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Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT -- Healing and Spiritual Growth Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT -- Healing and Spiritual Growth
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Edgewood , WA
Sunday, October 13, 2019

Marilyn's Latest Books...
Finding Reality Beyond Fear
By Marilyn L. Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRTBook Cover Image

Destined to be a BEST SELLER

Live changing if you're "up to it"!

Best "tell it like it REALLY is" answer to life

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Paperback $10.97

Don't let the unassuming and gentle cover of this book lull you into thinking it doesn't pack a wallop! It DOES. Rarely does any human traverse an arc of growth as profound as this author in one short life time! Marilyn Redmond started life in a "superficially perfect" but secretly treacherous home. Brilliant and pretty, and determined to be a perfect little girl, with straight A's, musical mastery, poise and grace...she covered the scars for years. Unfortunately, looking good and trying hard did not protect her from the subtle and subconscious issues that challenging biochemical heredity, family dysfunction, and low self esteem created.

What is remarkable about this book is how calmly and matter-of-factly she describes her journey from Finding Reality Beyond Fear. No barefoot runner from darkest Africa who wins an Olympics golden medal will have worked any harder than she has! Quietly, patiently, calmly, Redmond spells out golden nuggets of truth that seem "simplistic" on the surface. Yet, putting them into practice and getting the community and our consciousness and will to work it into our life plans may be challenging. Are you up for a blueprint that shows the way, and helping you avoid the multiple pitfalls that even the "best guides" (Our doctors/schools/courts/systems/communities/charities) generally offer...that don't really work, but are "how we've always done it." BESIDES...it keeps us in the POWER seat and RICH and you in the one-down position of struggle and pain.

If you're ready to break through from the "trash" that is normally fed to us when we are recovering from something: whether a dysfunctional childhood, addiction or PTSD, this little book could be your most valuable and viable tool. It is nothing short of revolutionary. Ignore it at your peril!
~ Linda Schiller-Hanna www.lightworker22.com

Road to Success
By Marilyn L. Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRTBook Cover Image

Inspiration, hope and experience

In growing beyond problems

Find your success!

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Paperback $7.95
Kindle and other readers $4.99

  • "The chapter "Love Never Fail is superb!" ~Suzanne Ward, Tell Me About Heaven and other books in the series
  • "Love Never Fails" chapter in Road to Success is probably one of the most inspiriting chapters I've read. Best wishes! ~Patrick Young, Community Manager, Athena Publishing on Memoirs
  • "As in all her work, Marilyn gives the reader everything of value she has in her heart. She shares her pain and her joy, her mistakes and discoveries over a lifetime of searching. This book contains her words and wisdom for everything the reader needs for success and happiness. Please try to attend one of Marilyn's workshops, or if you're lucky, become one of Marilyn's personal clients, even if you live in Australia as I do. You can contact her over Skype. Whatever her fee, with Marilyn as your spiritual coach, you will have "won the lottery of life" and saved yourself at least 10 years of struggle and emotional pain in your journey towards true spiritual growth. But start with this book. ~ Lachlan Mitchell, Senior Parole Officer (retired), Australia
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Reveal the Real You

By Marilyn L Redmond

Book Cover Image

Marilyn's story is almost unbelievable and inspirational to many who have medical and relationship problems. She transformed her life from domestic violence, survived a dozen times of nearly dying, resolved nine addictions, and was declared sane by her psychiatrist.

Are you ready to leave pain and suffering behind? Marilyn's book speaks to the higher purpose in life-the unlimited potential all of us have to empower others and ourselves. During her last thirty years, she found the key.

What People are Saying About Marilyn and Her Work!

  • "Marilyn Redmond's book is a must for anyone interested in the relationship between spiritual, psychological, and medical healing. A true and inspiring story of injury and the search for physical, mental, and spiritual healing. Working with her extensive knowledge of the work of Edgar Cayce, Marilyn Redmond courageously delivers a paradigm-shifting guide."
    ~ Sidney Kirkpatrick/ author of Edgar Cayce, An American Prophet
  • "A new approach for a New Age. This book contains a lifetime of wisdom and insight into the mind-body-spirit connection of healing and wholeness. If you are trying to reach new levels of health or trying to find your purpose in life, this book is a must read."
    ~ Dr. Kathleen Drake, Chiropractor
  • "Marilyn Redmond has spent her life bringing light and love from the realm of angels and spirit to this world of ours. In this book she shares with us, some of her rich history as she helps us better understand the beauty of our own Divine selves."
    ~ Gladys Taylor McGarey M.D. MD [H]
  • "Happiness is an inside job, which can never be reached with drugs! Following this wise advice could save your life, and a great deal of suffering. HUGS, Norm."
    ~ C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. President, Holos Institutes of Health

This is the book you have been waiting for. It shows you how to change your life and move into the awareness you really want. Each chapter provides the steps for growth and more awareness for happiness. Stories like yours show that you are not alone on your journey. You will enjoy the exercises, tools, charts, poems and more helpful aids in advancing on your spiritual trip.

Discover the dynamics of life and how to apply them. Are you ready to outgrow the victimization, passive behavior, and intimidation of your past? Do you want to stop being the belligerent, rebellious, bully? Is it time to end worry or guilt ruining your life? Maybe you are ready to find your new life style releasing the past. It is time to enjoy your life right now! This book offers the way to transform your life from a fearful one into loving situations.

Are medical concerns the focus of your life? Are you tired of always being sick? Are you ready to move into healthiness regardless of your family background or hereditary genes? Do you let a diagnosis be a lifetime sentence? Is it time to take responsibility for your life? Changing to positive attitudes and exploring an inner housecleaning from old ideas, your life will change around you.

Move from your old self into the loving, confident person you really are. Applying this book to your daily life offers better health, attitudes, and opportunities. It is never too late to have a great life and you deserve the best. Restore your happiness, confidence, and prosperity. You always are growing; it might as well be to develop yourself. Only you can do the job. Now is the time to move onward; the best is yet to come.

The Real Meaning of 2012:
A New Paradigm Bringing Heaven to Earth
At Amazon and Barnes & Nobel 

By Marilyn L Redmond

Book Cover Image

The time was foretold. The shift of leaving our fear-based lives and moving into grace and love is here. We can release our old dense energy of anxiety and worry perpetuated from fear-driven messages in all parts of our lives. Moving into the oneness of a loving reality is occurring daily to end the ego's fear dominated society of duality.

What People are Saying About Marilyn and Her Work!

This little book is priceless. I found it to be one of the most valuable works I have ever read. I felt Marilyn Redmond speaking from her heart to mine about things she must have experienced because her book has "the ring of truth" which makes reading it is like listening to a wise friend tell you things you've been searching for all your life.

I recommend that everyone who wants to live a more loving and honest life read this book, not just once, but really study it and as far as possible, commit it to memory and use it to begin living at a higher level.

Lachlan Michell, Coexisting Disorder Coordinator, Bathurst Community Corrections Service, Australia

Brilliant, profound, and to the point. This little book is a classic and will be read long after she is gone. I love how she writes.
Linda Schiller-Hanna, Founder, Natural Psychic School of Metaphysics, Founder, Angel Love Healing

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