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A New Mind Set for Life
Rev. Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT -- Healing and Spiritual Growth Rev. Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT -- Healing and Spiritual Growth
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Edgewood, WA
Wednesday, July 20, 2022


Through faith and trust, it is possible torise above the past. The forces of Darkness have kept this knowledge from usthroughout centuries. Keeping the population in lies, misinformation, fakenews, and distractions stops inner searching for the answers to life and love. Itis easy to dominate fearful people and have them look for external salvation. Thereal answers are within.  

Love has always been withinmy heart. I learned that I needed to give up being the manager of my life or payattention to experts. I was afraid to listen and be vulnerable. This is mydefining moment, a decision to move beyond past difficulties as I follow my internalvoice of guidance and direction. . It is only possible to support life bymoving into a higher level of realization.

For me surrendering for caring help from myheart was the most difficult decision and action I have taken. In my growing uplove hurt.  Today, I know better and chooseto replace my ego driven life of the past to become an agent of love. This wasthe turning point in my life. It is called the leap of faith.

With a new foundation, it is possible to grow into forgiveness, gratitude, compassion,and unconditional love that transports being in the world, but not of it. Well-beingis living in the moment. This is a gift and why it is called The Present. Freshfeelings of harmony, serenity, and joy fill me. I am a spiritual being lettinggo of human burdens and errors as I grow back to my source of health andwellness.

"Everything in life is avibration", said Albert Einstein. Ester Hicks who channels Abraham broughtthe pieces together for me. "As you identify the thing that you want andyou achieve vibrational harmony with it, by the Law of Attraction, you summonthe Energy through you, and that is what life is.". This process isdescribed in my book, "Paradigm Busters". It is as simple as "Thereis no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear." 1 John 4:18. I changedmy past by changing me.

 Through The Law ofAttraction, which is about aligning with the love of God, new perceptions of compassionand synchronicity appear. . The Law of Attraction is not about material wealthand possessions, but in attracting joy, love, and caring that manifest in ahealthy emotional life. A higherconsciousness attracts a higher-quality life. The right use of will power is tounite with your higher power's grace and love, knowing that God's grace is sufficient. Intuition isthe presence of your higher self, which gives a beautiful vision of humanityjoined in harmony and well-being.

 I believe grief is the basis ofmore illness than is usually identified. When you experience the sorrow of thepast, you are free to move into grace. The emotional barriers I had built to protectme were actually preventing health and good things in my life. The stuckenergy releases to allow the love to flow and there is no dis-ease or symptoms.Healing your pain and suffering is the biggest gift you can give yourself. Witha new cause, there are better outcomes.

 Reprogramming your thinking isnecessary as the past culture sent ego messages of anxiety that keep us separatedfrom the loving universe that created us. Releasing the old negativity allowsroom for the good and truth to be real in our lives. The following honest sentenceshelp you bring about all the renewed good health and energy you have wanted.

 Honesty is my connection to ahigher power. I move into the sunlight of the spirit, that is the solution tomy medical and other problems. There is no sickness in the grace of a higherpower. My books have tools to find health and wellness from within.

 Affirmations affirm the truth andcome from love. Saying affirmations to replace old thinking and behavior ismost beneficial in retraining thoughts. They bring health because it changesthe mindset from the ego driven life into your heart where all is good.

 Reframing thinking for doing thenext right thing from the heart takes practice. Moving from the head into theheart for good orderly direction brings good results supporting health andwell-being. Loving messages bring productive information to your body fromself-love are often termed miracles.

  I freely release all pain, illness, andimbalance, feelings stronger with every day.

·        I am now renewing my body's ability to healitself.

·        I balance my body, thoughts, and feelings easilyeach day.

·        I am now in perfect harmony.

·        Each time I want a __(a cigarette, drink,sweets), I now notice what I'm feeling.

·        I now say my feelings instead of swallowingthem.

·        My body grows more beautiful.

·        I can see God/Life give my health back to me.

·        My body is now healing miraculously!

·        My strength grows steadily with every new day!

·        I am now willing to be free of all pain andillness.

·        I am now becoming the picture of health, again!

·        I accept, love, and respect my body completely.

·        My body returns my loving support.

·        I let the white light from above and within healme with love.

·        I do not need this problem and send it away.

·        I heal this part of me with every new day.

 Changing  the focusfrom your head/ego to your heart center, is the answer to your life improving.The fearful messages from the brain are replaced with loving messages thatsupport health and well-being. The change occurs with loving support of thespirit. The well-known psychic Edgar Cayce said, ""For, that we findin the spirit taketh from in the mind. Mind becomes the builder. The physicalbody is the result." 

 What you focus on grows. My mind set determines my life anda loving mindset of healthy thoughts become manifested.. Think good thoughtsbecause thoughts become things, so think the good ones. I find that Ihave to do my part is most important; it is an inside job. Before I heard thisprayer, I had never thought about taking responsibility for my health and well-being.

Prayer for SpiritualHealing

I ask the Great Unseen Healing Force

To Remove All Obstructions From My Mind and Body

And to Restore Me to Perfect Health

I ask this in all Sincerity and Honesty

And I will Do My Part.


I ask This Great Unseen Healing force

To Help Both Present and Absent Ones Who Are in Need of Help

Andto Restore Them to Perfect Health

I Put My Trust in the love and Power of God

How do you go through this shiftin your personal awareness? With knowledge and acceptance that you can moveinto a higher frequency to enjoy a new life is possible. Moving out of the egoand fear based life into a heartfelt life through doing the inner work, you recognizethe best is yet to come.





Rev. Marilyn L. Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT can help you find health, happiness and prosperity, too. Recently she was included in "Who's Who in America". Her books are distributed by the A.R.E. internationally to prisons.  Marilyn is a spiritual counselor, internationally board-certified regressionist, hypnotist, teacher, speaker, and medium. In addition, she gives readings and is an ordained minister for spiritual healing. Marilyn’s 10 books at Amazon and on line at Barnes and Nobel, and many articles reveal how she achieved a consciousness of oneness in healing her traumatic life of mental illness, addictions, PTSD, domestic violence, depression, and more.

Read her monthly column on https://www.thesussexnewspaper.com  

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