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A Pulmonary and Critical Care Doctor Pens “DARZIK: Mates of Alliance” a Tantalizing Sci-Fi Romance Sequel
Fionne Foxxe Farraday, Author of 'Kairn - Mates of the Alliance' Fionne Foxxe Farraday, Author of 'Kairn - Mates of the Alliance'
Cookeville, TN
Monday, July 3, 2023

A Pulmonary and Critical Care Doctor Pens “DARZIK: Mates of Alliance” a Tantalizing Sci-Fi Romance Sequel

"Fionne Foxxe Farraday continues her "out of this world" sci-fi romance series with DARZIK." John Kelly, Detroit Free Press

Named an Amazon HOT NEW RELEASE…in More Ways Than One!

Cookeville, TN—Fionne Foxxe Farraday's smoldering hot Mates of the Alliance series continues with DARZIK, a slow and sensual follow-up to the steamy kickoff found in the first installment. DARZIK: Mates of the Alliance draws on and develops the hints of connection between Darzik and Emily into a full-blown relationship while weaving themes of healing, hope, and commitment into the tapestry of Farraday's sweeping intergalactic romance series.

Fionne Foxxe Farraday, an experienced physician working in pulmonary and critical care medicine, combines her firsthand experiences in the ICU and experiences of military family members who served in WWII and Vietnam to create\ her tantalizing and creative sci-fi romance series. Farraday created the Mates of the Alliance novels as a means of fighting cabin fever during a period of enforced medical leave due to a personal health crisis. Even after returning to her ICU duties, Farraday found her writing to be a therapeutic way to deal with the daily stresses of medical care during the midst of a pandemic.

"For as long as I can remember, I've always enjoyed writing, but I never actually dreamed I'd be a writer," recalls Farraday. "Initially I was just writing for myself, but eventually I began reading my writing to my late husband and friends. They enjoyed listening and encouraged me to see where the story would go. Now, even though I work full time as a physician, I write when I get home and on weekends. It's wonderfully cathartic -- and has helped me greatly in the past two years of stress as a medical professional in the middle of a global pandemic. It has been such a rush to see my work published – it sometimes feels like a dream!"

Watch the book trailer here: https://bit.ly/DARZIK_Trailer

"Fionne Foxxe Farraday is a writer who creates a science fiction fantasy so closely tied to reality that the concept succeeds on every level. DARZIK, the second book of her Mates of the Alliance series, continues the journey into a fascinating and delightful world! Very highly recommended." —Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame Top 50 Reviewer, 5-Stars

With Earth still recovering from the devastating alien attack that drained the oceans and set the planet ablaze, the Luperans have remained to continue recovery efforts and establish ties on behalf of the Galactic Alliance. As relationships between Humans and the Luperans continue to deepen,

Darzik has a front row seat to the Bond between his friend Kairn and his Mate, Daria. This puts him in close proximity to Emily, Daria's friend, whose dreams he begins to share. Only Emily's dreams are anything but peaceful – years before she survived a devastating sexual assault, which led her to change her name and guard her heart to protect herself from future hurt. Yet now Emily/ "Mikka" has witnessed the love between Daria and Kairn. Seeing their Bond and the ways that they care for each other reawakens thoughts and desires that she had thought long buried.

Darzik senses the pain and fear behind the walls she has built, but can he wait patiently and earn Mikka's trust? Can Mikka muster her courage, let down her guard, and take her life back? And when a potentially catastrophic geological event sends Darzik on dangerous mission, will he return to Mikka and the growing Bond between them?

"I've been living in the Mates of the Alliance world for a while," shares Farraday. "It seems like every book becomes my favorite while I'm writing it, but I have a real soft spot for DARZIK. In this story, Emily has been through something horrific which altered the course of her life. She is a survivor and doesn't see herself be a victim. Most of this book is her journey to reclaim her life and how Darzik is there for her through it all as her staunchest cheerleader, the one who sees her bravery and supports her as she steps forward into a new life." 

"Fionne Foxxe Farraday continues her "out of this world" sci-fi romance series with DARZIK,  the second installment in her Mates of the Alliance series. DARZIK follows the journey of Emily, a survivor of sexual assault, as she grows closer to Darzik, the commanding officer of the Luperans.This is an extraordinary story of healing, restoration, and trust—a heartwarming (and steamy!) exploration of hope. Highly recommended." —John J. Kelly, Detroit Free Press, 5-Stars

"We live in a very tumultuous and uncertain world," says Farraday. "Hope gets us through - even when it is buried pretty deep, it's there. We need to find it, hang onto it, and nurture it. I hope this book will help readers do that, giving them a happy ending that will help them hold onto hope that it is possible to heal from even horrific events. Often the help of family and friends are what ultimately see us through."

"In DARZIK: Mates of the Alliance, Farraday has once again penned another slow-burn romance, in which she torments readers with the torturously slow unfolding of the relationship between Mikka and Darzik, a tantalizing literary foreplay that will leave readers on the edge of their seats." —Jessica Tofino, Educator and Writer, 5-Stars

With DARZIK, Farraday continues to build and expand the emotionally resonant cast of characters from her Mates of the Alliance world, demonstrating how the bonds of love and friendship can be found in unexpected places and reminding readers of the power of true love and deep commitment. If you like your sci-fi stories filled with smoldering romantic heat and creative banter, Mates of the Alliance might be just the series for you!

DARZIK: Mates of the Alliance, ASIN: B0C63FR6HZ is available on Amazon and the author's website: https://matesofthealliance.com/

About Fionne Foxxe Farraday: Fionne Foxxe Farraday is a medical professional working in pulmonary and critical care medicine. She is the author of the award winning KAIRN and DARZIK, the first two installments of the Mates of the Alliance, an epic new sci-fi romance series. With her background in medicine and military family members, Farraday's books are a salute to all the medical and military personnel whose sacrifices allow us to do what we do. A mother, grandmother, and animal lover, Fionne Foxxe Farraday lives in Cookeville, TN.

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