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16 Reasons Why I Got a Dog Instead of a Cat.
Tu-Anh Love -- Fashion and Lifestyle Designer Tu-Anh Love -- Fashion and Lifestyle Designer
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Washington, DC
Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Star Angel resting on Rex Titan.

Everyone in my life who are close to me know how crazy-obsessed I am with cats because of their feminine, sensual, and spiritually enchanting energy. In addition to that, they are independent and don’t require much to be happy other than food, water, a litter box and plenty of alone time to lounge around and sleep or just be lazy. They are also naturally clean and quiet creatures as well for those who do not have much time to clean or to relax.

Cats can also be moody, feisty, distant and most of the time they act like you don’t even exist. Have you ever tried to tell a cat what to do? Good luck! On the other hand, dogs are loyal, cuddly, silly and upbeat. They love you no matter what and just like men, they don’t mind being bossed around and directed as long as you are clear in your communication with what you want them to do. So after experiencing a whole lot of female drama at work and in my personal life and with much contemplation, I am so ready for a fun-filled life free from drama! And I got a puppy! Below are reasons why being around dog-energy is much better for me in this moment of my life:

Star Angel with her girlfriends, Mary and Princess.
  1. They are open-hearted. They are not guarded in their energy. What you see is what you get with them.
  2. They are always ready to play and have fun where as cats are temperamental and inconsistent in mood.
  3. They are more adventurous and more open to exploring unknown territory.
  4. They love the outdoors and nature just like me. So I get plenty of exercise when around them.
  5. They are open and expressive with their emotions.
  6. They are loyal.
  7. They are not afraid to take action and face their fears.
  8. They are outgoing and are not afraid of people like cats.
  9. They love kisses and affection regularly just like me and I love that.
  10. They follow and listen to you, unlike cats who do what they want and when they want to do it.
  11. They protect you from danger instead of run away and hide like cats.
  12. They are not afraid to get dirty and physical.
  13. They are not picky with food. I love cooking different things for my dog and she eats everything, except for when I make only vegetarian meals.
  14. They love to travel.
  15. Most importantly, they are affectionate and are not afraid to express their unconditional love and devotion to you openly.
  16. As for my little cuteness of a puppy, Star Angel. My favorite is when she kisses and cuddles in bed with me, bites me all over as expression of love and calmly chill by my side when I am practicing Yoga or pulling Angel Cards.
I would love to have a Doggy Day Camp in my own backyard.

Do you have a dog? Share with me something you love about your dog or send me photos. One day when I am in need of quiet and alone time, I might reconsider and get a kitten as I think they are so darling, soft and precious.

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