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A good time, for good reading
Sharon Schlerf  ---  Veteran Pathways Home Sharon Schlerf --- Veteran Pathways Home
Williamsburg , VA
Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Veteran Pathways Home

Autumn breezes hover... back to school, back to being in touch with good reading, including a visionary effort by an author and Chaplain, with a dedicated military service timeline, empowered since 9/11 and the Iraq war. 

Her first book, Blow the Trumpets Loudly! The Healing Journey of a Spirit (Journeys Beyond the Darkness Book 1, a novel based on her military family and war trauma, and pen name 'Sharrye  Schlerf' emerging spiritual gifts. published in 1996...so much has happened since. 

With more wars, post- 9/11, political strife, disasters, violence, and further years of true visionary work, while upholding  the standards of faith, readying a long awaited non-fiction book release this Fall: Direction in an Age of Confusion,  20 years of Prophecy Fulfilled, introducing her real name Sharon Schlerf.  Her dedication to public service, priority US Armed Forces Service Members, Veterans & Families is the cornerstone of purpose and mission-driven life.

Sharon is an accomplished speaker, educator and advocate,  recognized as a nationally known expert on adolescent violence, cults, school-shootings (including Columbine & Virginia Tech ),all the more resonating amid these troubling times. Founding Lighthouse Beacon Church, Beacon Institute (2001), establishing with husband Michael Newcomb, US Army Veteran, Beacon Institute: Veteran Pathways Home in 2013, known simply as Veteran Pathways Home by most military connections.

Their "Courage to Change" mental health programs US Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS SAMHSA) wellness, resiliency, and action planning, as well as Virginia Office of Recovery Certified Peer Recovery Specialist  workforce development training, education, certification & awareness-building. Peer to Peer is lived experience, helping others help themselves. Veterans Affairs, Insurance Companies, Hospitals, and more implement Certified Peer Recovery Specialist services as part of workforce engagement strategy. 
Books are published for Sharon and others by Gallery Book Press, (established in 1998) for the purpose of entrepreneurial non-profit fund raising, including: The Journeys Beyond the Darkness five books of faith-based visionary thrillers including Blow the Trumpets Loudly! and Direction in an Age of Confusion  benefiting our Troops & returning disabled Vets goal of Permanent Supportive Housing with Holistic Health Services, for Wounded Warriors and their Families. 
Each book or speaking engagement generates 90% of its revenue supporting Service Member, Veteran & Family veteran services organizations partner missions at veteranpathwayshome.org 
The publishing arm at Gallery Book Press will launch a historical military themed blog this season, and also welcomes new author manuscripts; details provided at gallerybookspress.com
An engaging speaker, Sharon Schlerf has spoken to myriad groups and organizations addressing military family trauma, spiritually informed trauma care, and evidence-based practices for resiliency and wellness Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) for military support. 
Discover Sharon Schlerf as an engaging speaker at your next event, or pencil in great reads for enjoyment or gifting with a cause.
Sharon Schlerf
Veteran Pathways Home
Williamsburg, VA
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