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A New Understanding About Life
Rev. Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT -- Healing and Spiritual Growth Rev. Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT -- Healing and Spiritual Growth
Edgewood, WA
Thursday, October 20, 2022


We call our tangible surroundings the physical world. The earths as most of us perceive it today appears to be in three dimensions: length, width, and depth. We perceive with our five senses, material items that appear to have form, weight, and are solid. These items are observed through taste, touch, smell, feel, and hearing. Focusing on items made of matter has become customary and routine. Personal reactions to experiences in the third dimension determine your mental, emotional, and spiritual life.

Your response to the physical world comes from your mindset or mental conditioning. Your mental attitudes and behavior produce your feelings. Negative thinking creates lower emotions and poor results and positive ideas produce higher emotions and high-quality proceedings. The illustration at the end of the article shows this relationship.

The vibrational scale of consciousness is much larger than our eyes can perceive or ears can hear. This includes lower negative sensations as those based in deeper fears, a slower dark pulse. There are higher tempos as joy, peace, and empowerment based in love and light in the highest vibrations. These levels of energy or spirit make up the emotional vibrational scale. There are levels of consciousness for all parts of our lives that fit somewhere in a massive range of frequencies.

Each person, animal, or thing has its own vibrations or a unique frequency that appears as form. Our planet earth is made up of vibrational frequencies of a beneficial creative spirit. It has different levels of slow and low vibrations ranging to high and faster speeds. In various levels of vibration are octaves of energy.

Within, the expanse of pulsing force is planet earth in third dimension. It was originally created in a higher range, often called grace. Over time as humans descended into lower, denser energy, the planet fell from grace. This is usually called the "fall of man".

When separated from the abundance, joy, and prosperity of grace, man tried to compensate for the missing inner contentment and fulfillment. Searching for outer material wealth and human power to replace the missing inner peace, man has gradually, but ruthlessly, debased the riches of the planet through desecration of natural resources and toxic elements added to our foods, medicines, water, and air. 

These ideas perpetuated lower vibrational density even more. The fear-based attitude of "He who wins has all the toys" has brought poverty, hunger, and chaos. The survival of the fittest is an illusion, as an inner bankruptcy has become the real victor. The crisis and turmoil from insatiable motives brings lower vibrational energy that has almost destroyed the earth.

Restoring the planet, our society, and values are in the process of regeneration. Through releasing old beliefs, ideas, and negative emotions, people are raising the planetary energy from a fear-based culture that dominates all parts of the lives of the population. The consciousness of the earth is currently in the process of returning to its original state of being.

There was a planetary cry from our dying Mother Earth for help. The greedy plundering and devastation that was draining the life force was bringing its demise. People have begun to raise their own energy into more loving vibrations by becoming better caretakers of the earth and its natural assets. With this group effort, the planet will return to a higher vibration and is getting ready to return to its original condition. 

This rearranging of energy is occurring now. The turmoil in many countries, the crises of the financial world, the chaos in government affairs, are all part of the necessary shift for the fear based denser vibrational forces to rise to higher levels. This awakening offers the idea that fears should not control our life. Rather it is time to move into enjoying life.

People are coming to realize that collecting, purchasing, and hoarding belongings does not bring happiness. Our government debt is symbolic of an inner bankruptcy. The illusion of a third dimensional material utopia is crumbling. An unstable foundation will not sustain an equitable abundance of prosperity. The old paradigm is collapsing. More and more, it is being proven, that material possessions and fortunes do not make a person wealthy in spirit. In fact, it can produce feelings of emotional insecurity and depression.

We were looking for our pie in the sky in all the wrong places. Awaking to understand that there is more to life than wealth for a select few, opens new thinking and possibilities that are founded in reality. An inner journey of what is not visible becomes a practical choice. This option becomes reasonable. Releasing what does not work, for what does work is rational.

Moving into a new paradigm is the solution-one that offers fairness and thriving for all. How do you build a foundation that will sustain a bright life of love, trust, and understanding? How can we find unity, cooperation, and equality? Are prosperity, abundance, and well-being for all?

Providing a stable basis for life offers security for people. Choosing to replace fear with love is a viable solution. The reality of truth, honesty, and compassion that emanates from love is what we have been looking for all the time. The following chart shows this relationship of levels of vibrations.

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