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Unusual, symptoms in airline passengers – inflammation, allergies, flu-like - connected to the toxins in Chemtrail/SRM spraying
Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD --  Anti-Aging Medicine Expert Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD -- Anti-Aging Medicine Expert
Los Angeles , CA
Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD

Unusual, symptoms in airline passengers – inflammation, allergies, flu-like - connected to the toxins in Chemtrail/SRM  spraying.

After being made aware of such enhanced symptoms - - at first attributed to deteriorating airplane cabin air quality - - we explored cause/effect possibilities; this included getting feedback from the public where heavy Chemtrail spraying occurred, airline passengers, asking health professionals, individuals who came to see us, or fellow health professionals, getting feedback from medical meeting/congress attendees, and more.

Our conclusions are based on the following facts:

  1. Chemtrail/SRM (Solar Radiation Management) high altitude spraying occurs very much at the same altitudes airliners fly; 30,000 to 40,000 ft. Even though established as totally ineffective in reducing the cause (-actually excess CO2-) of GW (Global Warming), violating principles of thermodynamics, and often referred to as "pseudo-scientific VooDoo," this covert activity appears pushed by the carbon industry, come hell, or high water (literally), and to sustain carbon industry profits. http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org  and http://drexel.edu/now/news-media/releases/archive/2013/December/Climate-Change .
  2. The ingredients in Chemtrail spraying have been analyzed/documented as Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, and others. Extreme health effects on humans – Alzheimers, autism in children, much more, and (specifically Aluminum) is a toxin – kills – trees, our first line of defense against the real cause of GW, excess CO2 production. http://www.DrHans.org  and http://www.expertclick.com/NRWire/Releasedetails.aspx?id=61213 .
  3. Do a Pub-Med – NIH database – search for "Toxic effects of Aluminum and/or Barium and/or strontium on human and/or plant health" and get 26,000+ references. Do a search for "Aluminum a neurotoxin," and get 227 references. See also http://www.worldhealth.net/forum/thread/100562/alarming-increase-in-serious-illnesses-i/?page=1#post-100562 .
  4. Air inside airplanes is, simply, compressed outside air, equivalent to air pressure altitudes around 8,000 ft. Passengers flying in airliners that pass through areas where Chemtrail spraying occurred are subjected to these, greatly increased, toxins. During the past week – March 18 – 24 – in the LA area we observed in excess of 40 Chemtrail sprayings. Inquiring about air traffic control of Chemtrail flights, they are handled by a different set of air controllers than civilian air traffic. So, there is- obviously – no correlation between spray areas/altitudes to prevent airliners from crossing sprayed areas, and to (possibly) prevent airline passengers from being served a concentrated cocktail of these poisons.

Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD, President, IAAM, http://www.DrHans.org

International Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Professor of chemistry, Roosevelt U, Chicago, 1971-74, former Standard Oil of Indiana research chemist, PhD, chemistry, SUNY Stony Brook, NY, former W-German Air Force; from glider to multi-engine rated, BS U. of Munich, physiology under Nobel Laureate A. Butenandt.

This battle for our health freedoms is now continuing on TWO fronts: GMOs, and what many of us believe to be total special-interest dominated screw-ups - - Chemtrails, high altitude spraying toxic Aluminum, Barium, and Strontium to manage solar radiation (which, in the evaluation of informed scientists is ineffective, hazardous to human and plant health, and only done to protect carbon industry profits).

Over the past years the neglect of Climate Change priorities has moved us closer and closer to a point of no return, as made clear in the 2012 emergency/catastrophe announcement by AMEG, the Arctic Methane Emergency Group. http://www.ameg.me , now repeated with strong ducumentation on Dec. 4, 2014.

In the US presently taken covert countermeasures - - Geoengineering, Chemtrails spraying of highly toxic, disease-inducing nanoparticles of Aluminum, Barium, Strontium into high levels of the atmosphere to reduce sun energy - - are apparently dictated by special (carbon) interests, violate principles of thermodynamics, and are highly ineffective.

Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD, is a former oil industry (Standard oil of Indiana) research chemist, professor of chemistry, Roosevelt U, Chicago, and Author: "LIFE-LONG HEALTH: learn how to control your genes to stay young with age;" now available as public health education project as e-book at the non-profit price of $ 1.99. Purchase at http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/life-long-health-learn-how-to-?store=book&keyword=life-long+health%3A+learn+how+to

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Dr. Hans Kugler, PhD
International Academy of Anti Aging Medicine
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