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Medical Tourism, Telemedicine, Robotics US Healthcare's Next Step Says Futurist
Michael G. Zey, Ph.D. -- Future Trends and Longevity Expert Michael G. Zey, Ph.D. -- Future Trends and Longevity Expert
Mount Freedom , NJ
Saturday, May 28, 2011


MORRISTOWN, NJ (Expansionary News Service) May 28, 2010.  A new type of medical treatment model  is emerging that  could quickly make most government and many private healthcare plans obsolete. This evolving new model is global in scope, technology-driven, cost-efficient, and able to react  quickly to  customers' changing needs.

So writes  noted futurist/sociologist Dr. Michael G. Zey, author of  Ageless Nation and The Future Factor, in a recent issue of NJ's Daily Record. Dr. Zey quotes studies showing how medical tourism is already shrinking medical costs.. A hip replacement costing $50,000 in the US runs a scant $7000 dollars in India. The $144,000 heart bypass surgery in the US magically shrinks to $25,000 in Costa Rica and $5,200 in India.

He writes that  U.S. insurers Aetna, Wellpoint and BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, sensing that changes are on the horizon, have initiated  medical tourism programs as a solution to the high cost of medical service.

Speaking from his offices in Morristown, NJ, Dr. Zey said that  robotic surgery and telemedicine will further reduce costs.  Doctors' fees can be dramatically reduced when hospitals use surgical robots, such as the da Vinci Surgical System, to treat  gynecologic,, prostate, and throat cancer surgeries, as well as angioplasty and bypass surgery.

"And soon, patients will be able to remotely access the medical wisdom and diagnostic skills of the  best physicians in the world via the Internet," said Michael Zey. "And the Internet is making available to the public information about whatever ails them."

Dr. Zey writes that Obamacare  and other such government-run systems are overly bureaucratic and not equipped to take advantage of the new developments in treatment such as medical tourism and telemedicine.

As Zey puts it, government and private healthcare plans have the obligation to facilitate, not obstruct, Americans' access to  medical miracles in fields such as genetics, stem cell science, and bionics.

About Michael G. Zey

Dr. Michael G Zey is the author of "Ageless Nation" (New Horizons/Kensington), "The Future Factor" (Transaction Publishers; McGraw-Hill  hard cover),  "Seizing the Future: The Dawn of the Macroindustrial Era" (Simon and Schuster, hardcover; Transaction Publishers/ Paperback) and The Mentor Connection.

He consults in the areas of superlongevity, formal mentor programs, future trends, technology development, career issues, and leadership development for Fortune 500 companies and government.

Dr. Michael Zey's controversial and original views on social and techno-trends have appeared in the LA Times, Providence (RI) Journal, Boston Globe, Worth, the Christian Science Monitor, Entrepreneur, the Sacramento Bee, The Age (Melbourne, Australia), La Liberation (Paris), Prosper, Flair and Il Sole/24Ore (Italy)  The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, ABCnews.com, Radio Free Europe, La Monde, and XMSatellite''s USAToday/Newstalk station, NJ Business, as well as on WABC's "Batchelor and Alexander Show", AT&T's "Tech TV" and "The Bill Cunningham Show", as well as many NPR programs. He has been interviewed for The Wall Street Journal Report, CNBC, CNN, The Turning Point, and the Brazilian Globotv network program "Jornal Nacional". He has been an invited guest on FoxNews, PBS's Nightly Business Report, and ABC's 20/20. His views on human enhancement technologies appear on the website of the Discovery Channel, www.discovery.com.

He is a regular contributor to KNX-AM, the Los-Angeles news affiliate of CBS, and is the National Future Trends analyst at Examiner.com

Michael Zey serves as Executive Director of the Expansionary Institute (www.zey.com),  is a Professor at Montclair State University, NJ and consults to corporations and government agencies.

Source: Expansionary News Service, Morristown, NJ.)

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Michael G. Zey, Ph.D.
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Mount Freedom, NJ