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Obama Ultimately Responsible for ATF Gun Scandal
John M. Snyder -- Rest In Peace John M. Snyder -- Rest In Peace
Washington , DC
Monday, June 20, 2011

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Obama Ultimately Responsible for ATF Gun Scandal

By John M. Snyder

As CEO of the federal government, the president, Barack Hussein Obama, bears ultimate responsibility for the Gunrunning scandal perpetrated by the Justice Department's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Let's use the yardstick Obama himself used when he blamed bank and corporate CEOs for the recession. By that yardstick, Obama must take the blame for the ATF gun scandal.

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearings on activities of the Justice Department and its ATF reveal the scandalous behavior of Obama's government.

Now, though, it appears the Obama administration is about to dump certain ATF bureaucrats, blaming the whole scandal on them, and bring in others to dominant positions in ATF. This in an attempt to escape the possibility of being held responsible for the whole mess.

But the American people will see through this scam. They will not let Obama and company get away with it. Just wait for the elections in only 17 months.

The whole scandal is quite a story.

ATF is supposed to enforce federal firearms law.

This prohibits straw purchases. It is against the law for an individual who has the legal right to purchase a gun to purchase the gun in order to turn it over to someone who is prohibited by law from purchasing the gun.

A dealer cannot legally sell a gun to someone he or she knows is making a straw purchase. The vast majority of federally licensed firearm dealers comply scrupulously with the law. They even contact ATF if they suspect such a purchase.

The hearings show that ATF has been allowing and perhaps encouraging straw purchases of thousands of guns. These guns then wind up in the hands of criminal gangs, including Mexican drug cartels. ATF has been behaving in this way in a claimed attempt to follow the path of these guns. This path supposedly would lead to the higher ups in the drug cartels in an attempt to build criminal cases against drug kingpins.

However, what the hearings bring to light is that many of these guns have been used in crimes in Mexico and the United States, including murder, even the murder of U.S. law enforcement agents.

What you've got, then, is a Justice Department through its ATF aiding and abetting outrageous felonies.

Congressional gun grabbers and their supporters are seeking to block the effect of the hearings. They are attempting to blame what they say are weak gun laws for criminal behavior. They're reiterating their demands for more gun control. They're seeking to curtail the operation of American gun shows, for instance. They're even citing false claims by Islamist terrorists. Some terrorists state falsely that they can buy fully automatic firearms at these shows. The gun grabbers cite these false claims as a reason for more gun control.

Anyone at all familiar with American gun laws knows that no one can buy a fully automatic firearm legally anywhere in the United States without official federal registration. Let alone at a gun show.

Islamists threaten to murder Americans in the United States. What this really means is that we need less gun control, not more. Law-abiding Americans everywhere should be able to get and use the guns they need to defend themselves and their families against Islamist murderers if and when they strike.

John M. Snyder
Telum Associates, LLC
Arlington, VA
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