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12 Ways to Experience the Divine Presence Every Day
Nina Amir -- Best Transformation Coach Nina Amir -- Best Transformation Coach
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Experience the Divine Presence daily

You can find spiritual connection in various ways. Many people try to lead spiritual or religious lives by attending church, mosque, or synagogue services. Others connect spiritually by meditating and praying. However, very few people experience a connection with the Divine Presence outside of spiritual practice.

Instead, they get caught up in life, work, and survival. Their everyday existence makes them forget about the focus they had while attending religious services, praying, or meditating.

Perhaps, like them, you feel spiritually connected when you focus on or are involved in your spiritual practice. You can feel the Divine Presence in and around you. But once you’re done, you lose that focus and feel disconnected.

Focus on the Divine Presence

You are where your attention goes. So, if you are focused on God (or whatever name you use for Divinity), you experience spiritual connection. You consistently feel the Divine Presence. On the other hand, if you stop paying attention to your life’s spiritual side, you think it no longer exists.

However, you can become more conscious of your spiritual connection even when not involved in spiritual pursuits. You can feel the Divine Presence anytime and anywhere.

Focus on Its presence. Intentionally look for the Divine in everyday life. The name used for Divinity doesn’t matter. What matters is that you place your attention on It. Then, you will see and feel the Divine Presence everywhere.

What is the Divine Presence?

The Divine Presence may not be a term you typically use when referring to God. There are so many names for Divinity – God, Allah, Krishna, Buddha, Adonai, and Jehovah, to name a few. But most of the religious names we’ve been taught don’t make us feel close or connected to God. And most people think of God as far away, up in the heavens, or not easily reached. Plus, the word “God” has negative connotations for some people. That’s one reason God is often called Source, All that Is, the Divine, or the Universe.

However, the Divine Presence is a relatable name for God. The word “divine” refers to something of or related to God or a Supreme Being. It’s a term that has no connection to one religious tradition. While some might object to the concept of a Supreme Being, most spiritual and religious traditions acknowledge a source or creative energy that emanates through all creation. Even scientists now claim something beyond what they understand exists and is involved in creation.

The word “presence” means to be in close proximity to something or the state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing.

I think of the Divine Presence as always being in close proximity to me and present in my life. The Divine Presence is a name for God I can connect with, develop a connection to, talk and be with, and feel around me. It’s Divinity I can be in relationship with easily. After all…it exists in the here and now, even if I can’t see it. In fact, it even exists in me.

And the same goes for you… You can feel the Divine Presence anytime and anywhere.

12 Tips to Help You Experience the Divine Presence

You can become aware of and experience the Divine Presence even when involved in mundane, day-to-day activities. Of course, you must place your attention on your spiritual connection intentionally and consistently.

The following 12 tips will help you connect to the Divine Presence while at work, shopping, driving, and spending time with colleagues, friends, and family. They will help you feel your spiritual connection no matter what is happening in your life.

1. Make time for the Divine Presence throughout the day.

Even though everyone these days feels too busy to add anything else to their schedule, it is possible to take a “time out for God or Source” periodically. For example, you can set your watch to ring every hour; when the alarm rings, look around and become aware of the Divine Presence being everywhere and in everything. Try to feel the Divine Presence.

2. Bless the Divine.

Use the same technique described in tip #1, only this time, when the alarm rings, offer a silent blessing for something you see or something happening at that moment.

Blessings provide an excellent tool for connecting with the Divine throughout the day, which is probably why, in Judaism, you are supposed to say 100 blessings a day. The act of saying a blessing focuses your attention on the Divine; therefore, you become aware of the Divine Presence.

Bless others, bless yourself, and bless God. You can say a blessing before you eat your snack, drink your coffee, or eat your lunch. Many religions have a tradition of saying a blessing before or after a meal. You can also say blessings randomly, like when you see a rosebud, have a near miss while driving, see your child smile, or get a kiss from your dog.

3. Use a simple blessing format.

Jewish blessings tend to bless God while saying you are grateful for what you have. Each blessing follows the same format: Blessed are you, God/Source/Divine Presence, for giving us _____.

You can fill in the blank with anything. For instance, my children and I used this blessing format for everything. We might say, “Blessed are you, God, for giving us this rainbow…or for creating this flower or providing us with the money to get new school clothes.”

In the same manner, you can offer prayers of gratitude to Source. Gratitude is the most potent prayer of all. Remember to thank the Divine Presence frequently.

4. Make prayer a part of your everyday life.

Prayer can be informal and sound like having a conversation with the Divine Presence. And you can have that conversation all day long.

For example, you can ask for assistance reaching a desired outcome each time you write an e-mail or start a business deal. You can request to arrive safely at your destination when driving your car or flying on an airplane. Or pray for health, happiness, or love.

Prayers are you speaking to the Divine Presence. It’s how you develop a relationship with Source.

5. Talk to God.

Talk to the Divine Presence. You can do this anytime…not just when praying. Talk to the Divine Presence when you exercise, ride your bike, sit on your patio, or go for a walk. Open up and speak to the Divine about what is on your mind and heart.

6. Create sacred space in your home.

Creating sacred space is a powerful way to invite the Divine into your life and increase your consciousness of the Divine. Designate a space in your home as sacred. This can be a table with a nice tablecloth or an entire room. Add crystals, photos of ancestors, or symbolic objects.

Or, make your entire home into a sanctuary. This keeps your focus on spiritual connection and helps you feel you are in church, the mosque, or the synagogue all day every day.

7. Create a sacred space in your office.

A workplace doesn’t typically feel spiritual, but with just a few small touches, you can turn it into a sacred space.

Creating sacred office space can be as simple as placing a candle on your desk and lighting it each morning when you enter your office or cubicle. As you do so, say a short prayer asking to feel and see the Divine Presence during your workday.

If you aren’t allowed to burn candles in the office, try incense, spray scents (like lavender or sage), or use aromatherapy in a diffuser. You can even anoint yourself with scented oils before you begin work. Additionally, you can play soft music or place sacred objects on your desk—even a crystal or stone will do.

The point is to make space for the Divine Presence to join you during the work day. When you create a sanctuary for yourself and the Divine Presence in your office, work becomes more spiritual.

8. Intend to have work feel spiritual.

Intention offers an often-overlooked focus and energy. When you wake up, say prayers, or begin your workday, voice your intention to feel and see the Divine presence. For instance, just before you enter your office, in your doorway, voice your intention to feel and experience the Divine Presence as you perform tasks.

9. Listen to the Divine Presence.

While prayer speaks to the Divine Presence, meditation listens to It. Upon arriving at work, sit down at your desk, say a short prayer, and then meditate for a minute or two. Pay attention! What do you hear, see in your mind’s eye, or feel?

Meditate for a minute or two several times per day. Notice the messages you receive and how much more aware you become of the Divine Presence.

10. Do karma yoga.

Perceive the tasks you complete as karma yoga, work done for Source. This intention and interpretation changes how you feel about work-related tasks, chores, shopping, and fulfilling commitments.

Suppose you do all the things you do with a spiritual focus and the intention of doing them from a place of being conscious of and connected to the Divine. In that case, you are always doing spiritual work, and as a result, you always feel connected to the Divine.

11. Create a To-Do List for the Divine.

It’s common to have a to-do list that feels overwhelming. However, you can assign some tasks to the Divine Presence or Source on that list.

Make a to-do list that has two columns. The first column is your to-do list; the second is for the Divine Presence. I learned this practice from Esther Hicks, who offers the teachings of Abraham. When you see God’s to-do list next to your own, you’ll know the Divine Presence is always working in your life.

12. Remember who you are.

Always remember that you are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Inside you lives a divine, pure soul and spirit. It is part of the Divine Presence and maintains a constant connection to Source.

See the Divine Presence in yourself and in others. As you connect this way with yourself and the people in your life, you connect with the Divine Presence. You feel your Divine essence and experience it in others.

You are Always Connected

Because you are a spiritual being having a human, physical experience, you are always spiritually connected. It’s impossible to be disconnected from Source since your soul and spirit are part and parcel of All that Is.

To experience the Divine Presence in your life daily, remind yourself of who you are. At your essence, you are spiritual. Therefore, you are connected to and one with the Divine.

Focus on that fact, and you will experience the Divine Presence every day.

How do you experience the Divine Presence? Tell me in a comment below. And, please share this post with someone who might benefit from reading it.

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