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A Simple Guideline on How to Write an Amazon Book Review (and Why it Matters!)
Tracy Shawn --Novelist, Speaker Tracy Shawn --Novelist, Speaker
Santa Barbara, CA
Thursday, October 9, 2014


A Simple Guideline on How to Write an Amazon Book Review

(And Why it Matters!)


Tracy Shawn, M.A.


If you'd like to help your favorite authors get the word out for their books, writing a positive review on Amazon is a wonderful—and fun—way to help. The more reviews a book receives, the more likelihood that it may be recommended to other potential readers.

Oftentimes, well-established authors receive hundreds of reader reviews on their books, whereas unknown—or should we say—little-known authors oftentimes receive less than a handful of scattered reader recommendations.

Regardless if an author's work has made it the best-seller list or is languishing on the sidelines, if there are any books—especially ones that may not have a large marketing plan through a major publisher—that you have enjoyed reading, and feel deserve the recognition, please consider writing a review on Amazon.

If you've never written one, it's quite easy. Here's how:


  1. Log into your Amazon account.
  2. Search the book you'd like to review and then click onto that book's title.
  3. Scroll all the way down until you see: "Write a Customer Review" (it's the grey rectangle you'll click on, which is near the bottom of the first page—past  product, editorial, and the most helpful customer reviews).
  4. Click on the stars (clicking four stars means you like a book and five stars means you loved it).
  5. Enter the title for your review in the title bar.
  6. Type your review in the space provided.
  7. Submit!

This author thanks you for taking the time to read this and hopes your reading journey takes you on many thought-provoking trips, which will deepen and enrich your life now and for always.

With Warm Wishes,

Tracy Shawn

Tracy Shawn, M.A. lives and writes on the Central Coast of California. Her award-winning novel, The Grace of Crows, is about how an anxiety-ridden woman finds happiness through the most unexpected of ways—and characters. Dubbed a "stunning debut novel" by top 50 Hall of Fame reviewer, Grady Harp, The Grace of Crows has won the Jack Eadon Award for the Best Book in Contemporary Drama, Second Place for General Fiction for the Readers Choice Awards, and Runner-Up for 2014 General Fiction with the Great Northwest Book Festival.  




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