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A Holistic View of Phobias By Marilyn L. Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT
Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT -- Healing and Spiritual Growth Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT -- Healing and Spiritual Growth
Edgewood , WA
Friday, March 06, 2020


A Holistic View of Phobias

By Marilyn L. Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, a phobia is an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation. There are three main categories of phobias, Specific phobias, Social phobia, and Agoraphobia.

A specific phobia is the fear of a particular situation or object, including anything from airplane travel to dentists. There is no problem, it the feared object or situation is not common often in the person's day. However, if it becomes debilitating it can disrupt daily life. Common phobias are snakes, flying, dogs, elevators, escalators, or high places.

Social phobias extend to social situation, which generate a deep fear of being watched, judged, or embarrassed in public. Public speaking and performing are often thought of as the highest fear a person can exhibit. Social phobias may be only mildly irritating or they may interfere significantly with daily living. Fears often are the basis for turning down a job offer and avoiding relationships. 

Agoraphobia is a condition characterized by an irrational fear of public or open spaces. They worry constantly worry about when or where the next attack may occur. When avoiding the situation that sparks the panic, the person becomes a prisoner from the fear and will eventually avoid experiencing an attack by not leaving home.

The common emotional basis for all of these is fear. The question is how to dispel fear. From a holistic point of view, it is necessary to address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual deep-seated nature of a person. When a person has a phobia, they are out of balance. Bringing equilibrium back into their lives is the goal.

First, addressing the emotional basis from which the phobia became an issue is necessary. Finding the root cause below the surface is essential. This is what needs to be changed from a false perception into reality. Often, the cause is from a childhood experience that triggered a panic reaction, as they had no ability at a young age to have their own control of a situation. When the event from the original experience is triggers, they repeat their initial reaction from fear and a pattern begins.  They feel helpless in that circumstance.

There are several ways to address the cause. The person may remember the first time the circumstance happened, through hypnosis they can remember the feelings of the first experience to be altered, or it can come from a past historical event called karma. Relief comes from realizing the feelings and providing the person with a sense of responsibility for their being in charge of the situation. This allows the person to respond in a loving resolution to the event with faith and confidence in themselves. 

To support this new understanding that they have the power in their life to be there for themselves bring a sense of courage to respond in a positive behavior and move on in their life. One way to support this new attitude is through affirmations. Telling yourself positive statements of truth builds confidence.

In addition, I suggest flower essences that are homeopathic and/or energetic that provides positive energy. These positive remedies are taken internally to push out the old energy that supported the negative messages surrounding the fear. Perfect love cast out all fear. This combination of mental and emotional support to include in the treatment of phobias is most helpful. This new motivation allows appropriate behavior to respond to the situation, but now with a new mindset and  inner positive thinking. 

Lastly, when the spiritual support is added it becomes easier to move beyond the old trauma into reality. Knowing that you are supported by the universal love of a beneficent creative force in the universe brings a feeling of being capable to respond in a healthy outcome. To support this new understanding of empowerment, it is possible to trust your inner power; you are no longer powerless. You are free to go past the old resistance and panic and walk into a life free from the irrational fear. This brings a sense of courage to respond in a positive behavior and move on in life.

In my case, the phobia of not going on circus rides that went off the ground kept me out of the fun at a local yearly fair and not going on the Matterhorn Ride at Disneyland. My fear started when I realized my parents were not able to be there for me in my life due to their mental illness and own fears. In the sixth grade, I was looking down to the ground from an octopus ride with nothing to stop or catch me before I hit the ground, if I fell out, I would die. I panicked so badly, they stopped the ride and took me off, immediately. No way would I go up in a high ride again.

I would not join my friends on the roller coaster and other high type rides while growing up. When my boyfriend wanted to ride the huge ferris wheel on the waterfront of Seattle for his birthday, I answered at least six times, "No way was I going up there".

In talking with my spiritual teacher, she suggested hypnotism. I do this professionally, so I put myself into a self-meditative state and found myself going into the hands of God to ride the ferris wheel. I felt safe. I found out that I could not have fear and faith at the same time.

I rode the ferris wheel and had a wonderful time, knowing I was safe in the hands of God. There was an exquisite orange sunset as the ride moved up higher at sundown. The picture I took became the cover of my book, "Paradigm Busters, Reveal the Real You". I had another opportunity to successfully go back and ride again. I had conquered my last fear.


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