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A Conversation with the Peace-Pilgrim, Author, and Advocate Satish Kumar
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Wednesday, October 25, 2023


In a world often marked by division and strife, the extraordinary life and wisdom of SatishKumar stand as a shining beacon of hope.

The visionary author of Radical Love: From Separation to Connection with the Earth, EachOther, and Ourselves recently shared his profound insights andexperiences with Bookpleasures.com, offering readers a glimpse intohis remarkable journey and philosophy. Satish Kumar’s path is anodyssey spanning over five decades, a journey filled with unwaveringcommitment to peace, sustainability, and spiritual fulfillment. 

Atthe tender age of nine, he embarked on a life as a wandering Jainmonk, renouncing the material world. 

His early twenties witnessed anaudacious pilgrimage for peace—a two-year odyssey from India toAmerica, devoid of money, all in the name of nuclear disarmament. 

Today, in his eighties, Satish Kumar continues to channel hisboundless energy and wisdom toward causes close to hisheart—ecological regeneration, social justice, and spiritualenlightenment. 

His relentless efforts culminated in 2022, when hereceived the prestigious Goi Peace Award, a testament to his enduringimpact on the world. 

Satish is not just a living legend but aworld-renowned author and international speaker. His passion forcreating a just and sustainable future led to the establishment ofThe Resurgence Trust, an educational charity dedicated to inspiringand informing positive change. 

As if that weren’t impressiveenough, he held the position of Editor of the trust’s change-makingmagazine, Resurgence & Ecologist, for over four decades,making him the U.K.’s longest-serving Editor of the same magazine. 

Even in his retirement, Satish remains deeply committed to Resurgence & Ecologist as Editor Emeritus and aprolific contributor to each groundbreaking issue. 

In our interview,we delve into the extraordinary life, philosophy, and vision of a manwho has inspired countless individuals worldwide and continues to bea beacon of hope for a better, more harmonious planet. 

Love: TheTransformative Power

Satish was inspired to write Radical Loveto communicate the transformative power of love.

He highlights theimportance of acting for a better world out of love rather thananger, anxiety, or fear. Love, he believes, is the source ofhappiness, and he wishes to see happy activists rather than miserableones. 

Satish draws a distinction between moderate love, which isselective and conditional, and radical love, which loves everyoneunconditionally. 

For him, loving everyone unconditionally is the keyto bringing peace to the world. This extends to loving nature, as heemphasizes that we must love the Earth, animals, forests, and rivers,as loving them means protecting and caring for them. 

His message isclear: we must shift our focus from destruction to love and trust. 

AJourney of Unity

Satish’s extraordinary journey from India to thenuclear capitals of Moscow, Paris, London, and Washington, D.C.,served as a profound lesson in the unity of humanity. 

He traveled8,000 miles through 15 countries, advocating for peace without asingle penny, relying on love and trust in his heart. 

He went beyondborders, religions, and ideologies, discovering that when he went asa human being, he met only human beings. His pilgrimage taught himthat love is the source of unity and that we are all one humanity. 

Deep Ecology: A Reverential Approach 

Satish explains the differencebetween shallow ecology, which views humans and nature as separateand conserves nature for human benefit, and deep ecology, which seeshumans as part of nature and values it intrinsically. 

Deep ecology,he believes, is spiritual and respectful, treating nature as sacred.It emphasizes our interconnectedness with the environment,encouraging us to respect and appreciate nature. 

Aparigraha:Simplicity and Non-Attachment 

The principle of “aparigraha" isessential in shifting our focus from greed to need. Satish urges usto live simply, as there is enough for everyone’s needs but not foranyone’s greed. 

Simplicity reduces social inequality and injusticeand encourages us to know when enough is enough, fosteringcontentment and sufficiency. 

The Influence of Personal Relationships 

Satish’s deep love for his wife and the lessons from his motherhave shaped his philosophy. 

They taught him to respect and appreciatethe feminine principles of deep listening, receptivity, andcelebration, which he believes are essential in fostering a love fornature. 

Translating Spiritual Ideals into Practical Actions 

Satishencourages a shift from ego to eco, from selfishness to service. Heemphasizes that any action performed for personal gain, name, fame,or ego lacks spirituality. 

True spirituality lies in acts of servicefor the well-being of humanity and the planet. Love is at the core ofthis transformation, bridging the gap between ideals and actions. 

Addressing Food Waste and Hunger 

Satish reveres food, recognizing itas a vital source of sustenance and nourishment. He believes thatfood is a reflection of our relationship with nature and that we mustlearn to value and respect it. 

In a world where millions go hungryevery day, Satish advocates for a shift in our food system, from alinear model of production and consumption to a circular one thatreduces waste and ensures equitable access to nutritious food forall. 

Satish’s life and work embody the essence of radical love andunity, reminding us of our interconnectedness with each other and thenatural world. 

His philosophy offers a path to a more just,sustainable, and harmonious future, one grounded in the principles oflove, trust, and service. 

As we face the challenges of our time,Satish Kumar’s remarkable journey and vision serve as a guidinglight, inspiring us to be agents of positive change and to worktowards a better world for all.

This article provides abrief overview of my conversation with Satish Kumar. For the completeinterview, please click Here.

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