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A Slippery Shadow Reviewed by Norm Goldman of Bookpleasures.com
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For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Montreal, QC
Thursday, May 12, 2022


Author: Gary D. McGugan

ISBN: 978-1-7779049-1-3

Gary D. McGugan's ASlippery Shadow takes off where his last novel, A Web ofDeceit, ended.

Once again, he offers amultilayered tale spotlighting the three familiar leading charactersthat were part of his previous novels. 

We have Fidelia Morales,"chief honcho" of the savage criminal entity, TheOrganization, her brilliant financial adviser and former lover,Howard Knight, and Suzanne Simpson, CEO of the extraordinarilysuccessful multi-national company, Multima. 

The kickoff finds Moralesshowing up in Singapore from Australia in her private jet with Knightand an IT expert loaned to her by the Singaporean crime boss, StanTan. As the narrative unravels, we will learn more about Tan, hisdeceitful antics, and how he plays an integral role in the thriller. 

Morales is horrified whenlaw enforcement authorities apprehend her in Singapore. She isinformed that they will extradite her to Italy, where she is wanted.She will have to answer to serious criminal charges in Italy. Howlong she will be locked up, and will she be able to be released,emerges foremost in her mind? Popping up is the possibility that herconfinement was organized by Tan, whom she was to meet up on herlanding in Singapore, to consider prospective devious illicit antics.However, she speculates Tan may have double-crossed her. 

Morales believes that theone individual, who is nearby and might help her, is Knight, providedshe could reach him. The Singaporean authorities let go of Knight andthe IT expert, but not before Knight is queried by three separateofficers seeking information about Morales for about an hour. 

Before Knights' adventurewith Singaporean law authorities, Knight had illegally been inCambodia. The Organization had kidnapped him from a guest house inSiem Reap and smuggled him into Singapore with stops in Thailand andMalaysia. Incidentally, he had entered the witness protection programwith the FBI. He had handed over to them valuable intelligenceinvolving The Organization contributing to the arrest of several ofits members. He is continuously playing a dual game throughout thenarrative, with his cooperation with Morales and the FBI. 

The story now veers toFlorida and Simpson. Multima's share price has collapsed.Unfortunately, this event occurred after the company lost a leader ofa division who killed herself rather than having to deal with theincriminating fallout of her poor personal decisions. 

Not merely is Simpsongrappling with the fallout, but she further must contend with runninga major corporation in the initial stages of a global pandemic. Andto boost a little more tension, one of Multima's stores in Naples,Florida, has just been bombed. There will be other bombings,including Simpson's home. 

To help her break out ofthe chaos, Simpson approaches James Fitzgerald, who will be soonretiring from Multima. For a hefty fee, he agrees to fill the vacantposition left open by the executive who committed suicide.

McGugan introduces anobscure figure identified as The Shadow to add a bit extrachicanery to the narrative. He keeps his readers speculating how TheShadow figures into the calamities of Morales and Simpson. Andif this isn't sufficient, he further throws in the kidnapping ofSimpson's best friend's father and the demand of fifty milliondollars for his release. There is also the possibility of theinvolvement of the Russian Mafia. 

McGugan has generated achilling novel set in a menacing world incorporating an array ofcomplex criminal mysteries where readers will become enmeshed andtaken hostage. He also displays an excellent sense of timing. When weassume we know exactly how matters will emerge, he skillfullyblindsides us with shifts in the plot while implanting severaldisguised nefarious characters that wind up in unforeseen directionswith unpredictable results. At times, the action becomes immenselycontrived, but the worst thing I can say is that the narrative hasnonetheless wholly mesmerized me with its thrilling breakneck speed.

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