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9/11 initiated in 1979 in Iran
George H. Hassanzadeh -- Expert in Islamic Matters George H. Hassanzadeh -- Expert in Islamic Matters
Los Angeles, CA
Friday, September 10, 2021

9/11 initiated in 1979 in Iran

9/11 initiated in 1979 in Iran

The impact of the 9/11 attack it's not a day one can soon forget. My white-eyed pail-faced daughter walked into my room and with a shaky voice declared "Dad we have been attacked," my stomach dropped.  She sat and covered her face.

Calming my daughter, I said "Don't worry sweetheart, it is an accident.  How could a passenger plane attack?  And the second plane hit the other tower. 

When in 1979, Islam's new supreme leader Ayatollah Ruhollah of Iran declared the US "The Great Satan" a nation that along with the 'State of Israel' should be wiped out, many Islamic countries took that statement as "Islam is on the march," and Khomeini is their leader.

At first, I thought its Iran's doing. Iranian American communities were more watchful of terrorism and its effect on their society than American families.

History shows that Persians did not pay much attention to another Arab demand and its consequent.

Persian history reminds us that neither king Khosrow 11 in the seventh century nor Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (reined 1941-1979) in the twentieth century understood the Arab philosophy. As king Khosrow 11 dismissed the warning that Mohammad gave, which resulted in the Muslim conquest of Persia from 634 to 654 AD.

Similarly, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi paid no heed to another zealous Arab demand; the 1979 Arab Ruhollah Khomeini toppled his reign and forever changed the world.

I proudly walked a short distance with Reza Baluchi, a young Iranian American who symbolically represented Iranians walked from Los Angeles to New York in time for the September 11, 2003 memorial.

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GEORGE H. HASSANZADEH born and raised as a Shi'a Muslim in Iran is the author of 'Iran: Harsh Arm of Islam' and the newly released book 'First Comes the Mosque.' Hassanzadeh is recognized as an expert in Islam, Shi'a, Shari'a, and the infallible Arab Shiite clerics forcing medieval rule and a system of mind control in the 21st century.

George H. Hassanzadeh is a U.S. Army Veteran and lives in California, U.S.A

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