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Sarah Jessica Parker Donates Shoes to Shoe Revolt
Ateba Crocker -- Shoe Revolt Ateba Crocker -- Shoe Revolt
Beaverton , OR
Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sarah Jessica
 Sarah Jessica Parker Donates Shoes to Shoe Revolt

Shoe Revolt is a company dedicated to eradicating commercial sex trafficking in the United States. There are currently thousands of children that are trapped in the trade and have nowhere to go, so they find their "families" with their traffickers. Society has a responsibility to these children to stop ignoring them, and start helping them find paths to better lives. We are working to end this atrocious problem through purchasing power. Every dollar of profits from shoes that get donated and sold on the Shoe Revolt website goes toward supporting rescue centers for survivors of trafficking. We are also working toward a goal of building a rescue center in each state and Washington D.C., and we are titling this project Build 51. (Www.build51.org)

Sarah Jessica Parker has donated yet another pair of beautiful autographed shoes to our cause, and supported our mission of ending an awful way of life for thousands of children. Shoe Revolt is so grateful for Parker's continual donations and belief in our mission. These donations allow us to connect with her fans and further our goal of eradicating domestic trafficking. As a fellow 'shoe-ista', Sarah Jessica clearly understands the love that a woman shares for a favorite pair of shoes; what better way to help a great cause than combining it with something you love?

Sarah Jessica Parker has been gracing the stage with her presence since she was a young girl. Her iconic role in "Sex and the City" has transformed her from an actress to a role model for women everywhere. The attribute that makes her character, Carrie Bradshaw, most relatable on the HBO show "Sex and the City" is her addiction to shoes. Sarah Jessica can easily be classified as a socially responsible celebrity, and has previously donated three pairs of her treasured shoes to the mission against commercial sex trafficking through Shoe Revolt. Sarah Jessica has also been featured on advertisements that focus on the awareness and danger of human trafficking.

Ateba Crocker

CEO and Founder

Shoe Revolt


Ateba Crocker
Shoe Revolt
Beaverton, OR