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A State of Treason Wins ‘Best Fiction of 2015’ by Conversations Book Club
Dave Roberts, Author: Patriots of Treason Dave Roberts, Author: Patriots of Treason
Houston, TX
Tuesday, December 8, 2015

'A State of Treason' by David Thomas Roberts named one of the Top 50 Adult Fiction Books of 2015
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Conversations Book Club President and media personality Cyrus Webb has just named A State of Treason by David Thomas Roberts to his list of Top 50 Adult Fiction Books of 2015. The list, compiled from books Webb read between December 2014 and November 2015 are an eclectic mix of non-fiction and fiction by authors that are both recognizable and rising stars in the industry.

Webb has read thousands of books for his daily radio show where he's interviewed authors of every type. Book Clubs across the USA often turn to Cyrus Webb to discover the next book for their own club to read. For a complete list of winners visit: http://j.mp/top-50-

A State of Treason tells the compelling story of fiercely patriotic, trail-blazing Texans who want to make independence and self-determination a reality. Americans are already upset with the intrusion and overreach of government in their lives, but the President's use of executive order to pass amnesty for illegal immigrants has reignited the furor for independence by Texans.

Arguments justifying Independence have been a part of this country's politics since its birth – with many seeing Independence as a Constitutional right. Destined to be another bestseller for Roberts, his latest gripping thriller exemplifies the belief that the right of self-government is as crucial to the spirit of Americans as their right to free speech, prompting the question:

"Would the U.S. government allow a state like Texas the opportunity to vote on independence, even if it was a non-binding referendum, or would they consider it treason?"

In Roberts' riveting cautionary tale, while many states are upset with their current leader and his scandal-ridden administration, Texas sees their actions as a blatant disregard of the limits of the Constitution and the intent of the Founding Fathers.

After the Governor of Texas, already at odds with the President, orders the rescue of a Tea Party organizer being held illegally by the government, a massive power struggle erupts between Texas officials and Washington – and the effect is felt around the world.

Using this crisis as a way to stop Texas' bid for independence, the President declares martial law. Will Texans allow this to stop them?

David Thomas Roberts does a masterful job of grabbing readers' attention from the first page, and propels them into pulse-pounding action and excitement all the way to an explosive ending!  Following on the heels of his bestselling Patriots of Treason, Roberts' latest gripping tale confirms him as a hot contender in the political thriller genre.

A State of Treason is available via Amazon in paperback, hardback, kindle and Audible, and thru Barnes and Noble  in all formats including NOOK BOOK and thru the author's website: www.defiancepress.com  (ISBN: 978-0-9905439-0-9, 2014, 335 pages, $22.26, Defiance Press)

About the Author

David Roberts is a sought-after speaker, serial entrepreneur and very successful businessman. The Founder and CEO of Teligistics, Inc., a leading global telecom technology solutions and consulting provider, Roberts also recently started his own publishing company and opened a music recording studio geared for Texas country artists. He plans to release his inaugural business book on entrepreneurship later this year. David lives with his wife in Montgomery County, Texas. For more information on this multi-talented individual, or his books, please visit: www.defiancepress.com  https://youtu.be/YhYxFrrjoDI


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