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15th Century Pearls Discovered Along With The New World Change The Course of History!
Antoinette Matlins -- Author and Professional Gemologist Antoinette Matlins -- Author and Professional Gemologist
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15th Century Pearls Discovered Along With The New World 
Change The Course of History!
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15th Century Pearls Discovered Along With The New World 
Change The Course of History!
One of the most exciting, most valuable discoveries of the 15th century involved natural pearls from the waters of the southern Caribbean, and an equally exciting discovery was in the late 20th century by a team of archeologists that not only astounded the entire archeological world, but provided age-dated documentation pertaining to claims about such pearls from the 15th – 20th century! ! 
Not only are pearls rare and precious, but it seems the discovery of pearls in the New World changed the course of history! Most people know that Christopher Columbus discovered America, but few realize it was not  only "the land" he discovered that caused such fierce rivaly between England and Spain to gain control of it; it was the discovery of the rarest, most valuable, and most coveted thing known during the Elizabethan era—pearls! 
Queen Elizabeth I of England and King Phillip of Spain were obsessed with pearls, as one immediately recognizes when gazing at their pearl-bedecked portraits! At the time, pearls were revered as the rarest and most valuable of all things, and perhaps most important, all the known sources of pearls were thought to have been totally depleted. So when Columbus's men returned to Europe with amazing pearls from Caribbean waters, the rivalry between England and Spain increased exponentially: whoever gained control of the New World would gain control of a treasure of such great value that it would ensure their position as the greatest and most powerful monarch in the world! [And, I can't help thinking that equally important, it would assure a supply of pearls for their own personal use. NOTE: Queen Elisabeth had resorted to using imitation pearls to adorn some of her gowns, so a new source would ensure she could replace the fakes with the real thing!] 
It wasn't long before natural pearls were also being discovered among the the tribes of North America, and soon traced to their sources in many American lakes and rivers. Eventually it led to another major pearl source – the Mississippi river--which provided amazing white-to-creamy shades of freshwater pearls in every shape and size! 
Many believe that without the discovery of rare pearls from the New World, it is questionable how long it might have taken before the monarchs of Europe would have shown much serious interest in this part of the world, or invest so much in searching for new sources of other valuable resources. One even wonders if the pearls discovered may have provided the financial means to fund later exploration of the Americas by the crown heads of Europe!
Whatever the case, the archeological find now on tour by family members to honor the archeologists who discovered a rare collection of pearls from the Carribbean, carbon-dated to the 15th century, is also a very  valuable, historical treasure … one that should be shared with Americans to provide a fascinating new insight into the lustrous history of the Americas! 
To obtain more information in the UK and Europe about "The Columbus Pearls," visit thecolumbuspearls.com or contact: Antoinette Matlins, PG, FGA, at antoinettematlins@me.com or direct line +1 (917) 698-1977. In the USA contact Gary L. Smith, Forensic Gemologist®, Forensic eweler™, G.G., A.G.S.-C.G.A., A.G.A-A.S.G., A.S.A.Master Gemologist Appraiser® at pagemlab@comcast.net or direct line +1 (570) 368-4436.
NEW YORK – August 21st, 2021 – GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® has certified and recorded the largest collection of pearls discovered. The record was achieved by the counting and verification of a collection of 2,392 natural saltwater pearls, which are part of "The Columbus Pearls" collection, in the presence of two expert witnesses.
Experts agree that due to the geographic region, historic provenance tying them directly to Christopher Columbus and his discovery of the pearl coast during this third voyage in 1498, the excellent condition the individual pearls are in, despite their age, that this treasure is literally priceless, worth probably far exceeding 100 million US$.
The world record attempt was streamed live on YouTube on June 14, 2021, and took approximately 45 minutes. The counting was performed and witnessed by Barry S. Block and Antoinette L. Matlins.
Matlins, PG, FGA, is an internationally respected gem and jewelry expert, author and lecturer. She has appeared on ABC, CNN, NBC, Oprah, CNBC and other media. Among other books, she has authored "The Pearl Book," which is now in its 4th edition. Block, GG, CSM, NAJA, ASA, AGA is a gemologist based in New York, a master gemology appraiser and the CEO of Jewelry Judge. 
Recently found, "The Columbus Pearls" comprise the world's oldest and largest natural saltwater pearl treasure discovered. They are from the Pinctada species, and carbon dating revealed that they are approximately 500 to 550 years old. Scientists confirm that the pearls are in exceptional condition for their age, many of them showing luster and orient of gemological quality.
Testing results also concluded that the pearls date back to the time of Christopher Columbus and were identified as a type produced by a mollusk unique to the Caribbean within an area from the coast of Argentina to Panama. The pearls are directly tied to the third voyage of Columbus and his arrival on the American continent and his discovery of the 


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