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Pakistan sheds more blood in Gilgit: Over 200 killed and missing
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Saturday, April 07, 2012


Imran Khan blamed Pakistani Govt for today's massacres in Gilgit- Baltistan

Saturday- 7th March-2012

On 3rd of April-2012 At least 35 people were killed and over 50 others injured in sectarian violence in Gilgit-Baltistan , and after that violence rapidly spread to several towns and cities of GB.

Skardu ;- Over 250 people were killed and morethan 300 were abducted by the Pakistani forces in Gilgit-Baltistan . It is believed that arrested people were leading the protests at various cities of GB against Pakistan and ISI. Curfew imposed in all the major towns.

An eyewitness Ali Reza talked to Islam Times and said,  ""There were dozens of buses in the convoy which was protected by police. However, I could sense right from the beginning that something was going to happen. Our convoy was delayed on the way for several hours in different spots. At Buner Farm in district Diamer, thousands of people stopped the buses near the police station. Dozens of people were on motorbikes and they all had weapons. Then suddenly thousands of stones were hurled at the buses. Women and children started screaming. They dragged the men out, checked their ID cards and shot them dead on the spot. Then the slogans of "Shias are infidel" was raised in the air. When I got out, I grabbed a 4 year old child of another women and pretended to travelling without an ID card. They checked my back and found no marks of flagellation. They let me go with the woman and her child. I saw a woman grabbing on to the hand of another male, who was shot in front of her. Many men were killed in front of us by stone pelting. Then a passenger from Skardo was dragged out. Tens of men attacked him with baton, stones and knives. He was screaming and calling Imam Hussain when one person raised a large stone of twenty five pounds and dropped on his face. I saw several dead bodies were dragged and thrown in the river Indus.

The terrorists were entering the police station and coming out with weapons. There was one person who was putting up a fight with empty hands. The terrorists dragged him towards the river and then I do not know what happened to him. Thousands of people were shouting,  "Shias are non Muslims" thus legitimising butchering of innocent men and youth. Later we were taken to a house in Thalichi. There, the women informed that three men jumped in the river to save their lives. One was running towards the river when he was shot at from behind. At least 50 people lost lives as per my observation but the media is trying to hide the truth."" 

Source: http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/186938234746769/permalink/221494177957841/

Law and order situation remained volatile in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) as people in Skardu, Chilas and other parts of GB took out protest rallies AGAINST Pakistan and ISI and condemn the recent killings and abductions.

Sources said security forces carried out raids in several parts of the city and arrested over 300 innocent people including top clerics of both Shia and Sunni sects to bar them from leading demonstrations against the Pakistani government.

Security forces have also set up pickets outside the Central Imamia Masjid and other mosques in the Gilgit city and people were restricted from offering Friday prayers. Reportedly, law enforcement agencies also raided several places in the city to arrest Shia leader Agha Rahat al Hussaini.

Morethan 250 people have lost their lives and another 300 have gone missing during the recent spate of sectarian violence in Gilgit, sources told our sources on saturday

In Skardu, tens of thousands of Baltis staged rallies demanding the government to hand over bodies of around 250 Shias who were killed on Tuesday.

Reportedly, morethan 250 people had been killed and around 300 passengers - who were on their way to GB from other cities - have gone missing.

Sources claimed that dozens of decomposed bodies had been recovered form from various parts of the GB. They also said that around 75 passengers belonging to Skardu had also gone missing. Last week Five people were killed and dozens injured in a grenade attack and incidents of firing between rival Shia and Sunni groups in Gilgit city, the capital of the region, police said. As the violence spread, a mob stopped several buses on the Karakoram Highway near the Sunni-dominated Chilas area, pulled out nine Shias and gunned them down, police said.

A majority of people travelling in the buses were Shias, 

Pakistan Tehrik Insaaf chairman Imran Khan has held present government responsible for killings of over 250 people in Gilgit Baltistan.

Strongly condemning failure of the government officials in controlling lawlessness, Khan termed imposition of curfew in the restive area an unwise move.

"Halting communicational modes and closing aerial and ground ways has made food items rear putting common people in trouble."

"Failure to keep peace in a sensitive area like Gilgit Baltistan is entirely because of incompetency and corruption of the government."

Cricketer turned politician Khan viewed that Balochistan was already hit by communal rifts and now targeting Shia community in Gilgit was lamentable.

"No high ranking official of the government has taken a serious note of the situation as no one visits the restive area," he said and added that the prime minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani had no time for this sensitive issue.


Demanding for paying immediate attention to the situation, he was of opinion that if concrete measures were not taken then the area could further be a victim of unrest and lawlessness.
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