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19 Things to Know Before Playing Ghosts of Tsushima
Jon Paul -- Cause Marketing PR Venture Group Jon Paul -- Cause Marketing PR Venture Group
Sunday, July 26, 2020

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19 Things to Know Before Playing Ghost of Tsushima

"If you're into playing games like these, I can relate. But, relatable are you to the character vs. your life? It seems many times our life lessons may or may not leave us second guessing at what's possible. The more and more and more we escape our current realities. "


"The more and more and more we create what we want as a reality. Could be video games, movies, and/or Netflix is the way we may or may not want to live life. Could it the great experiment is a training ground for the NWO Reality. A pseudo precursor reality, if you will. Or, maybe such day dreams are visions of another reality like the 1984 counter strike by such notable Artists like a PussyRiot.com, Alister Crowley, and/or Marina Abramovic."

"I'm looking for the next possible..

"J.K. Rowling, Kristen J. Sollee, and/or PussyRiot.com. I'm only in this for what's possible — not necessarily, what's allowable... "

"So, if you're in into the Abramovic Method, the Three Triangular Spheres Experiment, and/or The Dali Method...

"For the record: I neither confirm nor deny, the possibility of — I really may or may not be into to doing whatever it is that you're really into with what you're doing with what you do."

"But, I'd sure like to offer my support of what you're trying do — perhaps, per se. Therefore, however — I hither pray unto thee thou... Yes, indeed — must say... That Stuff is cool !.!.! "

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