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Gun Dean Praises Florida Congressman on Defense Amendment Success
John M. Snyder -- Rest In Peace John M. Snyder -- Rest In Peace
Titusville , FL
Thursday, July 07, 2011


Click Here to open framed image of: FL Congressman John Mica, Chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, left, with John M. Snyder -- Gun Law Expert http://www.expertclick.com/Images/NRWUpload/7443_John-and-John.pdf

"Congressman John L. Mica (R-FL) deserves thanks and appreciation for the successful leadership he provided recently in the fight to preserve the right of self-defense of our combat military personnel," John M. Snyder said today.

Snyder is the American Gun Dean, according to Human Events.

He noted the Florida Representative authored a right to self-defense amendment to the National Defense Authorization bill. The House voted 260-160 for the amendment and then passed the underlying bill 322-96.

The Mica Amendment would require the Secretary of Defense to ensure that the rules of engagement applicable to armed forces assigned to duty in a hostile fire area fully protect the service members' right to bear arms and authorizes the service members to fully defend themselves from hostile actions.

"It is almost incredible that such a proposal even is necessary, but that is the sorry state of affairs to which our country has fallen under the Obama administration," said Snyder. "Our service men and women need the Mica Amendment."

Congressman Mica explained that he offered the amendment in response to pleas from armed forces personnel serving in combat zones around the world. He thanked Snyder for his help in supporting the amendment. "Your expedience was above and beyond the call of duty and I am most appreciative," he wrote.

"The individual Second Amendment civil right to keep and bear arms is for all law-abiding American citizens, including our soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen," commented Snyder. "It is most appropriate that Congressman Mica and the Representatives who supported his measure have taken a stand publicly for this right."

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