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AI Power Search Tool – Just WOW – Grab this AI Tool – Perplexity
Terry Brock -- Achievement Systems Terry Brock -- Achievement Systems
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Dateline: Orlando, FL
Saturday, August 12, 2023


Hey there, welcome back to Stark Raving Entrepreneurs!

It’s me, Terry Brock, and I am so excited that you’re joining us for this episode.

It’s going to be a blast. Guess what we’re diving into today? We’re going to explore this secret tool that will blow your mind when it comes to navigating the crazy world of entrepreneurship. t’s called Perplexity.

It’s like having a superpower for creating amazing content! It is called Perplexity. It’s a mind-blowing tool that takes your content creation game to a whole new level. It’s so easy to use, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Get ready for an enlightening and fun-filled episode! Oh, and make sure to give us a big thumbs up, share this video with your buddies, and hit that subscribe button. Oh, did I mention that I’ve got a special treat for you? Well, I do! Stay tuned to the end of this episode and you’ll get some goodies that I’ve put together for you.

So, let’s get started and have a great time exploring Perplexity and all its awesomeness. Hang on tight, it’s going to be a wild ride!

To further help you learn about Perplexity and what it can do for you here is an unedited transcript. I know some people like to read more than listen so we want to make this available for you. Please let us know what you think.

Terry Brock [00:00:00]:

Okay. We’re using chat GPT a lot. AI is changing the world, and chat GPT is probably leading the way. The revision that they came up with on November 30th 2022 really changed everything. But is that the only tool you should use as a content creator when you’re out looking for sources and you Canva create content? I would say no. And I’m gonna tell you why in this episode. Matter of fact, I packed this one full of a lot of good things that I wanna give you. This is just you and me.

Terry Brock [00:00:26]:

Here, I’m in my study I got my computer here. I’ve got some things queued up. I wanna show you they’re gonna really help you as a content entrepreneur, a content creator who really is gonna run the business. you Canva get the right thing. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take a look at that, how you can use it, and what can be done with it. And that tool is called perplexity. I Canva show you the in side of it. It’s a sneaky little tool that’s gonna give you a, real advantage that not everybody knows about.

Terry Brock [00:00:50]:

Hi. I’m Terry Brock. I’m your guide here at Stark Ravey on entrepreneurs along with my partner, Gina Carr, and we help you to achieve the goals you want as an Agorapreneurs, getting the freedom you want. so that you can get what you want without harming others. That’s our whole point. Live and let live is what we talk about. The idea that you do whatever you wanna do, but don’t harm others and don’t take their stuff. We like to call that the non aggression principle Don’t address others live peacefully.

Terry Brock [00:01:16]:

You do that. You’re gonna be fine. And using AI, we can do a lot of that. So I Canva show you some things today that you could use you’re working with in addition to working with chat GPT. Again, the tool is called Perplexity. At perplexity, dot ai. You can go out there and get that tool, be able to put it in, and do a whole lot with it. Matter of fact, there’s a lot of things you can do.

Terry Brock [00:01:37]:

I recommend having more than one. that Merlin gave me just the the other day. I thought it was really good. And it bought, goes along with what I studied in journalism, how to do this. It says the rule of 3 non corroborating sources and journalism is a standard practice to ensure accuracy and reliability of information. Matter of fact, I remember hearing that from my professors. they were talking about, what you wanna do when you’re getting your facts, getting the information, make sure you’re getting it from 3 non corroborating source That applies to you and me as content creators because so often we’ll see things on chat GPT or perplexity or other tools, and they’re not right. because just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true.

Terry Brock [00:02:22]:

You know, we joked about that for a long time. We go, hey, this must be true because I got it on the internet. Right? Oh, yeah. Well, no. It doesn’t. We and we know that, but it’s the thing is, think about it. Where is AI? Where is ChatGPT and GPT? Where is perplexity? where are they getting their sources? Well, from the internet. So you Canva watch out for that, but there’s a there’s a real key that’s important in perplexity that we don’t have in chat GPT that can really help you a lot.

Terry Brock [00:02:47]:

So I like what they’re saying here. This is from our, good friends over at Berlin, which, by the way, is another good tool to look into to see what it’s like with that. And what you Canva do is you involve going with the 3 non corroborating sources. It involves gathering information from at least 3 independent sources that provide consistent accounts of the same event or issue. This rule begins to minimize the risk. Notice it doesn’t mitigate. Doesn’t completely eliminate the whole thing. It, but it doesn’t completely eliminate that.

Terry Brock [00:03:17]:

It mitigates it a little bit. I think yeah, I guess I should say it does mitigate that. It’s very good for minimizing the risk of relying on biased or incomplete information as well as errors or deliberate misinformation. By cross referencing multiple sources, journalists can verify facts, establish credibility and provide a balanced representation of the news. Ultimately, adhering to this rule strengthens the integrity of journalism and promotes a more informed public discourse. And I think that’s really critical for you and me as content creators. The same thing that applies to those of us who are journalists applies to content creators. You also add more credibility that way when you’re the one that said, you know, I heard they were saying this.

Terry Brock [00:04:01]:

And I went out and did some checking on it, and I did my fact checking, and it didn’t seem like it was true. And here’s why. Here’s my source. Here’s my source. And here’s other sources that say this one over here wasn’t quite on target. So you raise your standard there in a world where people go, Oh, yeah. On the internet, it said, so that’s what you could do. Mm-mm.

Terry Brock [00:04:21]:

No, Sparky. You wanna get your research done. and make sure you do it right. So you’re gonna go with that. Frankly, I like to use, chant GPT, and I also like to use perplexity. I find perplexity works really well. and I use Magic Wright, which is there in Canva. That’s a real nice little tool you might have seen before.

Terry Brock [00:04:40]:

Also, here’s a little thing that Merlin me on that, Maroon’s great little source for these kind of things. Canva Magic Right is a feature in Canva, graphic designers, platform. It’s a great little platform. I love Canva. And it is an AI powered tool that helps users to generate creative and engaging content quickly. That’s a nice term. Quickly is your buddy. I like that.

Terry Brock [00:05:01]:

And so you wanna make sure you get that just right with Canva. Now with Canva Magic, magic like that is, Users can effortlessly create well written copy for social media posts, ads, blog articles, and more. The tool suggests ideas, offers writing templates and offers research backed recommendations so to improve your content. You see, that’s important. They’re offering recommendations. do not take it as fact when it comes from chat GP or perplexity or magic right or anything else, or even me. Do your own research. Make sure that you find out, okay, what Terry said was good, or you might come back and say, Terry, you said doodly doodly doodly doodly or whatever.

Terry Brock [00:05:46]:

You know? So you wanna make sure that you’ve got that there together. Canva Magic Wright is a valuable resource for individuals and businesses looking to streamline their content creation process and produce high quality compelling copy in no time. Well, actually, at some time, you’re gonna have you’re gonna have a little bit of time, but it’s much faster than the other. So you wanna get those and start using them. And what I wanna do in just a moment, show you, perplexity and the advantages it has how you can use it and what it can do for you. And I think as you look at what it can do, first of all, it’s easy to use. Very easy. Number one point on using a perplexity very easy.

Terry Brock [00:06:23]:

Just type in you’re gonna see in a moment how that works. Also, you can use it on desktop. You your laptop computer. You can use it on Android and on IO I have iOS and Android. It was out on iOS first, which is one reason why I like to have both. Sometimes a product will come out on one platform before another. This one happened to come out on iOS first. So I got into it really using it on my iPhone.

Terry Brock [00:06:46]:

I was loving it. Just having a great time. And then it came out on Android. I love it also over there, and I use it on my laptop on my MacBook Pro. So I’m using all of these together to get good information. And I’m finding, you know, what’s happening? Gina and I are talking about this. We have questions about just about anything. We’re going out to perplexity getting the information there and being able to use it and make decisions.

Terry Brock [00:07:10]:

Now, for instance, we’ll even check on legal areas or medical areas That’s good. But remember, here’s the most important part of that. It is not the final word. I’m getting information before we talk about my annual physical coming with my doctor. So I’m doing some research on all kinds of that, but I take it to my doctor and say, doctor, this is what I saw on the internet. What do you think you who are who’s cert he’s certified, went to medical school, did all the right thing goes to continuing medical education, you know, the things that a real doctor does. My doctor does and that’s good. And if I want information on the law, yeah, I’ll go out and do the research and all that, but then we take it to our lawyer and we say, here, this is what we’ve got.

Terry Brock [00:07:50]:

Tell us what you think. We’ve done that with lawyers in the past when we were putting together, for instance, our end of life documents. We went out on the net, found place, filled out the forms, everything looked pretty good to us, then gave it to the lawyer. Well, what we did is instead of spending this much time, we spent this much time. So it was a lot cheaper for us. Real good for us. But the lawyer said, well, over here on page 35, there’s this and this and this. And have you thought about that? Oh, that’s a good point there.

Terry Brock [00:08:16]:

thank you, counselor. We’ve got some good information there and learn from it. So you’re seeing all of this is the approach you want is you use it as a rough draft. use it as a rough graph that you’re a little bit skeptical about. And then when it’s something like medicine or legal or other areas that are where you are not an expert in that, get the help you need, but let this be a start for you. You can use it. You can use it there in many different things. Now one of the things I really like about it particularly is the references.

Terry Brock [00:08:42]:

And so what I’m gonna do right now, I wanna go over here and bounce into this so you Canva see it, and there we are. We are in perplexity right now. So I can see all the information here on the screen that works good. The answer to any question, just type it in here, and you’ll see it’s got, your home, Discover, etcetera, All of these are possible here. One thing I really like about it look at this. Here at the lower left corner, I can click on focus. And when I do that, Look at this. It comes up with, well, what area do you Canva search, Terry? And I’m I think it talks to me.

Terry Brock [00:09:14]:

Okay, Terry. What do you want? I can go for all, which is what I normally do, but academic. Now this can be really good if you wanna get something that is really scientific. It’s academic. And if you’ve got an academic paper, but also when you could bring that in sometimes to your topics and what you’re talking about, you stand out from the rest. who are just saying, well, it’s my opinion that, really, and where’d you get the research for that? What kind of study did you conduct? Well, Academic, we’ll give you that. You can use writing for generating text and code. There’s the Wolfram Alpha, which is really good for some computational knowledge on that will, my online level with what I’m doing, but real good that it’s there.

Terry Brock [00:09:51]:

Hey. You can search the University of YouTube. go out there and discover and watch videos that are related to a topic. You can tap into the geniuses over at reddit. lot of really smart people there discussing different sides of different issues. That’s good. You can see that. And over here, old buddy, Wikipedia.

Terry Brock [00:10:09]:

So it’s real handy there, and it gives you a lot of good information on that. And they give you some information here. I am bored as it proves happiness, a choice to people, well, toe icebergs to get water, etcetera, etcetera. I didn’t type these in. These were in their suggestions to get you started. But what I did do is over here, you see I’ve got home, then stuff that I can discover right there. Let’s me see that, which is what we’ve got here. I can look at all these different topics that are there there.

Terry Brock [00:10:33]:

But I’m gonna tap into my threads. And I want you to see something there on my threads. It’s showing what we can do and how this works and what I did So I put different issues in here so I could summarize key findings from a site when the Samsung normally announced their new cell phones. I was wondering, hey. They might have the s 24 coming out, when will that be? Somewhere in March or April, I hear. So it’s, gonna be out there. I’ll be looking for that one. All kinds of information.

Terry Brock [00:10:57]:

Who’s the current president of Columbia? and I Canva see these kind of things in here real easy. But one thing I wanted to do was to find out, let me do a new thread here, put it in here, ask anything who are the president’s on Mount Rushmore. Let’s say I didn’t remember that. I Canva just tap this right here and look what it does. It gives me this, and it shows me, oh, the 4 presidents are George Washington Thomas Jefferson, etcetera, etcetera, but look what it does also. pictures. Oh, I like that. I mean, since we were in kindergarten, I like the kindergarten, I like the pictures.

Terry Brock [00:11:31]:

There it is, and it showing me pictures. If you’re doing a research project on Mount Rushmore, this is kinda handy. There it is. You can see what it’s there. And then look at this. that gives me related prompts that I can ask it. This is really golden rather than you having to come up with all pumps, perplexity says, hey. You might ask this one.

Terry Brock [00:11:51]:

How long did it take to carve Mount Rushmore? Or what is the significance of the location of Mount Rushmore? Or are there any other sculptures or landmarks similar to Mount Rushmore. It’s giving you that pretty handy, but then here’s the real benefit. Look at this. It shows me the references right here. So if I’m gonna research something on what is working, I can get instance, let me come over here and type in another thread and put in, say, what tools are working well in marketing, particularly relationship marketing. There we are. Relationship market. I got a little tag in there for that and with AI today.

Terry Brock [00:12:38]:

Okay. So there well, I’m gonna spell it right there. Put it in there and put a question mark on it. And, there we go. So let’s tap the return key here, and let’s see what it does or click over here. There we go. Click on that. Look what it does.

Terry Brock [00:12:50]:

It does a summarizing, and look at this. and it shows me several AI marketing tools available today that can help businesses improve their marketing strategies and build better relationships with our customers that are some of the most popular ones right here. So look at this. Flick at social media assistant, chatbots, HubSpot, SEM rush, 7th sense, optimove, Persado, market use, Aquizio. I hope I’m pronouncing that correctly. hoop suite insights. There’s 10 of them, and it gives me some there. That’s golden information.

Terry Brock [00:13:22]:

I mean, when you sit down and look at that, that can be something that really helps you to get the information you want. It gave us a lot of that. But again, the best part of it look at this. When I come here, it’s not just, oh, here’s some ideas, but what it does is it comes in here and it says, oh, here’s a reference. Like, for instance, if I click on this one right here, it’s the top 23 AI marketing tools to grow your business from influencer marketing. That’s kinda nice. over here, 5 ways to this. So I just click on that.

Terry Brock [00:13:48]:

If I come over here and I click on it like this, look at this. It gives me from search engine journal, by the way, a really good publication It does a lot of good. 5 powerful ways marketers are using AI to boost SEO and content marketing. Well, here, look at this. I can go through this and look at it and go, oh, look at all that information that’s really good out there, and it’s right there just for me. So I can use that very quickly, very easily, to say, okay. This is what I want to do. I wanna make sure that I’m getting the right information at the right time.

Terry Brock [00:14:18]:

I find that those resources are just really good because you see what you wanna do is going back to the corroborating 3 non corroborating sources. There’s too much information out there on the net that is not true. There’s a lot of it, that’s being fueled by AI. What you want to do on the other hand is not just accept it, but do your own fact checking. check to find out what is really going on and how it’s working. Make sure you’re working with that. Wanna show you a couple other things here that I think you’re doing one more thing, particularly find interesting. Let me come over here and click on home, and I’ll just, come back here.

Terry Brock [00:14:52]:

It shows me this right here, and I’ve got my threads. I’m gonna click on new thread. And so it’s got something here that I can ask. And what I would like to do would be to, clear that out. I can say, find what or in fact, let me just try, tell me there we go. The capital of Russia. when I’m, I’m curious when I see that, to see what it’s like, it shows me, of course, it’s gonna be Moscow. We can see that, but it’ll give me some information on so that I can see what it is like.

Terry Brock [00:15:22]:

But also, I’m getting all of this information here. All of it coming through real handy and very clearly. I like that. And then look over here. They’ve got a pro version. This pro version gives me the ability to get a lot done. Look at this. Here it is.

Terry Brock [00:15:37]:

You can get this right now. They have a where you can get more co pilot uses. Co pilots like someone that get helps you look at it. You get 300 plus uses a day under this program. I think you get something like 4 to 5 every 2 hours of the other. So, that will be fine. I’m using the free version right now, and I’m thinking I will be upgrading soon as they add some more features to it. they have unlimited file upload, access the best AI models, So you’re using chat GPT 4.

Terry Brock [00:16:06]:

You’re getting pro support, and it’s $20 a month or $200 a year. So you’re saving a little bit on that. And if you gotta do what is right for you, And if that is something that, works for you, you’ll want to make sure that, you are using it in the right way and being able to get a lot done So I would encourage you to look into this little gem here. This little gem called perplexity gives you a lot of capabilities, and it gives you a lot of potential what you need to do to get the job done. I like it a lot. And matter of fact, one of the ways you can find out about that and other tools is that our weekly that is free. Hey. Is free in the budget for you? Yeah.

Terry Brock [00:16:42]:

Come on in every Wednesday at 4 PM US Eastern time. Of course, that’s 1 PM Pacific time. We have an event, starcraving event, our starcraving Agorapreneurs event where we have guests come in from around the world talking about tools like perplexity or like others that are available. I do a lot myself showing how to use some tantalizing tech tips with Terry. Always get a chance to have some fun with that. We talk about the benefits that are there for you because in this world with perplexity and so many other things going on, you don’t wanna try to do it on your own. You wanna have some people there that are helping you, people that are standing with you. people that are there to take care of the questions you have and help you out where it can.

Terry Brock [00:17:24]:

So come over and see us there at start raving event. You can register for it there or bounce over to start waving entrepreneurs.com, and you can see our full programs that we have. We can help you to achieve the goals you want as an entrepreneur accomplishing those goals. And while you’re here, go ahead and hit the like, smash the, you know, share and subscribe to this button because we wanna make sure that those algorithms know that people like to learn. People love the live and let live lifestyle. This will let them know that in a clear, clear way. So and I’ve got another little treat I wanna give you. No charge for this.

Terry Brock [00:17:59]:

You can get some information to really give yourself a boost with AI. We’ve created a special program that shows you how to use some. They’re really good. ai tools for biz.com. That’s all in lowercase, ai tools, the number 4biz.com. And that is, available to you. You go over there. No charge at all.

Terry Brock [00:18:23]:

get a chance to see that. And by the way, if you’re watching this on your, if you’re catching this on video and you got your smartphone there with you, I got I bet you do. you can use the QR code here and get a shot of that as well. Again, that’s ai tools for biz.com, and you’ll be able to get that. And people have told they really like that and the information that we give there. So this is what I would recommend. Take a look at perplexity, see what it can do for you. and check it out.

Terry Brock [00:18:48]:

And while you’re there, we’ve got some other videos for you right over here on some really good tools that you’ll wanna get into and check out. take a look at that and let us know what you think. Thanks for joining me today. I’m Terry Brock, and I appreciate you.

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