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7 Tips to Manage Remote Teams like a BOSS!
Ryan Dohrn -- Motivational Sales Meeting Speaker Ryan Dohrn -- Motivational Sales Meeting Speaker
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Dateline: Augusta, GA
Friday, July 24, 2020

Encourage, engage, and inspire your team to succeed while working remotely.

1.  Interaction is key.  Webcams are required on all meetings and group chats to drive team engagement.  Ball caps and no make-up are encouraged.  We want to see your smiling face. Use Skype, Zoom, GotoMeeting, Facetime. Zoom offers a free 45-minute meeting account.   

2.  Time-block critical interactions. You need to block out time for critical job-related activities. It is easy to lose focus at home.  Let your calendar be your guide.  Block time for everything.     

3.  Daily check-ins.  These are quick 5-minute check-ins to keep people focused.  How is it going?  What can I do to help?  What if they have nothing to report? These are ONLY 5-minute check-ins to keep people focused.  Webcams require here too. These are not scheduled calls. These are spontaneous calls. The goal is truly not to catch people walking their dog. But, if the dog is a distraction, then this call brings them back to task.   

4.  Put accountability metrics in place.  What do you expect?  Lay it out in good old plain English.  Be realistic, but be direct.  People left to their own devices most often default to the easy path.  (Be sure to follow all applicable labor laws on this one.)  

5.  Do NOT become a micro-manager.  Managers set accountability metrics in place and then leave people alone.  But, that does not mean ignore people.  Check-in regularly.  Micro-managers want to see every detail.  Stop.  Trust your team.  If you did not hire the right person that is on you as the hiring manager.  

6.  Celebrate wins no matter the size.  Create a Slack channel for wins or a mobile text thread or an email thread for wins.  Every win, no matter the size should be celebrated.  Make it a priority.    

7.  Do not let up on your remote management plan.  Many members of your team are just waiting for you to take your foot off the pedal.  Don’t do it.  Stay vigilant.

About this blogger: Ryan Dohrn is an Emmy award-winning sales and marketing advisor.  He has worked with over 500 companies and trained over 20,000 professionals in 15 industries.  Ryan is an internationally acclaimed motivational business speaker and has spoken over 1,000 times as a key-note speaker and virtual events speaker and motivational speaker.    

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