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Is Obama Provoking Rebellion, asks Gun Law Expert
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Washington, DC
Thursday, June 26, 2014


"Is President Obama provoking rebellion," asked gun rights expert John M. Snyder here today.

"It's quite possible he is," Snyder continued.  "That seems to be the opinion of Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana."

Last weekend, Gov. Jindal said he could "sense right now a rebellion brewing amongst these United States where people are ready for a hostile takeover of Washington, D.C., to preserve the American dream for our children and grandchildren."

Gov. Jindal spoke here at the annual Faith and Freedom Coalition conference.  He accused Obama and others of waging wars against certain American values.

"The Pelican State governor is right on," said Snyder

"As a matter of fact, America should be ashamed of the Obama presidency," he added.

Obama had stated earlier at the White House America should be ashamed it had not enacted more gun control.

"In reality," Snyder retorted, "Obama, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California and their supporters try to argue for gun control as necessary for crime control, although studies indicate gun control does not have a positive impact on crime control.

"What they really want to do is undermine the right and ability of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and others from criminal violence."

Snyder said gun control is just one of the areas in which the Obama government had manifested its absurdity.

"All are clear examples of absurd government activity becoming normal for government officials," Snyder stated.  "What this means is that government itself will lose ilegitimacy, if it has not already.

"This in turn could lead to the hostile takeover of Washington, D.C. predicted by Gov. Bobby Jindal."





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