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“ Feel Good Artist” Trink contributes his cancer free diagnosis to his passion
Steven Mana Trink Author, Artist & Sage Steven Mana Trink Author, Artist & Sage
Honolulu, HI
Monday, February 1, 2021

Steven Mana Trink

Steven Mana Trink is known as the " Feel Good Artist". His paintings and images are all abstract creations of high vibrational art that was created with a healing intention. It speaks to the greater parts of our being, our spirit, our soul and our multidimensional light bodies. It brings us into vibrational harmony and balance.

It all started in the year 2018, the time that Steven Mana Trink was faced with life altering challenges. His wife and soul partner had just passed away. The Mobile Urgent Care Medical Service that both he and his wife, Dr. Laura, had co-founded on the Big Island of Hawaii came to a halt and so did his only source of sustainable income. Then, suddenly, he found himself being air transported to a hospital on another islandwith a life-threatening illness; this all taking place within a couple of weeks. 

The two years that followed were Trinks' greatest period of physical healing and spiritual growth. It was during this time, after spending six months in a critical care facility, that he chose to live alone in the solitude of his apartment. It was here that Steven Mana Trink first discovered the artist that resided within: the "Feel Good Artist" and the author of his newly published book, Navigating The Winds Of Change; A spiritual Guide to Embracing A Loving Life.

Trink who never painted before was divinely guided to follow the whispering voice of his heart and enrolled in an art therapy on-line course, Creative Alchemy TM. This unique quantum, creative holistic approach facilitates healing pain, traumas, symptoms, limiting beliefs and trapped vibrational frequencies. Trinks' intention was to address his trauma patterns using the processes that were shown to him as a means of treatment, in trust that he may be able to facilitate his healing and thrive in life. His inner artist emerged and over the next two years the creative and healing process showed him the way. He contributes the high vibrational energy of his art to be a major factor in healing his body of cancer. The images we view in his gallery today reflect those vibrations.

Trink first connects, through a form of meditation to his higher self. He shuns the use of brushes and employs only his hands, finger tips and tempera watercolor paint to express his inner vibration of love onto canvas or specialized papers. His colors, all-vivid, primary and high frequency are chosen by spirit. They project Radiance, Vibrancy and Celebration. Mana quiets his mind and puts aside any structured ideas. He then invites the silent emerging artist to guide him in the creation of the images he paints. The reflection of the healing frequency of Love that emanates from within his Heart is present in all of his creations. When we view his abstract paintings the wonderful feeling of Harmony, Peace and Joy is ignited and experienced within us.

Watch video of Steven Mana Trink discussing how he paints with only with his hands & fingers.


Listen to Steven Mana Trink's Interview on the Frankie Boyer Radio Show



Website: stevenmanatrink.com

Email:     stevenmanatrink@gmail.com

Phone:   (310) 387-9233





About The Author, Artist and Sage

Steven Mana Trink is a visionary in the field of personal transformation. He was inspired by the groundbreaking discoveries of Bruce Lipton Ph.D., a leading authority on how our perception influences genetic expression. Throughout the past 27 years Trink was at service as a Master Hypnotherapist, Epigenetic Therapist, Educator, Published Author, Abstract Artist, Natural Mentor and Spiritual Teacher. He helps empower us to perceive a greater awareness to the purpose of life, to flourish at our highest potential and to experience living a new and fulfilling reality.  Mana guides us in lifting the veil, uncovering our inherent wisdom and embracing the presence of the love that always resides within.

Steven Mana Trink appears along with Deepak Chopra, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Michael Beckwith, Master Zhi Gang Sha, Barbara De Angelis and Jean Houston in Sharon Stones’ transformative and inspiring documentary “The Cure”, a worldwide journey into healing the mind, body and planet.





Website: stevenmanatrink.com
Phone:   (310) 387-9233
Email:    stevenmanatrink@gmail.com


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