use these particular tools and what they do for us. But I think here’s some others that are really good too. It really helps for salespeople to automate boring, routine administrative tasks, things that you don’t want to do, but you gotta do them. This way, we can let AI do that for you. You can also allocate more time and energy to strategic sales planning. This is important.

Terry Brock [00:14:45]:
You can only do that in sales when you have the time to do it. Well, now you’re getting it, and you get the training as well. We know that AI can be done there. We’ve got a tool that we work with. Gina, you and I know how Yoodly. That’s y o o d l I. Yoodly is a great AI training device to help people who need to make a presentation, Make a sales presentation works very well for that and it’s something you can use in a big way. And nurturing the client relationships.

Terry Brock [00:15:14]:
You know what they’re looking for through AI. AI can find out what it is they like and what they don’t like, where they went to school, what kind of activities they’re involved in, and it can help you in that as well. And ultimately, driving business growth. This is a key. We’re getting the business that we need because we’re using AI. And here’s some things, Gina, I thought this was very impressive when I saw that what they’re doing now in an area of commission reconciliation. That’s real big in sales departments, making sure that things are done right in the proper way. ERP systems with AI capabilities take your ERP.

Terry Brock [00:15:50]:
That’s the enterprise resource planning. We know that SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics 365 are using those as well. And commission reconciliation works with Intuit and QuickBooks. Hey, I was just working on QuickBooks today, talking with our bookkeeper to make sure everything is just right on that, and Xero, and then, of course, Zoho Books, Really good tools there. And Performio and Commissionly dot io, CaptivateIQ, all of these are dedicated commission management software. So that’s just one example of what can be done when you’re working with these. And I like these as well. IBM, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services are now providing custom AI solutions for businesses that have unique needs and custom AI solutions are needed.

Terry Brock [00:16:38]:
You don’t want It’s the standard off the shelf tools. These are available. When I was presenting that to the audience, they would really love it. I could see them taking notes and putting things down to look at How they can use these and how they can start implementing them. It’s got some real good possibilities. And when you think about this, and I’d love to hear from you on this one, the content personality or personalization from Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon. And now we can take that same and put it into a serve food service company or others. What are your thoughts on that, Gina?

Gina Carr [00:17:09]:
Well, I personally like it when the services know what I like and what I don’t like, and so they’re not Feeding me or showing me options that are not of my interest. And I I can tell when something’s gone wrong with the Algorithm or I’m logged in from a different device or it doesn’t know me as well. Yeah. Something kinda it’s it feels a little creepy sometimes that That Netflix and YouTube and services like that do know what I’m interested in, but it also saves me a lot of time and it does prevent present relevant Information that I want to see. And, YouTube in particular is always asking me on my mobile device, is this good content for you? Yes? No? Why? And so it’s it’s learning more, and I I think that that’s helpful. It’s particularly helpful if you’re in sales Because you’re going to present to your potential clients in an automated fashion to make it easier for you, some things that you can automate So that it’s going to easily send that information to them, let them see what they’re specifically interested in. Again, going back to the filters, There’s so much information out there, and so people wanna see what matches their needs.

Terry Brock [00:18:20]:
Yeah. Exactly. It’s something that is gonna match the needs of your customers and what the salespeople are gonna need, and you’re able to do it. Now sometimes people say, well, I I don’t have time. I don’t wanna use all this technology. It’s not there, or it’s too much technology. Well, I would say think about other things you’ve done with technology before with your smartphones themselves. Before you really knew about them, you were wondering how could we do it? People were wondering about text messaging, can I use that or is that something I don’t need to get into that? Or Your contact relationship management, your CRM, these kind of tools, we know we’re better off now because we’ve got them.

Terry Brock [00:18:56]:
They give us the ability to get a lot more done. So you’re gonna have a similar situation with the AI tools that you’re working with. And, by the way, some other things that have come about, we’ve seen, You can create a personalized experience for your customers. HubSpot AI does this, Microsoft Veeva does it, and Sales force Einstein. All of these do it in a marvelous way. I’m not using this. We’re not making recommendations on all of this, but we’re saying you wanna look into what’s available. These are tools.

Terry Brock [00:19:25]:
We’re not getting compensated for it, although they can do that if they want, but we’re just telling you these are some of the tools that are out there that can really help in a big way. The most important thing is, you see, the AI gives sales professionals the ability to customize at scale. That’s the key term in what we’re gonna see. So here’s a resource for you and your team, a way that you can get ahead and start working with this. We wanna give you some that you can use, that we’ve put together. This is our AI tools for biz, and you can find it at aitoolsforbiz.com, or those of you that are joining us here on video. You can take a look at that QR code there and get that. Gina, there are several tools there.

Terry Brock [00:20:05]:
Tell me a little bit about those tools. I know you’re using them and how they have been able to help you.

Gina Carr [00:20:11]:
Well, it’s a great resource guide. Going back to that filter failure again, we have summarized some of the tools that we think are the best Because there’s so many out there, and there are new ones popping up every day. But Terry and I are using them. We’re sharing them with our clients. Our clients are coming back and telling us what they like, what They don’t like when they find something better in our Start Braving Entrepreneurs program and our membership channels there, communication channels. We’re getting a lot of information going back and forth as far as It’s working and what people are loving, and so we work to keep that document updated so that it has the latest and greatest for you.

Terry Brock [00:20:47]:
Yeah. Exactly. So there it is. That’s something you wanna look into with tools like ChatGPT and Canva, as well as DALL E 3, you know, so they have the e in there, golly. These are from the people at OpenAI who also create ChatGPT. They do the 2 together. And then there’s Lexica dot art, beautiful art that it does. OpenAI, of course, we mentioned, and then Stable Diffusion, creating pictures as well.

Terry Brock [00:21:10]:
MidJourney is It’s another tool that’s out there, and we mentioned Yoodly before. There’s their logo you’ll see over there. It gives you the ability to create some amazing Results in your speaking and in your selling as well. Matter of fact, here’s something that I gave. I want you to notice this. This is an exact prompt that I created for the food service industry people. You can take this and twist it around to your individual needs. I know there’s a lot of words here, but it’s a very important The prompt that you’ll want to look at.

Terry Brock [00:21:39]:
When I put in the word perfect, because I was using prompt perfect, that means it’s gonna go out and make it even better. Tell me how AI tools like ChatGPT, Perplexity, and others are being used in the food service industry. I’m interested in how manufacturers and sales reps are using AI. What are they doing now? What could they do that many don’t know yet. So you see, those are giving you a real advantage to let you see, oh, okay. What we can do here is we can take this and we can look at what others are doing, what they’re not doing, and how they can make this work even better. You can take this prompt, and I want you to do that. Take this prompt and then twist it around to fit into what you’re doing and how it will help you in your individual industry.

Terry Brock [00:22:25]:
So as we start putting this together, let me give you some things that are gonna be really helpful. Ginny, I’d love to hear you, you know, think about this Because given that you are a systems engineer, you have put these things together and you talk about it regularly. Assess what you have and assess your requirements. Look at what’s out there and it’s available. Secondly, test with small trials. Gina, I know you and I are big fans of that. Test with something, see what it’s like, make small mistakes, not huge ones, but small controllable mistakes, and then learn from that. Those are important.

Terry Brock [00:23:00]:
Any particular pointers you would point out to someone who is looking at adding tests and having small trials to learn what to do.

Gina Carr [00:23:10]:
Well, it’s Just great that with AI, you can you can test several different headlines. You can test several different, things that you’re wanting to know. Does this, email copy better than other email copy. And so using tools like different AI tools will help you with that.

Terry Brock [00:23:28]:
Yeah, exactly. Those different tools will help you to achieve those goals that you want, and I would say keep trying that. And then embrace, and here’s something important, schedule competent, ongoing training. Get Yeah We’re Trainers, we do that a lot for folks on both online and in person, helping companies to really get a competitive advantage, and to get people up and running so they can start using it, real well. And then use secure secure principles. Keep those in place. That’s gonna be important as you go. Make sure that you’re doing the right things in the right ways, and then you’re gonna do well.

Terry Brock [00:24:02]:
And then also, here’s the final one here, number 5, hold your systems accountable. Monitor the results. This is important. I know in system engineering, Gina, they talk a lot about that from that, at Georgia Tech or as we like Say in Atlanta, that North Avenue Trade School, went there. Tell us why that would be really important to hold those systems accountable and to monitor the results.

Gina Carr [00:24:25]:
Well, you just need to constantly be checking, seeing if, you’re getting the results that you expected. If not, make make the appropriate tweaks so that You’re not spending your time, money, and energy doing something that’s not needed.

Terry Brock [00:24:37]:
Absolutely. I think that’s the key. And then finally, what we’d say for you is we want you to really get ready for a wonderful future ahead, to embrace your future. Your future has got a lot of good opportunities for you, many good things that are gonna be able to happen, and you wanna make sure that you’re moving forward with that. And that means that as you do that, you’re getting the training, you’re getting the help and the results that you need, working with it. And we’ve got a program set up at starbravingentrepreneurs.com so you can come over and help us on it. Like this, share it, and be sure to Subscribe to this so you find out about new tools that are coming along as we work with them. We’re constantly adding new materials to help you in a big way.

Terry Brock [00:25:17]:
And, again, here’s that resource available for you. So you can use that, the QR code’s on there. Get that and send that to other. There’s no charge for it at all. We just wanna make this available to you and help you in a big, big way. Here’s that QR code so you can get just a little bit easier, And make sure that it’s available for you at aitools, the number 4, b I z.com. This will help you to get ahead. Well, Gina, looks like we’re coming to an end of another marvelous little tool here, looking at AI.

Terry Brock [00:25:47]:
What are your thoughts on that and how salespeople can start implementing that in their own lives and work?

Gina Carr [00:25:53]:
Well, I think that salespeople, as well as other professionals, need to be thinking about AI as a copilot. You’re going to when you’re out in the field, when you are talking with a client, you’re going to constantly, be able to refer to a trusted source Like your AI companion to help you, answer questions that you wouldn’t it would have taken a lot of effort, Time, money, and effort to have answered in the in the past, and now you can answer it very quickly. You can deliver the results. You can hopefully make that sell faster Because you’ve been able to get the answer that you need with the trends, with the projections, with the resources, there’s so many great tools out there. And you just need to be, I encourage people to be doing something with an AI tool every single day right now. You really need to just get comfortable And use it like you’re using your computer. Oh, the Internet was new a few years ago and everybody just takes it for granted now And it’s everywhere. It’s ubiquitous, and AI will be that way too, and you don’t wanna be left behind.

Terry Brock [00:27:00]:
Once again, I have to agree with that. I think that is the key. So start working with that and use it. And don’t forget, we’ve got some other videos for you right up here right up here. You can punch on those, click on those. If you’re watching this video on YouTube, you can click there and get some more information. I’m Terry Brock. And for Gina Carr, thank you very much for joining us here at Stark Raving Entrepreneurs.

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