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100 Years of Iconic Toys
Stevanne Auerbach -- Dr. Toy's Guide Stevanne Auerbach -- Dr. Toy's Guide
San Francisco, CA
Sunday, January 15, 2017

100 Years of Iconic Toys


ROADS Publishing

Hardback | $45 


Featuring timeless classics from the yo-yo and the slinky, board games Clue and Mousetrap, to childhood companions in the form of Stretch Armstrong and Tickle Me Elmo, Toys is the ultimate celebration of beloved childhood relics.


Each entry includes a stunning image by renowned photographer Kevin Fox, text on the toy's success and an accompanying fascinating fact… From the Lego bricks on the International National Space Station and the limited-edition perfume that smells of Play-Doh to the fact that Sophie the Giraffes sell more annually in France than babies are born and that Pope Francis and Miley Cyrus have both been spotted wearing Loom Bands.  


Accompanied by an essay by child development expert, Stevanne 'Dr Toy' Auerbach and packed with trivia on iconic toys and games that redefined play, this coffee-table book pays homage to items that defined a multitude of childhoods.


Essential for lovers of design and nostalgia (and all big kids!), Toys is a warm and insightful journey into the past that brings back the sense of anticipation we've all felt waiting to get our hands on that new must-have toy.  


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